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Date of publication:2003-1   Press: Gansu people's Publishing House   Author:Yang Jingzhen   Pages:356   Words:372000  

Folk culture, is a national and the national spirit and cultural symbol. When the culture from which it derives, in the long process of development, with the nations and peoples, especially those near the cultural exchange and communication, produce effect. So, study on the folklore, is a cross-border world knowledge, rather than "a country's folklore". Although many scholars at home and abroad in the research scope of folklore, the folklore as "a country of science" or "history of science", limiting the boundary and scope of folklore studies. However, the subject still with its strong vitality, not only in the areas around the world, and the range of study is more and more expanded, covering almost all aspects of people's life. In recent years, along with the comparative study of folklore in the world development, folklore show no vitality.
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Chinese directory English directory preface first chapter of Shaanxi folk culture development overview, the history of Shaanxi bath leather, geographical characteristics and ancient folk cultural relics two, Shaanxi folk regional division and the Qin and Han Dynasties folk development three, the Wei Jin Southern and Northern Dynasties to the Tang and Song Dynasties Shaanxi folk development with area farming features four, change existing habits and customs of Shaanxi folk custom development the second chapter production effect of folk, the main production method two, crop farming methods, production equipment three kinds and four solar term, farming and production of proverbs five, festivals and rites of the third chapter village folk custom, Shaanxi village ruins archaeological discovery of two, village three, village organization and structure of the folk custom pattern four the public facilities, the village...... The fourth chapter fifth chapter sixth Familia folk custom folk custom culture chapter seventh chapter costume folk folk diet eighth chapter chapter ninth years travelling folk festivals and folk customs of the tenth chapter the life etiquette custom eleventh chapter twelfth chapter of civil society folk folk folk belief in the thirteenth chapter the folk art and folk custom main references postscript
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