The hometown folk

Date of publication:2006-10   Press: The people of Shanxi (Shanxi Ancient Books)   Author:Yang Runfu   Pages:137   Words:90000  

Illustration: it is said that the first name initial jstars call Guangsheng Gong, and later as a result of a business failure lost a lot of money, almost collapse. Three years after the "vitality" gradually restored, the business had a turn for the better, then the name changed to "Fu Sheng Gong", expect that career revival, prosperous. Jiexiu Ji Jia early firms to pawn, pawn shop more than the name of "Sheng" word, such as Yongsheng, Hengsheng, Zeng Sheng, Zhong Sheng. Yuci Chang mainly to foreign trade, exports tea and silk, the two brothers (million destroyed, Wan Da) dozens of commercial name with "de", "jade" word, known as the Chang family "ten Dade", "Ten Jade", "ten dachang". Of course, please famous calligrapher and officials Office, the plaque has a profound meaning. A person can arty, improve firm visibility; two can borrow celebrities and high potential, the facade and the firm. Days Yun Chang votes of the plaque, is said to be the boss ray 履泰 please Hubei talent, Jiaqing Dynasty new division champion Chen Hang written. According to legend, Shanxi Merchants in Beijing opened a small hotel "have a" three characters, is the emperor Qian Long year book, dear, "Liubiju pickles shop" plaque is the Ming Dynasty when the first assisted by Yan Song. The late Ming and early Qing Dynasty, Shanxi famous calligrapher Fu Shan gave the name written many plaque, day Yu Chang ticket site backyard still being Mr. Fu Shan inscribed stele.
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appendix: Jinzhong County, city, District, the temple would be @##@ statistics At the beginning of 2006, the TV series "Joe Grand Courtyard" in CCTV prime time hit, one time, all over the world, in the speech of Qiao family courtyard, in the speech of Qiao Zhiyong, are in the speech the story.
however, "Joe Grand Courtyard" played in the story is the story of countless only fur, like a drop of water in the ocean, a grain of millet in the barn. Moreover, the playful and imaginary components are, that true and false exist.
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"The hometown of folk": the world 'series.
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