Report on the development of International Culture

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This book is a very good idea. It with a very wide field of vision, draw the outline of the frontier dynamic world of contemporary international cultural and economic and cultural development of trade. The book is divided into "the dynamic", "industry", "policy", "operation and management", "case analysis", "the cultural economy and city development", "foreign view" and "going out" 8 parts, basically covers the main aspects of the trade of cultural economy and culture. The book of articles, a macroscopic description to grasp the overall, but also has the depth to the case analysis, a claw of a scale, set up, basically reflects the overall situation of economic and cultural development of cultural trade in the world. This book is the main contributor of embassies and consulates of culture group of comrades. This team has obvious characteristic and advantage: have rich experience in foreign culture, the development of the foreign culture and economy have more understanding and study, master a lot of first hand data, provides a practical solid foundation which for the book. This book has knowledge, prospective, practicality and readability, for cultural workers understand the international market rules, learn the advanced experience of other countries, and has important reference value; for other readers to understand the outside world, the accumulation of cultural knowledge, broaden their horizons, inspired ideas, but also a very good read.
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