International Sinology (seventh Series)

Date of publication:2002-1   Press: Henan elephant   Author:Ren Jiyu   Pages:481   Words:364000  

"Sinology" is hosted by the Beijing Foreign Studies University research center of Overseas Sinology, a comprehensive academic journal edited by Mr. Ren Jiyu. The aim is to introduce Sinology research in domestic academic circles all over the world history, achievements and the latest progress, to broaden the research Chinese traditional culture. At the same time, and actively promote the study of extraterritorial Sinology in domestic academic circles, efforts to promote the domestic academic circles and overseas Sinologist dialogue, make "Sinology" and "Ancient Chinese Literature Search" launched a benign interaction, in the comparative study of a cross culture, promote Sinology Research level.
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A word of Sinology two problems on Literary Chinese pay attention to the study of Sinology in early Western Sinology and compare the Sinologist page hard work tirelessly to develop -- the Chinese German, famous Sinologist professor Qiao Wei of Bulgaria's first Sinology professor of Literary Translation -- Jiabao La Belednova classic finding and Reconstruction -- an interview with Prof. Sun Kangyi China culture in a European Sinology European Sinology world Chinese and early European philosophical study in nineteenth Century "China thought history" classification: on the similarities and differences between the early Taoism and Confucianism "economic revolution song on" Reflections on the French Sinology Percy and the delegation and Dunhuang literature of diaspora Wang Tao and French Sinology master Julien 马若瑟 life and on the doctrine - "马若瑟: Missionary strategy China philosophy and doctrine" on the introduction of Russian Sinology Vasiliev and Russian Sinology "Jin Ping Mei" in Russian history of Sino Western cultural exchange during the late Ming Dynasty, Matteo Ricci in Chinese of Chinese furniture China novel research into Liu Shunli "western literature history China Korean scholars fengyuemeng" and smoke Flower of novel classical novel perspective transformation -- (Russia) types of research -- Reading Onokazu Siping "China study of modern vernacular short stories" Pearl S. Buck and Chinese novels Chinese ancient Shi Yan study of Hu Han month -- why contract overseas Chinese study ancient contract review of classical novels of Li Fuqing Chinese Chinese ancient vernacular short novels...... Sinology Sinology Institute Review International Sinology "appendix" seventh series English directory "Sinology" International Journal of Sinologists studio work regulations "Sinology" fifth series, Sixth Series catalog afterword
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