The festival custom

Date of publication:2006-8   Press: The people's Literature Publishing House   Author:Li Yian   Pages:101   Words:62000  

Holiday customs (Bilingual Reading China traditional culture), ISBN:9787020048793, author: Li Yian
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A spring festival, Spring Festival is also called the 1 Why have the Spring Festival 2 colorful customs of Spring Festival (1) Congee with Nuts and Dried Fruits and Laba garlic (2) year (3) sweep dust (4) new year's Eve staying-up (5) (6) pay New Year's call Spring Festival couplets (7) new year said Fu (8) to eat dumplings (9). Dragon and lion dance on stilts yangko dance (10) two, 1 the origins of Lantern Festival Lantern Festival Lantern Festival Lantern eat 2 be gay with lanterns and decorations 3 reunion festival three, 1 from the forbidding fire to clear a quality suggestive of poetry or painting Qingming, sweep the tombs 2 said four Dragon Boat Festival 1 Dragon Boat Festival and patriotic poet Qu Yuan 2 why is the Dragon Boat Festival Dragon Boat races and eating rice dumplings five, July 7th Festival 1 bridge will 2 star resort to worship six, Mid Autumn Festival 1 Mid Autumn particularly bright 2 moon myth seven, Chung Yeung Festival 1 nine nine high words Chongyang 2 interesting Double Ninth Festival custom
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  •   This book is very good, indeed, a lot of festivals we young people today are not too clear, read after only know our traditional festivals are so sweet.
  •   Fun, long knowledge
  •   To see the child, still can, after all, not expensive

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