• International Sinology (seventh Series)

    "Sinology" is hosted by the Beijing Foreign Studies University research center of Overseas Sinology, a comprehensive academic journal edited by Mr. Ren Jiyu. The aim is to introduce Sinology research in domestic academic circles all over the world history, achievements and the latest progress, to broaden the research Chinese traditional culture. At the same time, and actively promote the domestic science,

  • Culture

    The spirit of international metropolis,

  • The theory of space. The first series

    This book is comparative literature research center of Tsinghua University Chinese system and China Cass organized compilation of the latest foreign theories, content involves the "cultural studies", "post colonial theory and multi culture", "history and experience", "key words" and so on many topics, included Stanley Fish, Simon Dowling, zhu,

  • The wide angle

    Sheet 15, with 2,

  • The development direction of modern Confucianism

    "The direction of development - Contemporary Confucianism -- the contemporary Confucianism conference" reflects the comprehensive large-scale international academic seminar to "development and prospects" and Contemporary Confucianism as the theme of the academic achievements, save precious materials conference. To discuss the effect of Confucianism culture resources and society from different angle of the wound,

  • Cross cultural communication and cultural criticism

    "Burr and China" International Symposium on Germany, to commemorate the home, Nobel prize for literature for the 20 anniversary of the death of Rishi Burr, the German philosophy and Literature Research Institute of Tongji University, Germany Heinrich Boell Foundation jointly held the "burr and Chinese: cross cultural communication and cultural criticism" (2005 November 14-16 International symposium,

  • World performing arts industry

    "The world entertainment industry: the international standard and Chinese case" is the research about the world performing arts market of monographs, the book includes: the Lincoln Center for the performing arts, carrying forward the traditional British business drama charm, neoclassical ballet cradle, international level in China Philharmonic Orchestra, the southern hemisphere in cultural coordinates,

  • Journal of International Sinology

    "2" the main content of International Sinology: the languages of the world is not bad. However, the history of the world civilization, Hebrew, Greek, Latin and French, was once revered as sacred, noble language, English has even been praised as "the perfect language" close to the world, and other languages are relegated to the wild,

  • The international etiquette

    To be in appropriate cases show well versed in etiquette elegant, in addition to behavior norms, rich knowledge is the connotation of etiquette. The lack of connotation and just keep specification, while the main line is not rude, but also unavoidable give a person is too stiff to close feeling. The books on etiquette, more thematic approach to,

  • Culture and contemporary international politics

    This monograph on Marx "s historical materialism and Deng Xiaoping's thought of international strategy as a guide, to the new situation of contemporary international politics, international relations as the background, and the influence of cultural factors in the international political position, role. This monograph thinks, culture is the international politics, international relations in a very important,

  • Justice to the future of mankind

    Common heritage and generation of international law, equity, now the international community and countries face some new problems, need to seek the theoretical tools to solve these problems. In the face of this challenge, this book should sometimes hygiene. This research project undertaken by Edith Brown Weiis and by the United Nations University funding, this book is another challenge for response: that must be the development of china,

  • World Cultural Heritage

    This book provides a survey of the United Nations Educational, all world heritage UNESCO "World Heritage List", in a unique way, through the text and pictures, detailed display of 120 of the most beautiful and the most important world heritage, this part of the world heritage in the book is in accordance with the various continents and countries order (from the northwest to the southeast,

  • Study on the impact of International Expositions

    Research for the international exhibition bureau information at the book,

  • Culture in international relations

    The international relations theory and cultural theory more closely together, to create Third branches of international relations, namely and world politics and world economics parallel international cultural studies. Will clarify the culture factors in the formation of international culture, how to play a role in international relations, cultural studies how to re explain the country,

  • With the power of ideas

    Study on the case of China's cultural industry, this book features of contemporary Chinese "creative industry" and "new media" or "cultural accumulation" in the name of the five cultural industry park, and three cultural industry base to adjust the industrial structure represents the area or industry upgrading and transformation, the in-depth research of type. ,

  • A learning both sound in theory and Practice

    Saint: Perspective China participate in the international competition of the culture, Weida, contemporary world press,

  • Between blood and geopolitical

    This book is the domestic academic research problem China upon the first monograph, exists in the other clans (including name and surname two types), is the social behavior between blood, is a certain stage of the product development to Chinese clan system. The number of results is not the formation of a new large-scale cases,

  • Study of cultural strategy in the world

    "Content" culture study international strategy includes: under the background of economic globalization, cultural strategy, cultural strategy, contemporary USA perspective "Russian thought", Putin's cultural strategy. ,

  • Chinese Jews

    Since the Song Dynasty from the western regions into the Chinese, and settle down in China Jews, is a little known to most Chinese group, historical data on their records are sporadic and rare. The earliest attention and Chinese Jewish life and religious beliefs of field survey and research in a large-scale, in late Ming China Jesus,

  • Introduction of international political culture study

    Book in the system arrangement, is divided into two parts, the theory part, the second part is the examples. Book not only speak with the facts, and persuade through reasoning, reading to deep inspiration, benefit. In the theory part, is divided into several levels, namely in the field of international politics, culture and the relationship between culture and international political culture in the country,

  • International Business Culture

    With the development of global integration, people of different cultural background and economic cooperation more and more frequently. To enhance cross-cultural understanding, overcome the cultural conflict, strengthen cultural communication and cooperation, it is very important. In view of this, many large companies in the world in international business are fully attach importance to and strengthen the cross-cultural research. ,

  • International Culture Theory

    "The main purpose of international culture theory", does not understand or predict the future trend, the international society. Readers of "international culture theory" content can understand, international culture theory framework constructed by the author, in order to further understand the past, modern international relations in Asia, and further into the,

  • UNESCO "Convention on the protection of intangible cultural heritage" foundation documents

    "An important milepost UNESCO based compilation of documents" in the history of mankind of non-material cultural heritage protection. China's accession to the Convention in 2004 December "". This not only conforms to the development of socialist culture China characteristic, also to the international community to declare the intangible cultural heritage protection,

  • International Sinology (Sixteenth Series)

    "International Sinology (Sixteenth Series)" for "Sinology" sixteenth series, mainly introduced the content of European and American Sinology, Sinology, Ancient Chinese Literature Search and Russian Chinese culture, Chinese academic research, Chinese and Western cultural exchange history. Reflect the latest achievements of scholars at home and abroad about International Sinology of basic research and applied research, for the han,

  • The international city of Geneva

    Described here, is a famous international city of Geneva. Tiny Geneva, why so famous, so attractive? Because the past is known as the "pocket" Republic of Geneva, in the history once in the struggle of the heroic and unyielding, magically defending the freedom and independence of their own? Or because,

  • The circular economy development of international metropolis

    In 2004, the Shanghai cultural development blue book, this book is mainly about three parts: the first part of the strategy of circular economy development of Shanghai city on second part of the circular economy development of Shanghai City Industrial Area in Shanghai in the third part of the circular economy development of city and suburban development,

  • Culture and identity

    Regression theory of international relations, the author emphasizes a series of questions: what can explain international relations theory has been the lack of culture and identity of interest? Re thinking on contemporary theory of culture and identity concept is what? The definitions of these concepts -- because they are subtle -- and to integrate these concepts into the research process,

  • Toward an international metropolis

    Shanghai four research, a new round of development in Shanghai. ,

  • Cross Cultural Organization

    "Cross cultural organization" one book, cited a case study of detailed first-hand information, explain profound theories in simple language, and some questions are proposed at the end of each chapter, for readers to think about and discuss. ,

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