The Mid Autumn Festival

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The Mid Autumn Festival is popular in many of the National Traditional Culture Festival, it is said that this recent night the moon from earth, the bright moon is the most significant round, so the custom of antiquity have banquets to celebrate. This book is "one of the China Folk Culture Series", mainly introduces the origin of the festival and evolution, origin of the moon, the main custom content. China folk culture is from generation to generation temper and inheritance of the traditional culture, which embodies the national character, national spirit, national truth, goodness and beauty, is the Chinese nation the mutual recognition of sign, is the link of countrymen to communicate feelings. Has a long history, rich connotation of the traditional culture of the Chinese nation is our great contribution to the development of human cultural diversity. "Chinese Folk Culture Series" the outstanding part in the traditional culture of the essence Chinese and show to the people, including farmers, allowing them to China, to our compatriots in the motherland, the outstanding cultural tradition and unsophisticated folk customs have a more profound affection, love and reverence.
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Huang Tao, Hebei Jingxian County person, Dr. min Gu, Professor of College of Humanities of Wenzhou University, vice secretary Chinese Folklore Society long. He taught for 20 years at the Renmin University of China. The main research of traditional festivals, folk language, cultural heritage protection etc..
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The first chapter is the origin of the festival and evolution of ancient moon worship, the Mid Autumn Festival the Mid Autumn Festival moon myths and the formation and evolution of the month second chapter, main customs and local consumption characteristics and the market cake circle of human origin of moon cake type and local characteristics of moon cakes tend to the third chapter of Mid Autumn Festival Main customs around special festival for example Southern Festival Mid Autumn Festival time sequence on the river wharf in Singapore main references and bibliography
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Illustration: in the first chapter, the Mid Autumn Festival in August fifteen day lunar calendar is the annual mid autumn festival. The Mid Autumn Festival is a long history of source Chinese traditional festivals. In modern society, it is the second largest after the spring festival. The night of the Mid Autumn Festival, one more round moon hung in the deep night sky to lofty, in the whole country spreads its bright luster. Second, each and every family reunion, cakes, fruit, or worship the moon birthday, or lyric, or sitting out, or game guanding, China always showing a warm and harmonious, happy festive scene. Autumn is the seven eight nine in 3 months, in August fifteen coincides San half, is right in the middle of the middle of a month day, it is called "mid autumn festival". Now, "Mid Autumn Festival" is the name used in Mandarin, widely accepted by society, and replace the other name trends. The name is similar with it is the ancients said, "mid autumn festival". The "primary", "Zhong", "Uncle", "Ji" said ranking, "Zhong" is "second", "Zhong" is the seven eight nine in 3 months, second months, namely August, so the "Mid Autumn Festival" "is equivalent to" August festival". Some local Jiangnan called this section as "August festival". People in the north are more used to known as the "fifteen August". Because of its customs and related to the moon, folk has "the Moon Festival", "the end of the month". This comes at a time when many fruits and mature market, also known as "fruit festival". In addition to the "Reunion", "August", "Autumn Festival" and other names. Such an important holiday is formed? The main argument has three kinds: one is derived from the ancient period began moon worship; two is originated from the worship of the moon goddess in the Chang; three is from the ancient in the autumn to celebrate the harvest and held the land of God worship activities. The three versions of the truth, there is some custom each to the mid autumn festival. Is generally believed that the first argument to explain the problem, because the Mid Autumn Festival folk activities whether festival on the full moon, and eat moon cakes, reunion, both have ties to the moon. From the historical records, the Mid Autumn Festival appeared, is based on the theme of the moon, and later the Theme Evolution for family reunion is the reunion moon activities and "full moon" "Yuan" extended into the development. The second argument is based on the moon's story, to worship the Moon said to sacrifice or gratitude months fairy, is actually the generations of people to the moon goddess in the moon became the personification personification, moon or moon worship goddess worship, and are essentially the same thing. So the first two statements can be grouped into a. Third arguments focus on August in Chinese lunar calendar is the crops and fruits mature season, the Mid Autumn Festival also has some new food, eat fruits, Qing Fengshou's custom, but these activities in the mid autumn festival custom only minor position, in order to explain the origin of the mid autumn festival custom seems far fetched.
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"Mid Autumn Festival" by the China Society Publishing house.
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