Study on the impact of International Expositions

Date of publication:2003-7   Press: Shanghai science and Technology Press   Author:Claude Jose you wang / Zhu Tian Ping   Pages:140   Words:179000  
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Introduction the goal and task of the scope and limitations of 11985 ~ 1993 participating country database overview and analysis of 1.1 participating decision-making process of organizing and financing the participation fee 1.2 1.3 1.4 concept and strategy 1.5 culture and related activities of the 1.6 commercial activity 1.7 operation problem of 1.5 exhibitors exhibitors from 21958 to 1993 1.9 assessment results of previous World Expo experience extract 2.1 host frequency 2.2 theme expo 2.3 the location of visitors and 2.4 exhibitors 2.5 motivation and goal 2.6 Organization World Expo 2.7 is running 2.8 financial problems in 2.9 public relations and marketing 2.10 and 2.11 evaluation methods of social and economic impact of the development of 2.12 World Expo 31985 Tsukuba World Expo case evaluation after 3.11985 years of research on the Tsukuba World Expo World Expo 3.21985 Tsukuba social influence 3.31985 years of economic impact of Tsukuba World Expo World Expo 3.41985 Tsukuba economic and cultural heritage @##@ conclusions acknowledgements. This book in a concise manner to the Expo organizers and participants to provide basic information is extremely useful, it is based on actual data, covering a wide range, enough for those who will be involved in any kind of Expo, providing an overview of interesting people and on this particular area of interest. Moreover, it also contains a lot of direct participation in the exposition in the book relates to the stage of people's opinions and views. Now, this book is more appropriate title should be "International Exhibition manual", in fact it is really such a book, it provides advice and opinion has far exceeded the historical report category. Also worth noting, some academic culture book relates to still have practical significance, although the exhibition media and methods has been updated. Put the book translated into Chinese significance in the cooperation framework of the International Exhibitions Bureau and the Shanghai library, there are better people help China experts and the fair interested in understanding the nature and importance of the international exposition.
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