Date of publication:2004-9   Press: Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences Press   Author:Bao Zonghao   Pages:365   Words:287000  

The book income of this thesis includes: culture, new axis era Shanghai value theory, from the social development to the prosperity of culture, cultural innovation must keep pace with the times, the cultural capital accumulation mechanism.
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The vision of the world new axis era of urban culture in the cultural construction of Shanghai value theory "cultural consciousness": a new realm of "cultural and philosophical basis of cultural construction international metropolis of the world" four cultural domain and the relationship between the construction of contemporary metropolis culture -- Concurrently on the World Expo as an opportunity, to re board the culture construction of urban community culture highland multinational social intension of creating city culture and innovative learning must adhere to the direction of socialist culture with China national family quality from the social development to the prosperity of culture: the development of China advanced culture based on the development of the urban cultural industry forefront of world cultural industry -- the early twenty-first Century Changning cultural industry strategic choice of accumulation mechanism in Shanghai heritage culture and industry future of cultural capital on the development of cultural industry strategic considerations of a country also depends on the culture to lead -- on cultural industry and cultural competitiveness, the comprehensive national strength of urban culture Shanghai: should vigorously build coexist cultural metropolis the integration of East West cultural integration: on Harbin and the construction of the scientific method of Shanghai metropolitan culture The combination of Chinese and Western cultures recognize the value of traditional culture and inherit the tide of globalization, cross-cultural management of urban culture and art under the Globalization Vision Arts Festival in the Chinese film: art or market risk culture: integrity of enterprise culture is the modern field of vision advertisement and city culture of urban culture -- a case Study on development strategy of Changning District culture on the important content of modern city culture (2003 ~ 2008) exploration and Innovation -- Shanghai community cultural activity center management model in modern international metropolis city cultural cast soul -- 2003 Shanghai Hongqiao Cultural Forum
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