The world of children

Date of publication:2003-5   Press: Heilongjiang people's Publishing House   Author:He Lianghao   Pages:252   Words:180000  

The merchant Ximen Qing is the author chose as a typical character, all phenomena in city all borrow Ximen Qing and the people around him reflected. For this reason, this book is about the customs, often to Ximen Qing family as an example. Ximen Qing is a city businessman, has obvious characteristics of the main activities of common people, in addition to the code, contact a brothel woman, city and North South business customer mix. Ximen Qing who reflects the custom is a kind of folk custom.
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He Lianghao, male, born in 1969, Tujia, Hubei Laifeng people. Now the Journal Editorial Department of Journal of liberal arts of Wuhan University, editor. Published a "modest and proud", "Journal of Wuhan University"; "on creative motivation" ("the humanities" series, volume 2000, Wuhan University press).
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Total order (Chen Wenxin) the first chapter introduction Qinghe County profile section urban layout second section water and land transportation section third standard of living fourth characters second chapter business activities the first broad career second quarter lead in all directions communication section third extraordinary courage fourth great riches and honour the third chapter singing the song lyrics and music households first author of second day to sing songs about third day music family status of the fourth chapter of medical and health first pulse error second day drug shop and herbal third strange incantations fourth day growth difficult chapter fifth popular arts and Crafts section of silver and gold second clothing making section third paint process chapter sixth Qinghe County building the first section of traditional wooden frame the second section wood Qin Jane said third day rich house fourth small portals seventh chapter fortune all the first divination second day push eight section third section fourth of chapter Eighth False physiognomy character on the first day of second day drinking diet eat custom reference
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"The world children:" Jin Ping Mei "and folk culture": "the world according to children:" Jin Ping Mei "and folk culture" of content creation, we talk about the topic cannot leave "Jin Ping Mei". Consider, we conjecture from the realities of the reading public, readers in part perhaps never seen "Jin Ping Mei". However, whether read not read the "Jin Ping Mei", must be on the marketplace custom interested friends, choose "the world children:" Jin Ping Mei "and folk culture". To some readers reading obstacles may be encountered on the part of Jin Ping Mei "," in, it is necessary to make a brief introduction.
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  •   Jin Ping Mei like divination plot, buy this have a look what the author sees
  •   Like the book very much perspective, reading novels from the perspective of folklore, to open a window to another as if. As western philosopher said, one thousand readers, one thousand Hamlett. Read classics from different angles, different from the natural harvest.
  •   The first is to see the school library electronic reading room, do not want to find this book in the can. The content involves the wider, more similar books is good, the library also saw a few books on the same topic, in this also can not find, alas......
  •   My love, it is worth! Have recommended! Good! Praise! Been reading! Nice.
  •   People's creativity, apart from other living things spiritual, perhaps it is this characteristic the author said.
  •   Speaking of Qinghe County waterway developed in the book, namely, to Hangzhou, Huzhou by sea, such as the Yangtze river. Alas, the canal! See appearance, also have to improve history!
  •   From the aspects of the analysis done for understanding the world, probably very helpful.

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