International Business Culture

Date of publication:2001-04   Press: Liaoning Education Publishing House   Author:Wang Zhengyuan   Pages:169   Words:122000  

With the development of global integration, people of different cultural background and economic cooperation more and more frequently. To enhance cross-cultural understanding, overcome the cultural conflict, strengthen cultural communication and cooperation, it is very important. In view of this, many large companies in the world in international business are fully attach importance to and strengthen the cross-cultural research. Undeniable, culture is a complex, difficult concepts. Culture is the accumulation of knowledge, experience, beliefs, values and social role. Culture is the Everything is contained therein. survival mode and mode, so the culture is a very broad concept. This book presents the basic viewpoints of business culture and only some of today's world business culture expert on the latest research results. At the same time, analyzes the role of East West cultural differences and cultural factors in the operation of the enterprise, and ways to overcome cultural conflict to establish cooperative culture. Hope that this book will help people into the international business and cross cultural learning.
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1.1 what is the cultural elements of culture? The 1.2 culture, values and norms in 1.3 social structure of 1.4 values and norms formed reference cultural understanding 2.1 cultural diversity 2.2 cultural differences 2.3 on the cultural differences of understanding 2.4 the essence of culture the cultural orientation of 3.1 male and female 3.2 of different cultural tolerance 3.3 orientations 3.4 American culture the culture 4.1 introduction 4.2 motivation and moral maturity and 4.3 incentive incentive mechanism of contradiction in the decision of 4.4 conflicts between power distance of 4.5 reference Yi Wenwen and led 5.1 expatriate managers 5.2 expatriate managers and leaders of 5.3 culture difference in leadership 5.4 cross-cultural leadership the culture and the marketing culture and management culture exchange across the ditch to overcome cultural circles the cultural conflict in the
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