Introduction of international political culture study

Date of publication:2005-05   Press: The world knowledge press   Author:Zhang Ji   Pages:652   Words:545000  

Book in the system arrangement, is divided into two parts, the theory part, the second part is the examples. Book not only speak with the facts, and persuade through reasoning, reading to deep inspiration, benefit. In the theory part, is divided into several levels, namely in the field of international politics, culture and the relationship between culture and international political culture in the international conflicts, international cooperation, and cultural role in the international system, international standard, influence of media on the international political, cultural interaction in the process of global. An example in text, the author chose the more important, compared with some representative examples are analyzed. The series of international political culture perspective, some theoretical problems in the international politics of innovation, such as the impact of culture on the state power in the chapter, analysis of the social integration function of cultural impact on the national cohesion and the political stability, influence of political culture on the national identity and political legitimacy as well as the Cultural Revolution on the development and modernization of the country. The proposed works although culture is an important factor to influence the international politics, and analyzes the role of cultural factors in international politics, international relations, but the author is very clear, emphasizing the importance of cultural factors, not the negative economic, political, military factors, based on the analysis of each chapter, both the analysis of cultural factors on the impact of international politics, political, economic, and emphasizes the military, science and technology and other factors, and it is an important variable in the international political, cultural factors and their interaction to play the role of. This knowledge to meet the requirements of international politics, international relations theory, is the only thing history view, analysis method.
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Zhang Ji, born in 1956, Shandong Gaoqing people. Currently president of Hebei Normal University School of management, Hebei Normal University professor of world political and Economic Research Institute, Dr.. Member of the Standing Council of China country relations society, the society of the history of the international communist movement in Hebei province China, executive director of the Institute of world politics and economy, the Secretary general. Mainly engaged in international political economy, political, diplomatic, Chinese Chinese
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Comprehensive study of the theory of Chapter 1 in international political culture study, culture: the definition of the concept of culture and international politics two, analysis of the correlation between the three, the international political and cultural science research object and the structure of the second chapter of cultural and national power integration, culture and national cohesion, the national two cultural and political legitimacy three, culture and the modernization of the country the third chapter culture and national security, maintaining a national security: the western mainstream theories of international relations, national security in the analysis of two cultural security, cultural security problem three background four, the cultural security problem impact on international relations five, cultural security in the national security strategy, the position of the six national cultural security challenges the fourth chapter culture and strategic choice of foreign influence, the National Diplomacy: the influence of correlation analysis of two, cultural factors of western mainstream theories of international relations for the national diplomatic role of cultural characteristics of three, four national diplomacy, foreign culture in the five, fifth chapter of conclusion means of culture in international conflicts, international cooperation a The general theory of international conflict, two of international conflict, the role of culture in three, objective evaluation of cultural influence international conflict. Four, the general theory of the international cooperation five, international cooperation on the role of culture in six, objective assessment of cultural influence of international cooperation seven reasons, to Huntington's "clash of Civilizations" theory to question sixth chapter one, the relationship between human rights and international human rights theory two, North South relations, human rights issues in three, two kind of different social system of human rights, four international human rights law and international relations in the seventh chapter of media and international politics, international communication and characteristics of two, the media influence international politics three, media and national diplomacy four, the media and international conflict of five, of the eighth chapter globalization progress on the cultural development in the ninth chapter of culture and international mechanism the instance references postscript
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