Culture in international relations

Date of publication:2005-6   Press: Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences   Author:Yu Xintian   Pages:300   Words:256000  
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The first chapter is the introduction: a new research perspective and paradigm of international cultural studies agenda new reality summon new theory and paradigm of international relations Chinese -- the theoretical research on the effects of the second chapter of international system level cultural roles and missions of the pattern of the world, international order and culture game under the background of economic globalization, cultural issues on international relations the power structure of the international system of cultural soft power in international politics and collective identity -- a cultural perspective and cultural destiny -- on the modernization process of foreign and native cultures on the relationship of cultural power and cultural conflict in Chapter third, the international system structure Chinese typed feature analysis of Islamic culture and the western culture of Islamic culture and international relations in Islam sports and modern society of East Asian Identity Movement fourth chapter culture and state transfer of behavior, replication and expression -- American cultural control mode and foreign mechanism of behavior, values differences and the relationship between the two countries in Arab Israeli conflict culture "and the soul" -- the origin of the unique Japanese culture fifth chapter Deng Xiaoping Theory and the rights of man In the view of human rights in the area of international human rights exchanges @##@ cultural values The international relations theory and cultural theory more closely together, to create Third branches of international relations, namely and world politics and world economics parallel international cultural studies. Will clarify the culture factors in the formation of international culture, how to play a role in international relations, cultural studies how to re interpretation of international relations.
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