Insight into the eyes of the world

Date of publication:2003-1   Press: The contemporary world press   Author:Wen Xian editor   Pages:563   Words:580000  

The two World War in twentieth Century, the human experience is reminiscent of Kosovo. Little Kosovo, conflict staggered complex national, religious and territorial conflicts and interests of major. In twentieth Century, the last day of spring, the Kosovo crisis has evolved into a balance of power between the wars. Some scholars assert, the NATO air strikes on Southern Alliance announced the arrival of twenty-first Century seemed to. However, one hundred years of pitching, difficult in time. At the left, "International Week" published "Fengyun hundred years" column, using pictures, important historical events described briefly sketch occurred in twentieth Century, twentieth Century probably profile.
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The first chapter (Preface)
Kosovo: Crisis and the effects of
second chapter: bumpy Middle East peace road
third chapter: under the shadow of India Pakistan nuclear crisis
fourth chapter America: lead to mobilize global
fifth chapter Russia: Putin
sixth chapter of East Asia: Japan and Korea
seventh chapter the European Union: when the world really is
eighth chapter: starting the new NATO strategic
ninth chapter "9.11": let the world shaking
tenth chapter Africa: hope,
eleventh chapter Millennium review: large changes in
twelfth chapter at the turn of the century: continuity and change of
thirteenth chapter Technology: call for rational
the fourteenth chapter: the United Nations reform and development
fifteenth chapter: regional cooperation into the future
sixteenth chapter WTO and China: face the challenges of
seventeenth chapter of economic global and sustainable development: a process
eighteenth chapter Outside the Box from
nineteenth chapter wind contradictory to one hundred years of
"International Week" host sour, sweet, bitter, hot
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