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Jieshi historical figure book in China history has produced great influence as the main research on to them, in the ideology and culture, ethics, personal integrity, uphold, insisted, the demeanor of the spirit as the main content. This kind of character, is also the historical process of the loaded with cultural connotation of landscape. At the same time, through the characters, China unique cultural traditions and values can be reflected with life or the life details. Each kind of historical tradition are seen or unseen places, looking for its continuation, which is today we study day and historical significance of class.
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Red reed, formerly known as Liu Hongwei, born in December 1964, the literature doctor of the Fudan University, now at the Shanghai Sanlian bookstore. Former literature had a lot of dreams, is now on the ideological essays have a fond dream. Has published many academic papers and other articles in the newspapers and magazines. So far, more satisfied with the two books: one for "the spirit of Hu Feng theory" (Doctoral Dissertation); a
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An assassin chivalrous Jianghu mood 1 enthusiastic salvation road heart 2 Zhuanzhu fish bowel sword 3 Hou Ying north face cut 4 rang behavior ethics 5 great swordsman 6 what two hermits and Li Jie flag 1 hanging in the rafters of the melon 2 "three words Yin" on 3 greed spring again the 4 Phoenix and the dialogue 5 "Yoo five" ambition 6 muon push three idealism literature grotesques Wagner and rebellion of 1 secular opposition 2 in daily life. As the 3 alcoholic 4 beauty of the free 5 scholar of the crazy four love country's spirit space 1 young heroes 2 to facilitate the country life and death with 3 patriotic ambition 4 brave bearing 5 lone Hero 6 Patriot "loyalty" and "death" five time in the history of "filial piety" building materials 1 filial piety Myth 2 brave filial filial piety and filial obedience 3 4 daily practice 5 filial piety culture space six has opposed the intention 1 of his 2 blunt criticism of all Dharma tough 3 speech against 4 prepare coffin to remonstrate with 5 dissuasion price seven pursuit beyond the letter people Magi 1 Friendship realm 2 prodigal son 3 trapped el In 4 will adhere to "5 letter is what 6 die a martyr to a just cause to take on eight women have achieved historic landscape 1 from Mulan to Feng Wanzhen 2 Hong Funv on 3 women's culture creates 4 faithful pursuit of 5 soft strong nine heresy thinker spirit 1" heresy "speech 2 personal independence of conduct will quality.
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Legacy Digest later humble generals Feng also quite muon push. Feng Yi is a partial General Han Dynasty emperor, Emperor Guangwu still the world, all will have the power, Feng Yi was the only independent under the big tree, personal humble generals, do not care about. The Duke had forgotten the past, but Jie Zitui and Fengshang missed. Mother asked him why, muon push their long-term mixed officialdom made a profound reflection and criticism, he thinks the news, Posada prevailed, no humanity, justice and morality. The meson pushes hotly became the official first critique, later "officialdom Xianxing Hutchison", "twenty years have witnessed a strange situation" probably inherited the muon push started this tradition. His mother was meson pleaded with him, to live a clean life. They began a step on the road. It seems clean also has its appeal. But this appeal more to the later, more weak, most of the time, is not really the pursuit of hermit also clean, but in the heart in the court. Muon push is a true hermit. It exposed to push retired, had to compose a poem: "a dragon to fly all over the world. Five snakes from, to Cheng. Dragon - Xiang, the premises. Four snakes from the rain. A snake shame, died in the field of bridge." Book door hanging. But not all hermit like muon push as silly no edge. Of the Tang Dynasty and Song Dynasty 卢藏用 kind of put are smart, they know very well how to hype their. Lu Cangyong the man will choose secluded place, his choice is Zhongnanshan, from the very near a secluded, results It is as expected to be called, Ruchao crown. 卢藏用 playing a game of hide and seek with the court, his collection to the final use. "Shortcut to high office" said that the game is the man invented. A whole is a typical hermit in corruption. He was with her mother, in the Zhongnan mountain retreat, to give lectures for the industry fees charged by bring home the bacon, since "back". He retired after thirty years in office, reputation. Song Zhenzong, the court will focus on him, was drafted, respected. Gradually he began to become visible, get dizzy with success, especially pay attention to investment and real good, by inviting the imperial. Later he began mad about money, but also rely on the momentum, the people take away by force or trickery. This has been with the local tyrants and evil gentry are few. Lu Fangweng has a sarcastic Hermit poem: "the Patriots Qi Shan hate is not deep, people know is negative in early heart. No more Yan Guangbei, straight from the nest by mistake to today." This poem should be seen as the first to Lu Cangyong, put these people. It should be noted that, Jie Zitui "fame", obscuring another equally great image, that is Jie Zitui mother. This is a bit like Wujiang Xiang Yu the mighty image to hide Yu Ji, but Yu Ji body luster is