The old Tianjin Customs

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The copyright page: illustration: since the Ming Yongle two years (since 1404) Tianjin building fortification, the main building for government, army headquarters, warehouse store and related buildings, homes not. A small amount of residents at the time mainly in the salt industry, transport and fisheries, distribution along the river in North off the dock to small Zhi Gu, big Zhigu, hut, Adobe and talk to the survival of the shack, sparse bit, construction has the advantages of simple structure, almost no layout. Since the Yuan Dynasty Yan Hu of palace and Thean Hou Temple to Thailand will be the years Zhigu and three forks are respectively built Tianfei, business people trade grow with each passing day, in front of the Thean Hou Temple and the surrounding area gradually formed their office downtown, big Zhigu, palace south main street, North Temple Street, Hou Jiahou, Gu Yi Jie a band took the lead in the formation of population settlement belt, with adobe, grey house although is simple, but the basic rudiment in tianjin. With the development of Tianjin city, especially since the Qing emperor Yong Zheng two years (in 1724) has been promoted to Tianjin, Tianjin Wei, the area expands unceasingly, under the merchants, people moved and settled in the castle, in the original form, to salt, grain, ship operators based residential construction has entered a period of prosperity. At that time, Tianjin People's life center still in Thean Hou Temple, the Jade Emperor Pavilion is the core of the east gate, the Haihe River coast; to the Hou based outside the north, south along the canal, into a piece of brick, grey houses, Adobe houses have been completed, the scenery at. At the end of the nineteenth Century, Tianjin city population more than 60 homes, housing has reached more than 150000. As the saying goes: East noble, Simon base, South Gate of poor, rich. This is from the drum tower as the center of the old city of the four door, it had decided in the very great degree in psychology and Tianjin residents choose Custom range. East gate near the flourishing style of Confucious'temple, but also through the sea river and Thean Hou Temple. North through Beijing Road, a narrow strip of water and the moat, Sancha port, is calculated. Southwest of the city of low-lying, big ditch obstruct the traffic. Tianjin grain, salt industry is developed, the fortune of the boatman, salt merchants in the old Chengxiang in the landmark building.
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Hometown Tianjin metropolitan
Tianjin Bao Wei three
Western eyes "the best in all the land terminal"
Mazu worship and Tianjin People's character
Thean Hou Temple
empress palace tied doll
The whole town turns out to. See the
repair repeat repeated to build Thean Hou Temple
> Thean Hou Temple temple Thean Hou Temple folk commercial
the pennant pole mystery
the clear sweet spring wells
Beitang has a "empress drive"
Tianjin people believe in the folk God
for a bumper harvest worship "eight wax"
water quenched pox "brother"
send Yu Tong Zhang Xian ye
sea line dedicated to Zhang Lata
Wenchang permit and Wenchang Palace
three Grandma Wang legend
had put the Tianjin Wei
men dress "mesa"
women dress about color
children to wear dresses
eat in Tianjin Wei
eight bowl and four PA
when eating seafood is not not have
elaborate Pan-Fried Meat Dumplings and tiger paw.
a pastry
taste the medicine sugar tournament at
Ding master sugar heap red city
Western-style food Coffee most fashionable
tea full Jingu
Jinmen tea
sweet tea jasmine
hot tea thick Tea, tea art garden phase

brand advertising tea
vulgar words in
take the arbor change new tile
marriage feasts.
's birth custom
"red eyes" and "supercilious look"
reciprocity to shield
Tianjin People's "face"
from sitting on the ferry to catch the tram
lamp hundred years as Tianjin Tianjin People's livelihood drama
> burden to sell paintings and sing like @##@ send Mammon The city itself has no conscious memory. This rational memory, is actually the people entrusted to it. Therefore, conscious memory requirements of modern human civilization and civilized behavior, and the destruction of memory is still stuck in a primitive and irrational inertia.
of course, memory is selective.
here that memory is not personal, not to meet personal some nostalgia. It is a city of memory, the memory group. It would be to look at the city from the angle of city history and anthropology, were screened from the city's historical fate and humanity spread level, must be resolutely defend the memory. The protection of this city is not simply leave a few "character building", cosmetic, not to put on some of the most precious memory large erase.
treat a city life memories, treat their ancestors from generation to generation experience and creation, must be careful, rigorous, meticulous. Towards the preservation of memory must respect the integrity and authenticity of its.
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"Old Tianjin Customs" is one of the Tianjin news series.
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