Cross Cultural Organization

Date of publication:2002-3   Press: Version first (March 1, 2002)   Author:Taylor Okoks   Pages:136   Words:130000  

Because of the globalization of trade, influence the team concept and extensive usage of labor structure change, so do the diversification management has become an important way for the enterprise competitive industry promotion. However, for many enterprises, diversified management efforts that lead to disappointing results. This book aims to provide effective methods of diversification management for you, and guide you to make a breakthrough in this perplexing field. "Cross cultural organization" a book told how people from "command and control management model" to focus on building effective strategies to manage diversified organization mode. Author Taylor Okoks depicts the diversified challenges, analysis of a variety of promoting the diversification development by force, and expounds the innovation strategy through leadership, research and education to change what industry. From the view of most of the previous management experience, small Kirk creatively put forward the development of diversified management the five part system mode, guide you how to diverse atmosphere change eventually obtaining effective results can be quantified. The book also lists the diversification management experience. The end of each chapter of the related research, and in each chapter lists a series of problems of design, aimed at around this piece of proposed method leads to the discussion and action plans. Whether you are the CEO, or multiple members of the working group to guide, human resources experts, manager or team leader, "cross cultural organization" a book will tell you how to create an environment, makes the members from different backgrounds can be respected in the organization and their maximum potential -- in the organization in the competition, diversification as a resource to make full use of.
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Taylor Okoks: Associate Professor of organizational behavior and human resource management specialty of University of Michigan business school. He teaches the following courses: multicultural organization diagnosis and consultation, in the organization as well as the competitive advantage of human resources. He is also a Taylor Kirk, co founder and chairman, the company is committed to the face of employees and market diversification of customers with organizational change and development.
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The original book total order the introduction briefly first chapter diversified management challenges the second chapter third chapter leadership challenge: the first fourth chapters focus on the change of measure and plan the fifth chapter formed to create effective education system the sixth chapter organization system and practice of integrated seventh chapters follow sustainable outcomes
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