Justice to the future of mankind

Date of publication:2000-12   Press: Publishing House of law   Author:[America] Edith Brown Weiis   Pages:302   Words:233000  

Ms. Edith Brown Weiis, graduated from Stanford University in 1963. In 1966, received a doctorate in law at the Harvard University law school in 1973; received a doctor degree in law from University of California at Berkeley. He taught at the Princeton University began in 1978, Professor of Georgetown University Law Center, teaching and research work is mainly engaged in international law, international environmental law and environmental law. 1983
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Chinese edition Preface: in order to intergenerational equity English edition version of the first series of English author thanks to the first chapter of intergenerational equity issues a resource depletion two decline in environmental quality three resources and use of the second chapter 世化 unfair fair theory a theory to the two international law time scale III intergenerational equity principle four the rights and obligations of the third chapter earth compulsory obligation nature two obligations three state responsibility four international crime fourth chapter earth right earth the essence of rights two earth rights three of the earth's exercise of the right of four and international human rights law chapter fifth implementation strategies of a strategy of two organizations to establish III inter generational equity funds to support the city of Victoria guarantee debt five encourage cooperation and second in the sixth chapter of nuclear waste, nuclear waste hazards two, intergenerational equity, intergenerational equity problem three the application of the principle of the seventh chapter biological resources, intergenerational equity problem two, the application of the principle of intergenerational equity of three, for current and future generations of management four the eighth chapter of biological resources, renewable resources, forest two, water resources, soil ninth chapter three Cultural resources: the understanding of the nature of a, intergenerational equity problem two, the application of the principle of intergenerational equity of three, about the nature of traditional knowledge four, knowledge about global climate law tenth chapter conclusion appendix: in the constitution of environmental rights and obligations of the state (region, translators and translation postscript @##@) Now the international community and countries face some new problems, need to seek the theoretical tools to solve these problems. In the face of this challenge, this book should sometimes hygiene. This research project undertaken by Edith Brown Weiis and by the United Nations University funding, this book is another challenge for response: that must be the development of international law in order to meet the requirements of function problem. These issues transcend the traditional theory and practice of international life, they asked us from the theory to the system to respond, to create a more complex, sophisticated order. The book took corresponding step in the field of international law. Obviously, the time dimension related to international law, can't even think it dominates the space dimension of. Traditionally, the time dimension is mainly to the present and the past linked. Special current research lies in the present and future organized together. The research of this project is part of a larger project, the author discusses some specific problems, and we still have a lot to discuss things, it is a urgent task. Therefore, this book is not confined to the discussion about the principle, it also analyzes some practical problems: how to promote intergenerational equity concept and its embodied in international law? We haven't organized on behalf of human or future generations "poll" who advocate the interests of future generations? In order to understand and maintain the interests of future generations we should establish what mechanism?
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