Culture and contemporary international politics

Date of publication:2003-12-1   Press: People's Publishing House   Author:Zhang Ji   Pages:471   Words:318000  

Zhang Ji, born in 1956, Shandong Gaoqing people. Currently president of Hebei Normal University School of management, Hebei Normal University professor of world political and Economic Research Institute, Dr.. Member of the Standing Council of China country relations society, the society of the history of the international communist movement in Hebei province China, executive director of the Institute of world politics and economy, the Secretary general. Mainly engaged in international political economy, political, diplomatic and other aspects Chinese China
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Chapter 1 introduction of culture and Civilization: concepts and related discussion, cultural concepts and international political discussion of the relevance, civilization two: Interpretation and its relationship with the culture of second chapter, culture and national security, the traditional conception of national security, some theoretical analysis of two cultural security is proposed and the concept of three, the definition of cultural security and cultural interests of the four, cultural security in the post Cold War international politics five, national culture security challenges and strategic choice of third chapter, culture and national diplomacy, national culture and national diplomacy two, traditional culture and national diplomacy in three, political culture and national diplomacy four, ideology and national diplomacy five, cultural and national diplomacy in the fourth chapter of culture and international conflict, international conflict: two, on the role of culture in international conflict objective evaluation three, cultural influence international conflict causes general theory analysis of four case studies, one: the Arab Israeli conflict, five case studies from the cultural level two: see Islam world in conflict with the West six, Huntington "from the cultural level of civilization Conflict theory "in question fifth chapter, culture and international cooperation, international cooperation: the general theoretical analysis on the role of culture in two, the international cooperation in an objective assessment of three, cultural influence international cooperation because of a study of four, case: Islamic culture and contemporary Islamic world of international cooperation five, case study two: culture factors in the process of European integration, six case study three: cultural hegemony and cultural and regional international cooperation of international political struggle in the sixth chapter, the expansion of western culture and cultural hegemony two, developing cultural sovereignty consciousness and cultural resistance three, a case study: America cultural hegemony, cultural expansion four, case study two: Islamic Studies Renaissance movement and the cultural resistance seventh chapter culture and globalization, globalization, cultural globalization and its content of two can not be avoided: globalization research field three, from the relationship between economic, culture of dialectical development of cultural globalization, cultural globalization of culture in the four world five, cultural globalization of diverse cultures six the world, culture and diversified The eighth chapter China culture and China diplomacy, China characteristics of traditional culture, the culture of the world two China value three, cultural tradition and China diplomacy in four, the reflections on the Chinese cultural strategy in the new century @##@ references. This monograph on Marx "s historical materialism and Deng Xiaoping's thought of international strategy as a guide, to the new situation of contemporary international politics, international relations as the background, and the influence of cultural factors in the international political position, role. This monograph thinks, culture is the international politics, international relations in a very important factor, has multiple influences on international politics, especially after the end of cold war, the role of culture in international politics has improved significantly, such as play an important role in the development and international conflict, international cooperation, China's sovereignty struggle, the process of globalization, national foreign policy foreign strategy after the cold war in the modernization construction. This monograph in research methods, firstly, using the basic methods of dialectical materialism and historical materialism method for the analysis of the Marx doctrine, cultural issues in international politics in both history and reality of international relations based on adequate facts, based on the data, but also cultural issues in international politics and relationship with changes in vision, relativity emphasizes things, not exaggerated or too much emphasis on the function of culture; secondly, using the method of combining theoretical analysis and empirical analysis. The first chapter of this monograph, explores the culture and civilization in the field of international politics category. The second chapter discusses the cultural and national security. The third chapter discusses the cultural and national diplomacy. The fourth chapter discusses the cultural and international conflict. The fifth chapter discusses the cultural and international cooperation. The sixth chapter discusses the international politics of the cultural hegemony and cultural resistance. The seventh chapter discusses the relationship between culture and globalization. The eighth chapter discusses the Chinese culture and Chinese diplomatic problem. The relationship between culture and international politics, in international politics is a very important and difficult subject, in the domestic academic research is still in the start stage.
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