Cross cultural communication and cultural criticism

Date of publication:2005-12   Press: Shanghai Translation Publishing House.   Author:Sun Zhouxing   Pages:245   Words:210000  
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The first part A. message literature and Modernity of Heinrich burr and literature of modern art, love, Utopia and burr resistance aesthetics ruins, scars and ethical rebuilding homes and second interaction in the perspective of culture of cultural introduction -- burr burr and Ireland I and burr and "Irish" Diary of Heinrich burr: great humanitarian burr and Germany spirit we missed Heinrich burr in where? Unexpected events and third criticism of media culture media to shape the terrorists -- "the blood clot in burr critical media the second media age" -- Taking "London bombings" as an example of network media: symbol Elysian Fields history, large differences in meaning -- a reading of fourth of Walter Walter Benjamin "photography history" series debate with the comparison of Chinese and western philosophy and culture beyond the philosophy theory -- review of Ames Peking University academic lecture Cultural Criticism: political and ethical culture area differentiation and symbol difference -- on the cultural theory of Habermas @##@ Afterword To commemorate the home in Germany, Nobel prize winner for 20 anniversary of Sri Ramakrishna burr died, German philosophy and Literature Research Institute of Tongji University, Germany Heinrich Boell Foundation jointly held the "burr and China: cross cultural communication and cultural criticism," International Symposium (2005 November 14-16 day, Shanghai), and for a week "Heinrich's flat and works poster exhibition". The book includes a main academic seminar, content involves the burr of literature and modernity, burr communication, and interactive cultural criticism of media culture and contemporary cultural theory subject.
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