Wu Yuan culture and fig Taiwan Folk

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Zhao Linbin, vice president of Fujian Province, Minjiang University), doctor of economics, Professor, Professor, doctoral supervisor, enjoy special government allowances of the State Council, the United Nations Industrial Development Organization expert. A former chief of Department of Fujian Normal University students, President of the Fuzhou Gulou District Party Committee Standing Committee, deputy secretary, secretary, director of the District People's Congress, district party school; the Fuzhou municipal Party committee propaganda department vice minister, civilization office director; Fuzhou city civilization committee secretary general, deputy director; Fuzhou normal high school principals, vice secretary of the Party committee and other duties; as education advisor in the western area of China of Ministry of education, Ministry of Personnel Service Center Advisory Committee, Fujian Province, consultants, domestic and International Public Relations Association Research Center of Fujian provincial government economic development special expert, vice chairman, Council of the Fujian Association of exchange of talents in Fujian province leading scientific research Association vice president, Fujian Province Economic Development of youth vice vice president of the Fujian Province, five Culture Research Association, Fuzhou Municipal Policy Research Room distinguished experts, Fuzhou Mindu culture research association vice-chairman, Fuzhou City Folk Culture Research Institute and other duties; the first Fuzhou talents; at the same time as part-time professor of Fujian Normal University, guest professor of Taiwan Jing Hua Culture University, academician of the Chinese Academy of distinguished Humanities Social Science Research Institute and adjunct professor, Brock University, Canada international high level Visiting scholar; have published (edited and co authored) of more than 36, published academic papers.
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The copyright page: since the Ming and Qing Dynasties, Fuzhou, Taiwan began to a large number of immigrants in the immigration process, also brought many including handicraft industry, many production technology and knowledge. Before Taiwan to build temples, because local craft level is low, so they will go to Quanzhou to make "Tangshan master", the "Tangshan master" many Fuzhou chefs. Because the Taiwan other immigrants were engaged in agriculture and fishery, is engaged in handicrafts, so many parts of Taiwan handicraft industry source master Yu Fuzhou taught. Fuzhou master craft fine workmanship, of good quality, the Qing Dynasty in Taiwan many lacquer, statues, Buddha, God, Buddha and embroidery industry. It is made in Fuzhou. Since the Taiwan temple and the temple activities types of embroidery, hanging on the lintel of the square, hung God case money table skirts, their clothes are Fuzhou embroidery, the contents are the dragon and Phoenix, hydrangea, fukurokuju stars, a symbol of auspicious composition, plus gold, silver packets. Simon Taipei Dadaocheng Yanping Road, Tainan road is Fuzhou craftsman traces of living. Chiayi City, Changhua city and Hsinchu city have the same situation. China is a patriarchal clan as the main characteristics of the society, the traditional handicraft industry is an industry with the family or the family as a unit, according to legend, has a strong hereditary color and ancestor worship. The handicraft industry special beliefs and customs of these concepts, the worship of one of the most important is the patriarch. In FujianTaiwan, line of a master and industry is the patron saint, often is a God or a god of the industry sector. Mainly have the following several kinds of worship.
Catalogue of books

Introduction Wu Yuan culture theory and the construction of the west coast
the first chapter immigration and Fujian Taiwan folk edge
the first festival of Fujian, Minyue, Fujian folk culture origin and the characteristics of
second immigration and custom of Fujian in Taiwan history.
Third section of the Taiwan folk custom development and changes of
second chapter Rong a farming production custom
first urge tillage rain harvest festivals
second ship out to sea for downwind
third craftsmanship worship the founder
Fourth vendors tout
third chapters treat borrowing Rongtai food custom
first festival costumes of the Han system in a
second rice potato for food favorite seafood
third traditional residential Feng Shui taboo
fourth section water transit trip about
fourth chapter Rong Tai family wedding etiquette custom
the first birth custom multi Fu
second and its new two surname together
third filial mourning for chasing away
fifth chapter Rong Tai the traditional throttle custom when
first welcome old ancestor worship Hall of prayer for harvest.
second festival guanding swim people God third Festival Tomb Sweeping Day outing
Fourth festival dragon boat against poison wrapped rice dumplings Dragon Boat Festival Tanabata Qiqiao
fifth in all
sixth day mid autumn mooncakes Chongyang nine nine
seventh day winter solstice rubbing it to the God
sixth chapter Rong Tai religion and folk belief custom
the first popular secular Buddhism outside broadcast
second is sorcery ghost immortal art
third section of Jing Cheng Huang Gu Wen long
seventh chapter Rong Tai folk dialect culture and custom
the first section of the Fuzhou dialect accent heart
second section of respecting teachers and valuing study the fathers
section third min opera ten Pinghua {feet sing
the fourth section tolerance characteristics of mountain
Fuzhou Taiwan folk custom culture and the exchange and cooperation between @##@
. Zhao Linbin compiled the "Wu Yuan culture and folk" from Fuzhou Taiwan Wu Yuan culture perspective relationship between Fuzhou Taiwan folk culture, the "Wu Yuan culture" theory and the construction of the west coast, immigration and Fujian Taiwan folk margin, Yung terrace farming production practices, Rong Tai food customs, Rong Tai family wedding etiquette custom, Rong Tai tradition when the throttle customs, Rong Tai religion and folk custom, Rong Tai folk dialect art and cultural customs, Fuzhou Taiwan folk culture and the exchanges and cooperation between the two sides of the. In the long process of Fuzhou immigrants, production technology, language, culture, folk customs, folk beliefs, religious and other local propagation to Taiwan, Rong Taiwan people in the long interaction process, and forged a profound friendship and emotion.
"Wu Yuan culture and fig Taiwan folk" for folklore studies reading, reference, also used as folklore graduate teaching elective, and available for researchers engaged in construction of the west coast, Fujian and Taiwan folk aspects of reference.
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