not at all inferior than Xiang Yu. Jie Zitui mother in the practice of clean living, a little less than the meson pushes difference. Nothing mother. History is often such, in the show at the same time, the industry often caused by shield. Cleaning is to clean the epitaph, muon push firmly to his tragedy. After the meson pushes seclusion, Jin Wen Gong got the news, began to regret it, then sent a large number of troops, searching for muon push. Taihang Mountain, high mountains and dense forests, layer upon layer of peaks and knolls, where to find muon push? Duke Wen of Jin adopted a minister's proposal, let people set the mountain on fire, expecting to the muon push "burn". Meson endorsementThe road, not back, finally mother Xiangyixiangwei, burned alive, no compromise. The hermit, keep clean, like Li, is a price to pay. Muon push and his mother, like Boyi and Shuqi, fall in to clean the road. Boyi, Shu Qi is the opposite of a dynasty, dynasties did not want to be known. Muon push is only done and not the home, preach up harmless and beneficial, so the meson pushes have their own holiday. The same clean but lead to different consequences. "The origin and meson at you" a word is closely related to. Muon push burned died holding a tree, so read the old German, Fu tree lament, and that the tree was cut back. There is a tree is the people to cut down that tree is a tree, Kom Tong hall. The Zhou Dynasty Zhao Gong, wide cloth the benevolent, once the rest in the Kom Tong Hall under the tree, they miss his legacy, didn't have the heart to cut down the tree Gan Tang tree. Wen Gong people cut down and the Zhou people refused to cut, the expressed Miss psychological approximation. Wen made a pair of shoes with the tree (shoes), often read and muon push past credit, people always look at the shoes to sigh: "sad a single step" (see Jin Ji containing "south of vegetation" cited his "Suo Yu"). After the salutation of "you", to which. A hermit called Gao Shi in Wei and Jin Dynasties, there is a book called "work" of the book, said that the hermit's life story. Gao Shi refers to persons or Degao lofty scholar, from the meson pushes the body to make people feel that the hermit, called high scholar, but also be worthy of the name. Hard line cleaning effect of the muon push far-reaching Festival, hence, the Dragon Boat Festival, also known as. Cold food festival and the Dragon Boat Festival is closely associated with the clean spirit Festival, and is in memory of a great soul. According to "Han Zhou lift pass" cloud: "Taiyuan County, the old customs of the muon push burned bones, with dragon and avoid the prohibition. To the death march into words, God does not influence by the music, people every winter in January is always cold, dare not fireworks. For state and provincial governor, is hanging the sub Book push temple, Yan Sheng winter Quhuo, damaging the public life, meaning the non sage, declared the obscurantist, the still warm food. So a little puzzled congregation solution, customs quite leather." Here are the records of folk festival situation, most of the time, in winter to cold food in January, this can also imagine the meson pushes in the folk influence. As the Ming Dynasty, Lv Liuliang with the motherland, he was deeply and depression to write this poem: the wind is blowing my fine hard, the moon did not shine on people? This poem was particularly high in response. Because Lv Liuliang in Limin reputation illustrious, first by the "recluse", apply to the crown, but Lv Liuliang will phase out. Later, a high-ranking official sponsor him as "a profound scholar", Lv Liuliang feel if the phase out, is contempt court, or understand the views of the Qing Dynasty, is likely to provoke fatal disaster, so he cut my hair to be a monk, a fake monk. This is a recluse, but in this behind, is more of a political orientation and unspeakable content. Wang Fuzhi is also to avoid the body Yao Dong, cut off contact with the outside world, in his later years and lived in a barren hill is seventeen years, he and his companions stone termed "Chuanshan", since the book Tang Lian "six classics blame me dough, seven feet from the days of begging alive". In every dynasty successions, will produce some adherents like a hermit. These hermit deep Dynasty complex, and the pursuit of clean character of the hermit is different, so this paper doesn't discuss this issue. In all of the hermit, Yan also license count is one of the most handsome. If you want to say in the officialdom in the mix, Yan Ziling conditions can say very good. On the one hand Yan itself is very talented; on the other hand, it is particularly important, Yan Ziling background is "day" alone thick. He is good friends, classmates and the Emperor Han Dynasty emperor, and the Emperor Guangwu of Yan Ziling impression is quite good. In order to let the Yan an official, Emperor Guangwu sent messengers went to the three times, is Yan refused. No way, the emperor had to personally come together. And the Emperor Guangwu came to the gate, still can not afford the high lying yan. Only the emperor at clear, at all times and in all countries have a few people can do? Said Yan foot a sheepskin fishing in the the Fuchun River. Now the edge of the the Fuchun River, have retained the remains of his fishing, called Yan Ziling stool. If Yan into the career, he is likely to lose and Emperor Guangwu along that an equal, and in it a free River fishing. It is said that a person to participate in the expedition, after