Culture and identity

Date of publication:2003-1   Press: Zhejiang people's Publishing House   Author:Joseph Lapid Friedrich Cola   Pages:355   Words:287000  
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the first part introduction
1. cultural boat: Regression in international relations theory and the journey
2. past is the future Prelude? Changes of
3. international political China identity and structural realism of
4. second
global political identity and loyalty to the cultural Zhiyizhibi: into the parochialism in international relations theory behind
5. cultural theories of International Relations: the need to develop
6. Revisited "nation": To explore the new realistic identity?
third new paradigm and perspective of
7. land on the identity: Nationalism in nature, place and distance
8. in international relations theory, identity: the feminine angle of view
9. violence functions: identity, sovereignty, responsibility
10. Citizenship: in order on the boundary
fourth for the
11. the boat sailed or return in culture?

index @##@ bibliography These authors emphasize a series of questions: what can explain international relations theory has been the lack of culture and identity of interest? Re thinking on contemporary theory of culture and identity concept is what? The definitions of these concepts -- because they are subtle -- and what is the most constructive, integrating these concepts into the research process of the way? And finally, if there is a risk, what are the risks that correlation and rational pendulum to prove and advocated, culture and identity in the book?
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  •   Well written, very thoughtful, but the translation is not very smooth, have a certain professional skills were relatively easy to understand. Book paper quality is good, the price is cheaper than the bookstore, value!

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