Summer folk

Date of publication:2005-1-1   Press: Ningxia people's Publishing House   Author:Li Dongdong   Pages:147   Words:150000  

"Summer" is a folk custom in Ningxia area of ancient and modern folk books, edited by the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region Party Committee Standing Committee, propaganda department minister Li Dongdong students planning and. The book published by early 2005, inside and outside the region wide attention and praise. In the central government and leaders of relevant departments visited Ningxia, in the friendly communication activities, "summer" is often used as a folk cultural gifts to the guests. The more national, the more world; the region, the more the world. In 2006 American book fair, the organizers arranged Chinese delegation to visit Washington USA national library. This is a research and decision-making type library, the collection is extremely rich, the Tibetan Book of hundreds of thousands of copies Chinese. Visit the museum, Ningxia published books and Ningxia related books, mostly about Hui, Xixia history, archaeology, Ningxia economic and social development of a book, published last year in English bilingual "Ningxia historical figures including". Believe that "summer folk" will also be numerous domestic and foreign library collection, as the readers are reading and application.
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Hui folk religious clothing and diet mosque marriage funeral festival sports lifestyle art Han folk costume eating houses marriage funeral holiday taboo folk religious clothing diet proverbs Xixia residential traffic tools marriage funeral language surname and name of seasonal festivals is Wu Shan hunt ghosts worship and witchcraft divine revenge and breaking and postscript
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