International Sinology (Sixteenth Series)

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This book is "Sinology" sixteenth series, mainly introduced the content of European and American Sinology, Sinology, Ancient Chinese Literature Search and Russian Chinese culture, Chinese academic research, Chinese and Western cultural exchange history. Reflect the latest achievements of scholars at home and abroad about International Sinology of basic research and applied research, provides a high level of academic exchange platform for experts Sinology and related fields, and to promote the development of Chinese ontology of literature research and interdisciplinary research.
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In a word the cultural consciousness and the new development of International Sinology and Sinological thinking history of French professional Sinology and Sinology rising Ancient Chinese Literature Search western missionaries and Chinese modern literature Chinese scholars and "monumenta Serica" Edkins compiled the history of Europe and the late Qing Dynasty history narrative structure change from "Huang Kan diary" to see Mr. Huang and Overseas Sinology the Russian culture year column Chinese friends Che Lianyi and Chinese modern poetry in translation and research Cherkasky and Russian Sinology -- Russian Chinese Modern Poetry -- St Petersburg classical Chinese science research Menshikov's research on Morrison Morrison historical examples of Morrison's trip, Nanyang Morrison Milne and his Protestant dissemination in China -- three pioneers China academic research China wall decorative paper the brief history of modern verse Sanskrit sources (on) in verse Sanskrit sources (under) "research China city history a dream of Red Mansions" Devin version of ginger and ginger don't don't "library" USA introduction Sinologist interview a Swiss sinologist in the eyes of the German Sinology and China modern literature research -- an interview with Ruhr University Bochum to teach German von iron Overseas travel writing research reviews and Book Introduction study of Chinese and Western cultural exchange history of modern China granted religious in rigid materials for soft emotion -- read "two snakes -- the late Ming and early Qing Dynasty the first generation of Catholics" Sinology organization introduction and dynamic history of Christianity in China Jinan University Research Center for Chinese Journal series "Jesus Christ" China face third volume published under Appendix "International Sinology" sixteenth series English directory
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Thoughts on the 1997 Chinese a language culture consciousness and the new development of International Sinology, someone asked the famous sociologist Fei Xiaotong: "Fei Xiaotong" this article is going to end? Mr Fei Xiaotong said: "my life has been very not easy, that is now the two sides' can not sing live, has been in a canoe '. '' not 'refers to the There were many discussions. Others' cry not to live,' let him cry good, on both sides of the can not ask, the future of the country can not think. The small peasant economy towards the transnational economy, we are not a canoe, but a heavy ship! An intellectual should how to fulfill the responsibility entrusted by the times really worth to think seriously." He said: "the five four generation intellectuals life passed quickly, stop on what really is a problem. I think through my personal planning period, is to put the intellectuals' cultural consciousness into 'the big topic in the last mountain, this is what I want." Mr. Fei Xiaotong thought summed up his ninety years of life, come to the conclusion that a generation of intellectuals in the "cultural consciousness" of this topic, the problem in his heart of weight. What is the cultural consciousness? According to Fei Xiaotong's explanation, the cultural consciousness is the first of their own culture to know one's limitations, also is to fully understand their own history and tradition, which is a kind of culture to continue the roots and seeds. For example Chinese attention contacts between generations, worship ancestors, pay attention to foster good children; Chinese believe "and bio energy, not following the same", believe different things can stick together, forming a "diversified"; Chinese respected "place oneself in others'position, push yourself and people" code of conduct; oppose to beat people, advocate win people by virtue.

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