Rural vanishing customs

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"The vanishing customs" introduces the rural customs, including worship nominal kinship, longevity lock, window paper, nails, spinning, puppetry, walking on stilts, birthday wine, chasing girls, the bridal chamber, three March, the Dragon Boat Festival.
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Syria Syria not far from the customs

according to seniority in the family name and add
longevity lock
window paper
> singing spring girl Diao pipe
brazier heatable adobe sleeping platform
back home
chicken custom
married female rats was

nails on beam courtesy
> children for 100 m
feed their children up

lock take all free
taste the idle away in seeking pleasure

eat sauerkraut noodles

sticky Doubao wo Wotou steamed Steamed buns

shagai pumping gyro
Congee with Nuts and Dried Fruits
the world is flat

play sauce puppet
kill the swine

hoop stilts
touch have the Spring Festival atmosphere
worship worship stone tea

er Tijiao guess riddles written on lanterns to store
> worship the Spring Festival couplets
kowtow to pay New Year's call

Temple exhibit of lanterns sweep the dust

Dragon stick grilles gift money
"blessing" upside down
see weddings and birthday.
ban Shou liquor

funeral filial kowtow strange customs
chasing girls
> the mother meal from
the bridal chamber

say holiday custom

lunar January year on New Year's Eve, the first
lunar January every seven

spring in February two March three

July 7th Dragon Boat Festival Mid Autumn
Chapter excerpt

The copyright page: worship worship custom add add early popular in folk. People at the mouth of the "worship is that nominal kinship" Yifu, adoptive mother, is in a national conservation practices are very popular. In the North called "recognizes the godfather, godmother"; in the south is called "recognize Jifu, adoptive mother", commonly known as "housing, a real mother worship god". Worship the nominal kinship are mostly minor, especially in infants up to, of course, also have a few adult worship nominal kinship, or middle-aged people. "The object of worship nominal kinship" not only, also has the matter. In most cases, worship the nominal kinship is not It is without rhyme or reason., have some reasons: children sick, or delicate life is not good, or a weak character. In this case, the parents will do his nominal kinship to find a suitable person or thing. After that the nominal kinship, everything must be general programs in the country exchanges, all recognize the godfather, godmother after children, have the Spring Festival, holiday, birthday, according to customs procedures country to do. Do son, not only in peacetime do care was old godfather, godmother obligations, in addition, in the economy also give them some support; and the godfather, godmother, for a son, son, houses and other major activities to interfere, and give support and assistance to. Pop a primitive social friends in many places in Baoshan, namely "pull the godfather". In the township of Baoshan City Wayao, Vama, tile roofed house, "the godfather" in general there are two types of "pull" method. The first is to look for the target, negotiation with. It is in the mountains doll can run away, acquaintances to their parents and the village Zhai that don't wish, if the other Party promised, then choose an auspicious day, chicken meat, dear friends to call, kowtow, named, the completion of a series of "send" procedures. Reportedly, the doll "adoptive" to the godfather, after the change one's name and surname, is not his own son, if the "life" with a small disaster what, at this time of the solved.
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