The Chinese Taboo

Date of publication:2012-6   Press: Liaoning people's Publishing House   Author:Wang Xiaoyan   Pages:228   Words:200000  

"Chinese taboo" by the Liaoning people's publishing house.
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Taboo. The names are listed too Temple taboo, taboo only old name, column San legend, consider etiquette and moderate, not short not harsh, filial piety and text are coordinated, can not be changed. Has been implemented since now tired towards the very understand completely, but did not hold it still temple, procrastination, what to Everbright future cause to filial piety to Shengtang music today. The request is sent to the Ministry of rites too often Temple discussion agreed, quickly issued an imperial edict, increase the rule of law, to rule the world by the filial piety good political propaganda for the millions of people watching. The 27 royal name not linked words of Song Taizong's name, previously on the word "with Song Taizu's name to" linked, because when the emperor Zhao Kuangyin, don't want with brother name, will give Zhao Kuangyi a new Zhao Guangyi. And because the "light" and Wei Dao Wang Zhao Guangmei, associative, Song Taizong ascended the throne, rather than with others name linked, so a single name, not with others. The visible world hegemony consciousness how strongly the emperor. The Southern Song Dynasty too often 寺丞 Yue Ke said: "Xi Ling (Song Taizong's name) is the blessing of the years February boxer, a Zhao more royal name. Preparation of said: 'the king of the heaven, only see nine temple. By offering to have the name. Think of ancient to action, to know and to avoid expensive. In compliance with the story, load easily Jiaming. ' With the press, his initial taboo, characters and art (Song Taizu Zhao Kuangyin) according to the progenitor. Jianlong made state, has been changed from the 'light' word, complex and Wei Dao Wang (Zhao Guangmei) counterparts. Taiping Xingguo, both Taking Datong, Wei Dao Wang changed from 'Ting' word, in order to avoid the statue called. To be just four more months, Fu Chao reform. Although more of Italy, with such as the edict, in fact, to the text of the joint, statue of Wang Tong, so the identification status display equipment."
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  •   Be like and then the introduction of common sense Chinese ancient books, easy to read interesting.
  •   The content of this book is lively, research on this subject is better, so we do not need to do too understand, read this book is ok.
  •   I just glanced at before, see.

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