From the perspective of the world culture in East Asia

Date of publication:2004-8   Press: Peking University press   Author:Guan Shijie   Pages:510   Words:674000  

In 30 years of Chinese and foreign scholars on the relationship between Confucianism and East Asian economic development research, the author of this paper thinks that, there is a close relationship between the Confucian culture and the rapid economic development of East asia. This shows that the way of modernization is not single, but multiple. In Confucianism, all can use many cultural resources in East Asia, the traditional culture will play a very active role in multivariate modernization, countries will have a unique pattern of modernization. But this element model of modernization has been very big impact, this is closely related to the rise and American unilateralism. After "9 · 11" event, the culture of this extensive dialogue is more important. Today, with the rise of East Asia, East Asia plays more important role in the pattern of the world, the spirit of Oriental culture, should arouse the attention of the international community. In today's cultural axis era, cultural exchange is the prominent characteristics, the inevitable collision between cultures, only through dialogue and tolerance of others, in order to maintain the peace of the world, in this regard, East Asia can provide resources is "harmony but not Sameness" concept.
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