Yan ancestral hall, a poem: "Jun for the fame and fortune hidden, my fame to. Ashamed to see Mr. face, night fishing." This can also imagine Yan reading people's status in the history of. In ancient literature, cleaning is not a small matter. Clean with a kind of philosophical meaning in the works of Chuang-tzu, in Qu Yuan's work is a poetic fragrance. Qu Yuan's great poem "Li Sao", clean implicit became the ideological tone. "The new bath will Zhennong, new Mu will play the crown" of Qu Yuan, in such a wonderful poem, mobilized a large number of vanilla and beauty, creating a fresh blurred world. This away from the real world of lyric fairy, otherworldly, food must also be flowers, the poem because of the "meals Qiuju laying" sentences. Ji and lotus leaves, are spread, if tailored clothing, the most suitable for the hermit dressed, so Qu Yuan to "Ji he thought Yi Xi, set lotus thought sang". Tang Luo wrote poetry "cicada cicada in prison", by living in the foliage, far away from the earth, is a clean image. Luo wrote: West cicadas sing, South crown guest thinks sleep...... The Ming Dynasty science people Zhou Dunyi wrote "Ms", expressed as lotus as the pursuit of clean. This layer of meaning more strength, is the chant lime Yu Qian "". The poem wrote: thoroughly tempered out of the mountains, the fire burned for granted. Be smashed to pieces isn't afraid, just stay clean in the world.......
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The preface section and airflow in today's increasingly modern daily life, know the word "noble" man is less and less. Even refer to the "modern Chinese Dictionary" or size of vocabulary bigger "Ci Hai", is also difficult to find the "festival," a word. "Noble" like Kroraina, in a moment of history, was suddenly covered. But the coverage is not tantamount toDisappeared completely, especially the "day," and the ancient community as China unique is the moral culture phenomenon is very important, and our modern life today, in the unseen depths, there are still some roots of connection. Like the hero of "Superman" fundamentally reflects the western culture the same texture, "Jieshi" community is to characterize the specific content Chinese ancient culture. In ancient Chinese, ethical construction seems particularly social value. Whether or not the wise monarch, Minister whether qualified, people of various small tradesmen, characters as well, the moral ethics are essential. Ethics as the center of a circle, the whole social solidarity in concentric circles. "Shi" is in the society are immersed in strong moral sentiment in this environment. Can say, "Jieshi" refers to the performance of outstanding figures in the field of ethics, in their own behavior, the benevolence, righteousness, propriety, wisdom, faith aspects to advance to a new level. Also can say, "Jieshi" is active executors and creators in the field of ethics, of course, all of this more occurred in the limits of the traditional values. In the present study the past era "Jieshi" phenomenon, I tried to put it in a broader context to understand. In fact, the concept of "Shi" and not be a monolithic whole, also experienced a process of evolution. It is said that the earliest "Scholar", is also the Oracle state "and" word, is a symbol of male genital, becoming known as the old man. In the spring and autumn and the Warring States, "Shi" is not completely is the ancient counterpart of modern intellectuals, and has a much broader meaning. Li Si, Han Feizi, Zhang Yi, Su Shi, is Jing Ke, is a scholar, Zhuan Zhu, crow, a dog to steal is also a scholar. As long as you can play a role in the society, with the right to speak, influence, appears to be standing in the people under the banner of, not monopolized by a social stratum. After Qin and Han Dynasty, "Shi" in the content, the samurai implications slowly eliminated, it evolved into a proper noun, the scholar scholar. From "Shi" for reproductive and power meaning of rejection and beyond, we can feel the development and evolution of the ancient civilization China footsteps. Jieshi is more iconic figures, this group. Spring and autumn and the Warring States period, can be said to be the most successful for a period of time. At that time, have extremely strong wind to raise and the monarch, the heir to the throne, and political or economic success is not achieved by the "little people" efforts. "Virtual left" etiquette is also the source in time. Wei Prince Xinling, ride your bike on the left position, to meet the hermit Hou Ying personally, this is the "virtual left", expression is a person of respect. A restaurant three thousand under the Meng Changjun gate, they put beads embedded in the shoe, known as "the Pearl on the guest". You can see these fashion decoration "bead shoe guest" are proud and pride. They can use a variety of ways to express their unique existence. The whining way, through the recommendation way, also can through the recommended way, express their own wishes, realize the self value. They are proud of the times. "Shi" is more specific or outstanding person. If the politicians on the real achievement to prove its own words, then, "Jieshi" mainly rely on their behavior on the persistence and courage. Generally speaking, "Shi" is the pursuit of a spiritual value. They to "Tao" and "righteousness" value, far more than his own life, also is to achieve the "Dan grinding but not to be deprived of its red" state.......
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