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People living in the culture, just as people cannot live without air.
"Zhouyi", said: "astronomy, Ezer time-varying; judging from the humanities, into the world." Explain to us the passage, there is clear and profound understanding of our ancestors has always been on the importance of culture. The Chinese culture is the historical heritage, is the crystallization of the wisdom of the Chinese people, is the precious wealth of human civilization in the world.
folk custom is a cultural. The so-called folk, generally refers to the various customs and habits of widely spread in the folk cultural form, is visible, the ear can hear people in daily life. Folklore is comprehensive, such as festivals, costumes, catering customs and daily life, local specialties and so on, can be included. In any place, folk customs are different races, nationalities, countries and regions, the most obvious sign. As the saying goes: "ten different wind, in the different customs." Chinese vast territory, numerous nationalities, in the historical process of long 5000 in the formation of the folk custom of rich and colorful.
in the long history of development, various places, each nationality by conventional methods will habits curing down and continuous passed down until today. At the same time to construct China Time-honored folk culture system.
Catalogue of books

Korean dress dress culture -- quiet, elegant
the costume of Manchu cheongsam, unique
Mongolia nationality clothing - Mongolia
Gaoshan dress one one gorgeous beautiful shell bead clothes
Hezhe clothing: the skin to make clothes for
Tujia costumes - A New Zealand Karp
Bai dress - Bai People's mind the symbol of beauty
Zhuang costume, with delicate embroidery patterns of
Dai dress -- advocating of beauty and
Hui clothing: the white skirt
Uygur costume -- Xinjiang Huamao
Hani clothing -- simple peculiar
Yi dress, green, blue two color tone
Miao dress, dress decorative Miao female
Tibetan costumes - wide body sleeve robe
Buyi clothing - homemade beautiful batik cloth
Naxi dress one one sheepskin with patterned
the diet culture.
Chinese drink tea
the Chinese State Liquor Maotai eight big cuisines --

jiaozi feast noodles and Chinese New Year dinner custom

the fifteen eat sweet dumplings of glutinous rice flour
Beijing spring eat Chunbing
February two custom
end. Day, eat Zongzi on Mid Autumn Festival to eat mooncakes.

Winter Solstice Festival of Double Ninth cake eating Beijing duck

Shanxi sliced noodles flavor unique Korean glutinous rice cake with cold
stream known northwest tank steamed with bean.
the famous Chinese and foreign household approach of Wuchang fish.
a good drink Tibetan highland barley wine
the fragrant Dai bamboo rice
five willow fish and dongpo's braised pork
wedding culture
Paste "Xiao" bridal sedan chair

Mongolian bride red hijab

dowry, wedding ring wedding
sat Fu
marriage anniversary for

make rite. Bridal chamber

Lunar New Year culture festival folk worship culture

folk custom culture
Chapter excerpt

The copyright page: illustration: Tujia costumes - New Zealand Karp came to Hunan Hubei Tujia areas, will leave a deep impression on the colorful Tujia costumes. People called Tu Xiang is the "Rainbow hometown", "wearing a rainbow coloured shirt nation". Because the Tujia costumes are unique in style, color, composition and other aspects, especially the color is the most obvious. The Tujia people dress fabrics, more for self fabric from dyeing cloth, commonly known as "home machine cloth". This cloth has a long history of. According to "historical records" southwest "records, before the Han Dynasty, Southwest Minorities began to weave a colorful" spot cloth". After the Song Dynasty, Tujia textile process has been developed, the emergence of the "female time weaving, households and more sound" picture. Qing emperor Qian Long "Yongshun Chi house, property records" cloud: "spot cloth soil brocade." "People with a hand woven weft, hand fine horn cross stitch, and then into the colored." Visible at this time has been the traditional Tujia handicraft, brocade, Tujia language called "sealand Karp". Tu Men Dress with short, combined with the length. Wear white embroidered a short jacket and a small collar Xie Jin robe. The robe sleeve with black edges, the chest to stitch a 4 inch square embroidery patterns as a decoration, dark purple or brown coat and waistcoat; wear thick tube feet wide crotch pants, with color big waist, waist to wear when folded beam waist. Leg tie "black tiger down the mountain (black and white)" gaiter straps, wear the flower son shoes. The elderly usually wore black lipped hat, wear a collar, slanting Lapel gown, jacket black waistcoat, black belts, foot wear white socks, black shoes. His head is still Wan Chui Ji, commonly known as "screw knot", retains the legacy of ancient costume. Tujia women's clothing color, usually dressed in surplice coat, two sleeve by red, yellow, orange, blue, white, green and black seven color cloth ring made, beautiful generous, commonly known as colorful sleeve, the Turkish language, called the show Su, meaning "flower sleeved shirt", as a symbol of the women's clothing the. Pants are blue and white waist high crotch pants, trousers, so naughty children playing "hide and seek, and games, often head into the adult trousers. Tujia girl usually do not wear skirts, only married to put on a special agricultural services -- "dew clothes", a bright cross stitch embroidered clothes, with eight luoqun picture, are similar to the Miao and Hijiro Ji eight luoqun picture. This kind of clothes left sleeve cardigan, large pendulum, emblazoned on the back side of the bowl, embroidered on the chest a mouth mirror,Hem stitch size and a circle of pearl, decorated with beautiful lace. It is said that because the embroidered mirror, married girls wear it to town evil spirits.
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"You should know that the Chinese folk culture" love you, the stories that make you dream soul around, reading history, sentiment is extensive and profound traditional culture, standing on the foundation of traditional culture, we can see farther and higher.
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