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Date of publication:2005-5   Press: Elephant press   Author:(Law) Rong Zhenhua, Li Dunan (Australia)   Pages:474   Words:399000  

Since the Song Dynasty from the western regions into the Chinese, and settle down in China Jews, is a little known to most Chinese group, historical data on their records are sporadic and rare. The earliest attention and Chinese Jewish life and religious beliefs of field survey and research in a large-scale, in late Ming China's Jesus. But the results of their survey basically in the overseas, mostly not publicly publish. The book will be famous works about Chinese Jews abroad focused to translation, as far as possible the detailed records of the investigation of the Jesus will be in Kaifeng in China, the history of the Jews to the history of religion, history, Scripture, is the basic materials for the study of the Chinese jews.
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Translator's China Jews -- eighteenth Century Jesuits unpublished letters of introduction to the first chapter is a preface preface to the translation readers reference three to two China Jewish history four Jews of Kaifeng group five 17-18 century into China Jesuits and Chinese Jews second chapter literature one of Luo Baolu's letters manuscript two Meng upright letters manuscript three Lima sinus priest father Song Junrong manuscripts of four related China Jewish letters five what Dahua report in 1644 third Appendix A to the Henan Jesuits watches two bibliography of Kaifeng house Jewish monument question introduction the first chapter of the Kaifeng synagogue description of second chapter Kaifeng Synagogue in third chapter Kaifeng Synagogue in plaque couplets the fourth chapter researches on the Kaifeng Jewish inscriptions the writings of the fifth chapter of the Kaifeng Jewish synagogues. The sixth chapter of Chinese inscription "exalted one temple mind" seventh chapter "Reconstruction" mosque on chapter eighth of the Jews to enter Chinese ninth chapter five "Kaifeng" Mose, tenth other scriptures of ancient history and present situation of the tenth chapter of the Kaifeng Synagogue A chapter of the Kaifeng Jewish milestone Title Summary China Jews first series of the Jews of Kaifeng introduction the first chapter the Jews in Kaifeng and the western history of relations between the second chapter China earth's earliest Jewish third chapter of Kaifeng Jewish community in Shanghai before second series of Jewish people in the first chapter of the Second World War the Jewish community in Shanghai chapter second East European Jewish refugees third chapter II Jewish refugees living in Shanghai: the rescue of Jewish refugees in Shanghai tissue paper Chinese Jews to provide information for father Matteo Ricci Kaifeng Jews Ehrlich appendix
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