The custom of Hui nationality

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Thanks to learn English, Hui, 1963 was born in June, Ningxia Jingyuan person. Membership China Writers Association, vice chairman of Ningxia Writers Association, now at the Ningxia Association for Science department.
major works:
"six line" the Prose Collection Edition 1997
"At the end of the century action" reportage 2000 version of
"green mountains and rivers Jingyuan" words travel books edition 2001
"piety" in the collection of short stories in 2002 version of the
"footprint" his essays 2002 version of
"eyes" of South of Jiangsu political 2003 version of
"extraterritorial" write essays 2003 edition
"Bai Jia Cun, past and present" memoirs in 2005 edition.
Author brief introduction

In religion, Hui believe in islam. As everyone knows, to include the Hui Islam, Muslims in habit, daily life, social ethics, ethics and other aspects have more stringent requirements, which makes the Hui has distinguishes between the unique principle, moral norms and other ethnic groups. Hui in all aspects of their lives, strictly abide by these standards, these standards constraints, control yourself. Some customs of Hui by the Islamic influence. Because the Hui has affected the three or more factors, the customs of the Hui people to show diversity, some customs of the nation, but for some custom of Hui unique customs; influence of Islamic culture, very exotic; some customs influenced by the tradition of Chinese culture, very local characteristics; some customs and Islamic culture and Chinese cultures, so that the customs of the Hui people are colorful, unique. In Chinese Hui minority population, outstanding contribution to exhibit in the joint development and construction of the large homes on the foreign exchanges, especially with the important position of Arabia state in the exchanges, in the unity of the motherland, strengthen national unity, promoting social progress role can not be ignored, in the customs and habits of the characteristics, all these caused the academic circles especially the widespread attention of folklore field. Strengthen the Muslim especially on the customs and habits, and plays an important role in people's understanding of Hui Hui, propaganda, to strengthen national unity, has a very important significance to promote social progress.
Catalogue of books

The first chapter is introduction of order

second chapter Hui's life etiquette custom and its origin of the name of the custom
Ann and
male circumcision and source of
meet custom and its origin
appellation custom and the custom of hospitality and

third chapter Hui clothing custom and the custom and
white cap the
wrapped days tal customs and source of
a lid practices and source of
fourth chapter Hui diet custom and its origin
tea custom and the custom
sub micro fried and source of
frying oil incense custom and its origin
nine bowls of customs and the customs and the pendulum fruit

the fifth chapter Hui living custom and the custom
residence and source of building a custom
red and source of
"shout" custom and its origin
indoor not posted figures, animal painting practices of
sixth chapter Hui sanitation practices and source of
wash net custom size and source of
soup bottle of custom and its origin
beard custom and its origin
nails custom and its origin
seventh chapter Hui marriage customs and The origin of the
read Seneca, custom and its origin
posted "Hi" custom
and custom of candies and source of
away custom and its origin
by chair side new daughter-in-law custom and origin of the
send custom and its origin
hold dear custom and its origin
play real custom and its origin
listen to the customs and
playing her custom and its origin
"son-in-law" custom and its origin
back custom and its origin
please new daughter-in-law custom and its origin
New daughter-in-law a long face custom and its origin
accompany son-in-law customs and its origin
eighth chapter Muslim funeral customs and its origin
Hui inhumation funeral and source of
Hui in the "talking" custom and its origin
wash the dead custom and its origin
the custom and its origin
for the dead do funerals customs and the < br >
funeral mourning customs and the customs and the customs and the origin of
pull pull
visiting tomb custom and its origin
ninth chapter Hui festivals of Eid al Fitr and
Custom and the custom
ID al AdhA and source of
mawlid customs And the
Ashura custom and its origin
fatumai Festival and its origin
Guedel night custom and its origin
tenth chapter Hui religious customs and its origin and source of
read bunker and the
shahadah and source of
read for white and source of
read 泰斯米 custom and its origin
read Khutbah and source of
Hajj and source of
prayers and source of
it and its origin
phenanthrene tours custom and its origin
eleventh chapter Hui taboo custom and its origin
diet taboos and its origin
no pig custom and its origin
temperance custom and its origin
smoking custom and its origin
can eat dead custom and the custom
gambling and source of
no interest and usury custom and its origin
cut back on other custom and its origin
sex taboos and its origin
the taboo custom and its origin
twelfth chapter Hui folk the custom of singing art and
flowers customs and source of
blowing mouth custom and its origin
embroidery custom and its origin
shear Other custom and the custom
paper and source of
flower face customs and the customs and the origin of
thirteenth chapter Hui business practices and the
homes scattered custom and its origin
love dove custom and its origin
dress hanging curtain custom and the custom
list words and source of

postscript @##@ bibliography Folklore this discipline, formation, development and current research trends and social influence, "the origin of the Hui customs" in the introduction of the "Introduction" have specific and detailed discussion, no rap. But I want to emphasize is to understand, respect the importance and sensitivity of the folk custom, in real life be no trivial matter., must not let down. With a high degree of civilization has a long history, the China, very early is very concerned about this issue, have been included in the "thirteen classics" of "book of Rites", will take the matter seriously reminder of each to a new environment, facing with the external world contact, to establish a good neighborly and friendly relations, create harmonious atmosphere, it must "entry into the country and prohibition, and ask the customs, entry and ask taboo". Carefully weigh, hammer, this is not just a small problem's manners all the minor details, conservation, and human, is practical, international mutual understanding, mutual respect criterion, is the maintenance of a reliable guarantee and the prerequisite of stability and unity. Don't you see, in the daily life, this kind of sensitive issues are not a big headache? Small altercation is caused by friction, large - disturbance, improper treatment is no end of trouble for the future.
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