Research on folk ancient writing (seventh Series)

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The copyright page: illustration: on the explanation and the exhibition Zhong Jingwen academic contribution to culture topics of the project, the relevant parts into social public academic wealth, the original is not in folklore and digital engineering concerns. Earlier, in the folklore circle, the folklore teaching and research in the ivory tower, but the scholars of literature as a sideline; while in the previous Liberal Arts digital objects, many literary classics sites or ancient literary celebrity book index, but it does not belong to the category of academic research. In conclusion, long-term since, digital folklore based research and literary and cultural achievements, the classification of the. However, this case is not suitable for description has many academic and cultural achievements of the scholars, such as Zhong Jingwen. There are some other countries folklore father, also is not only academic masters, is also the literary masters, like the British security left Lang (Andrew Lang), the Green brothers Finland Cologne, Germany and Japan's Ryuta Kunio, all the ethnic groups of readers, through the beautiful writing them, know their learning; they also to writing their own rich rational and talented, opened later, millions of people approached the humanities public education mind window. Our goal is to explore, develop more contact between basic research of folklore and digital engineering, which can increase public education wealth space. In Zhong Jingwen I station, we according to the actual Zhong Jingwen academic achievement, to integrate the previous folklore and digital billion project all irrelevant, to increase public education and wealth as a new field of the development and enrichment, introduces the reader to a comprehensive Zhong Jingwen. We not only expounds Zhong Jingwen's folklore performance, but also to promote his literary and cultural achievements. This can restore his genius qualification, general subject morphology can also restore folklore and folk art closely. This kind of public education of humane products, due to the cognitive habits for modern readers, but also conducive to the realization of the station facing the social inheritance purposes. Zhong Jingwen in the workstation, we based on the existing research, divided into three categories, Zhong Jingwen explained that the generalist achievements, strengthen the work experience.
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Digital folklore and culture inheritance strategy formation
"ancient history" and the study of the
> folklore studies of folk faith and the temple -- to Beijing West Miaofeng Mountain spring temple history study case
in the perspective of folklore ancestor worship.
a folklore from the perspective of the literature research method -- Taking "Southern Yunnan Salt fatou. White well "as an example.
pseudo division and please divisions: apprenticeship and" experience "the knowledge of
grammar rhetoric study of
the ancient Chinese phonetic change in the specified
the Yin and Zhou Jin word formation on the research of
pronoun" this "origin of" justice "of complement
release" the "
Chinese Verb Valence Research and development trend of
literature studies
Xiaozhuan of sound and meaning in word meaning type -- a type of ancient Zhuang characters comparison of
" beam "original meaning and Oracle of Jin Wenzhong beam and
dialect research
Mr. Li Jinxi Chinese dialects division scheme of
see several groups of words change in historical exegesis of

exegesis theory of Contemporary Development -- Lu Zongda, Mr. Wang Ning" exegesis methodology "contributions to the theory of exegetics.
on exegesis in the principle of" seek truth from facts.
release an old "say" transfer "
death meaning the cultural implication of Euphemism -- Taking Dunhuang paper mainly Buddhist words"
five inverse "and Chinese words" and "mutual transformation of
Doctoral Forum
" the East rhyme "speech system
the temple inscriptions in Beijing City The social organization of folk custom
BNU Tibetan Oracle new with five
"which the masses, not to know" -- Comment on the examination of the lexical meaning system by value of
from "according to" see the word meaning and context of the interaction of
"book of songs" Mao Chuan, Zheng Jian justice
English Abstract @##@ sound training "The study of folk ancient writing (seventh Series)" the main contents include the formation, digital folklore and culture inheritance strategy of classical Chinese history "and its research dispute, folklore studies.
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