A learning both sound in theory and Practice

Date of publication:2004-9-1   Press: The contemporary world press   Author:Wei Da   Pages:234   Words:200000  

Weida, male, born in China. Analysis, research and writing has long been committed to cultural development strategy and competition. Master of science and information market management was spread in the Chinese and USA respectively. Since mid 1998, presided over the Singapore "Singapore United Morning Post" weekend edition "the vision of the new extension" column, also for the other major media, global in scope, launched the "third grasping modern wisdom -- the Apocalypse
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Open independent elite 1 exercise initiative seeking soul responsible power or overbearing to attack independent needs comprehensive quality constantly grinding excitation force and strengthen the mainstream culture consciousness of national quality and realism can't hurt taste is in "modern stream" development must promote education system to cultivate "mainstay" power to pain suppression borer competitive new competitive consciousness and impulse to target 2 across the heart hold opponents sticky power American paradox: strong culture only profits from "eternal" system to face the competition for survival America "bad boy" the winds of war "strong pull minister terrorist" refreshing America syndrome marine hold up missing what? The American two "really" entertainment also overexert 3 ideas leading action not afraid of strong opponents have quality time to get the world anti-corruption from conventional to start with the modernization of the "Three Musketeers" beyond the insignificant skill character will lead the world cup I have culture? The luxury of backward over "sixth words of fear" Yin and Yang "cultural unification and independence in diagnosis of disability" anatomical impetuous success or failure in is really China star China bel reason angry sea sacrifice more live worse 4 means of efficient strategy pragmatic by competition and Japanese Peace Diplomacy and overseas interests an unjust cause finds scant support to hold the weapon "backward" also the deadly oil history lesson most heavy wrong for the right reasons a sunny day? Reduce information "deficit" and NBA running in civilization development at me first "peacekeeping" is the exercise opportunity 5 pull out locking win grasp the future growth and collapse meet on on a narrow path when the soldiers cut to play a good game "military relations between China and the United States" target Chinese time grasp America accelerate progress to get the strength to speak at the national security can not be "sick" modern "gezonglianheng": management "foreigner" seek cultural advantage Zhang Yimou congratulated Liu Xiang? The future is in the hands of @##@ contest the Tao Gain and loss, discusses the international competition in the author's opinion, should be the role and influence of the culture and thinking focus. A major feature of culture, which is full of all kinds of point and line, and any effort to a cultural anatomy tries to, often in vain or reluctant. The author adopted the point of view, is to avoid the frame of academic style, to direct practical focus, deep motivation and meaning behind and focus, instead can fan out from point to area. Twenty-first Century is the international Chinese China. China and Chinese pull win the big ring must have been the whole world, rather than the traditional short-sighted, prison. China and Chinese world is its own goals, the final goal of. To achieve this goal, require a higher vision, active thinking, strong impact, high quality output and more intelligent development.
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