Songshan folk customs

Date of publication:2008-5   Press: Workers press   Author:Fu Aimao   Pages:134   Words:100000  

Songshan folk, deep origin, spread far and wide, deeply rooted in the rich soil of the Central Plains culture, is an important cut interpretation of Zhongyuan people production, life and spiritual phenomena. This book only from the Songshan customs staff, string to scattered in folk legend, the story of Jane Asaki Chen, offering a modern spirit cultural perspective to understand the custom for readers.
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The first chapter festival history [AI Yi Ying door after the Dragon Boat] [the Moon Palace lonely feeling] [borrows asked wineshop where has] [grape smell 仙声] [commonplace] [Dongli wine after dusk. Chapter two festival customs beautiful implication [February] [rise of dragon Jingzhe sweet zongzi] [break feeling deep in the woods will] [Valley millet clap for porridge and cook beans] [years] [partial from night Xi in January 9 Qu Ming] Chapter three be full of wit and humour of the special snack [sesame cover on the Qin Hui] [mutton soup bubble Clay oven rolls] [acorn bean jelly like slide] [rock pressure yellow vegetables crisp cool] [the bench legs won't run] [bovine tongue cannot call] Chapter implicative graceful classical marriage [feet] [upon the red line with relatives and friends to get the end] [box] [with every bridge across the river flow like Nang] [his face and Byron flower Hall] [be bursting with happiness bridal chamber] Chapter 5 grand exquisite traditional funeral [dress] [moving spirit small burial cry tears to give obituary notice] [in a coffin nail to the town house] [up the coffin out to funeral] [suona sounder alarm Luji] [rack one's brains do seven] Chapter Six lively and clever folk appeal [the soles of the feet Shengwei shoes] [fine fine dense thousand Bottom layer] [down] [shuttlecock delude one to folly at night] [married female rats quietly] [she tied her shy]
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Illustration: the first chapter Festival History (AI Yi Ying door after the dragon boat) Songshan people like the country life very much. In the spring, warm breeze, and sometimes, the earth began to booting spit green time, if we had time, will be a trip to a trip to the mountains run, at the foot of Songshan nature is they most often the place to go. They dug wild herbs, or gathering herbs, or simply do not do what is, then casually walk, have a look, to enjoy the countryside. A nameless grass, a shy flower, a piece of tender leaves, can let them enjoy the half day, indulge in pleasures without stop. May in Chinese lunar calendar, wild Artemisia a green time, the Dragon Boat Festival is coming, we have picked up a mountainside, to cut the mugwort, Cun Cun Xiang Xiang will everywhere permeated with a mugwort fragrance flavor, lingering, intoxicated. The Dragon Boat Festival this day, every household in Songshan are all in several branches and Artemisia in the door, look green, be full of wit and humour, both beautiful and chic. The city man looked very curious: why in the first plug in the green green grass leaves? In fact, on the "door AI inserted" customs, the local has been a very beautiful legend. That was a year in May, a wild immortal heaven, heard that Songshan is full of baby, have a thousand years of ginseng, Ganoderma lucidum grass, rare and rare "Trillium tschonoskii" and so on, can't help secretly to steal the greed, underground mining. This wild fairy is very greedy, had not grown ginseng are dug out, people see him waste too much, it is Bo Tim Tin Mat, then without mercy away he, even didn't give him a drink slobber. Later he went to heaven, then the emperor face forward calumny said: Songshan at the foot of the very bad people, almost no one good man, even a bowl of water to drink is not willing to passers-by. Jade is a violent nature, to listen to angry, regardless of the consequence, sent too white Venus to the Songshan area plagues, must use the disaster to awaken people's kindness and virtue. This too white Venus brought purport, dare not neglect, the south gate, the first one, Sally wind float over Songshan. At the foot of Songshan who heard the emperor to do evil, to pull family have to flee. Too white Venus inadvertently looked down, saw a thirty year old female, arms holding a child, followed by a child, in a hurried down the road. The child is too young to have the Spring Festival, tight jogging, suffer unspeakably tired. He was painfully while trying to run forward, crying, crying. However, the village does not hold him back, but also gave him a slap in the face. Too white Venus look not to the past, I thought: no wonder the Jade Emperor said, here's rotten to the core. If so, the original! The village is not a child of the mother.
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"Songshan folk customs" is one of the Songshan story series.
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