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Lin Yutang "rich" the Xi'an imagine [American] Song Weijie he saw a quiet city, Tang Dynasty, hesitation, reluctantly, but trace changes can be found. Xi'an is located in the Inland Northwest, is the heart. He said the Xi'an is "conservative anchor". This is his hometown, he loved everything here. Xi'an not refined and cultured to change. People, culture, politics, fashion changes are mixed disorder, he loved this piece of numerous and confused. -- Lin Yutang "rich" look back on 1900, the Eight Power Allied forces raids into Beijing, the Empress Dowager Ci Xi, Emperor Guangxu fled to escape the Forbidden City, Xi'an, Li Boyuan speak in measured tones of "Tanci" unable to relieve the Geng Chen one unprecedented calamity, shame, humiliation, and Zhao Shuqiao's tragic death, Xi'an Sanyuan appease clearly Bao widow was given a product "informing assigns Madame" other sufferings, singing a blend of the prologue for the modern story of the ancient city of Xi'an; or look back on 1934, after Zhang Henshui wrote become fashionable for a time of Beiping spilling "Chun Ming scholars", making "table full of JINGWAH, after the man alone and" bleak mood, came to the real "spring", in Xi'an, Zhengzhou, Luoyang, Lanzhou and other places, the two counties, then write "Yan return", "small", "journey to the west" in the west, Xi'an narrative; or to look back on 1966, year only Jia Pingwa of 13 years old as part of the red guards series of middle school students, wearing a straw hat, carrying a rope tied on a bedroll, newcomers to Xi'an City, stunned the shock in the center of towering clock tower, Suddenly I heard the bell tower bell shaking heaven and earth, for the future of "deserted city", "Shaanxi opera" writing a first impression;...... It was the Han mirror, ancient music, tombstone, forest of Steles, old streets are adorned with Xi'an City, as the capital of a thousand years, "Silk Road" starting point, finally in their own way, ambition no modern space can avoid. Today Cuba exploration, Xi'an writing endless capital notes, and said of a great teacher of the Qin opera, cultural imagination and historical memory can inspire generations.
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Coil a language Lin Yutang "rich" the imagination of Xi'an fine words Tang civilization cheerfully and eternal rivers -- Xi'an municipal Party Committee Propaganda Minister historian Xu Zhuoyun and Wang Jun dialogue and memory and Xi'an culture from "ruins" to "Literature": the song and Ming Dynasty Shaanxi Local Chronicles "Dao" and "new" -- the international Chinese education world citizen education function the discussion from the Chinese to the International Sinology in teaching Chinese as a foreign language on the cultural characteristics of Chinese characters in teaching Chinese as a foreign language effect on dialect, common language and teaching Chinese as a foreign language with the relationship between vocabulary teaching humor creating context of intermediate Chinese Listening teaching in classroom test of Chinese as a foreign language teacher in the classroom language on South Korea's Chinese characters teaching Chinese as a foreign language "morpheme teaching method" on the spring and Autumn Period "and" class living environment changes Qin Chu "recruiting talent scheme" as the evolution of the city construction planning and its theory basis in the poetry of the Tang Dynasty Li Guang image of the cultural significance of poet Zhao Yifu and the word on the radical position, direction and Oracle meaning on relationship between Oracle ideographic characters of Tang Dynasty Chinese characters standardize government formation Synonymy format research policy research "Han Feizi" monosyllabic words from the influence of Chinese dialect syllable structure and geographical environment difference from Putonghua and Cantonese vocabulary on the give sentence qualified degree of Chinese and Japanese phonetic rhyme restricts speech meaning and syntactic and semantic relationship between Guangzhou and Hong Kong Chinese teachers on the affective education opinion words in literary works semantic analysis: the practice of villages in the city -- on Wu Tianming s film creation and creation of city and rural sheet imbalance phenomenon some thinking about modern love poems on modern prose subjectivity narrative Xinglin sub prose style on @## @ The languages of the world is not bad. However, the history of the world civilization, Hebrew, Greek, Latin and French, was once revered as sacred, noble language, English has even been praised as "the perfect language" close to the world, and other languages are relegated to the barbarian language, and as a rejection of "he" in the language of logic and motivation. This book is a research monograph of sinology. The 35 articles, including the Han and Tang culture history and cultural thinking of Xi'an International Sinology research, extension and teaching Chinese as a foreign language, policy study Oracle pictophonetic characters change and the Tang Dynasty Chinese characters specification, min, Aupu language features and Chinese and Japanese syntactic comparison research, as well as to the modern film, poetry, prose and review etc.. The Book Understanding the history of Sinology in people, value of Chinese, and the dissemination of Chinese culture in the world, has the important value of certain.
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"International Sinology of 2" by the Chinese Social Science Publishing house.
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