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Date of publication:1996-7   Press: Xinjiang people's Publishing House   Author:Lou Wanghao   Pages:198   Words:125000  

The ancient and modern famous Silk Road, is a world historical significance of peace and friendship road. It starts from the ancient capital of Changan, China across Asia, strengthen the China and Central Asia, West Asia, South Asia and Europe's economic and cultural ties, enhance the friendship among people of the world Chinese people and mutual understanding. We have five provinces in the northwest, the silk road is located in the eastern and middle parts of the Silk Road, in a 4000 km trunk, left a large number of cultural relics and historical sites. In order to help the young generation of Chinese and foreign tourists to understand the history of the Silk Road, geographical and magnificent scenery, sing the praises of the traditional friendship between Chinese and foreigners, the northwest propaganda of the motherland, promoting the construction of the four modernizations, we five provinces in the northwest collaborative editing and publishing this series. It respectively introduce to the readers the starting point of the Silk Road to Changan, the necessary land and city into Yang, Tianshui, Lanzhou, Hexi four counties (Wuwei, Jiuquan, Zhangye, Dunhuang), three (Yang Guan, Yumen Pass, Jiayuguan), history of Gucheng, Kashi, the Turpan, history, local customs and practices, historical legends, guide everyone in the ancient Silk Road Tour roaming.
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Respect the national customs and enhancing national unity (Preface), marriage customs in Uygur Uygur wedding wedding wedding wedding Prelude Kazak Kirgiz wedding Uzbek Buick group marriage to "marry" after "marry" Tatar nationality customs Xibe wedding the wedding on the plateau of the wedding -- funny Tajik wedding busy Hui wedding wedding, funeral customs of two ethnic Uighur Uighur "funeral nazer" Xibe funeral Tajik funeral customs of the Daur people, three people of funeral customs of ethnic minorities gift Uygur hospitality etiquette forms of Uygur invitation salt and Uygur custom table of funerals circumcision custom chic cosmetics gift flower ball Uygur and flowers with "喀巴克" Uygur heavy celebrity difference singular auspicious about "seven" to substitute tea and other interesting "nickname" Uygur religious worship of mulberry area style love birds Uygur Kazak hawk training operation are separated by seven generation away from seven River Kazak meat custom Akon and winter Bula conjoined wooden cup to the children of the Kazakh The name of the custom of the Mongolia nationality naming custom Mongolian toast custom Kazak was born, named · riding custom of Kazak people "just show" Kazakh Kazak respecting customs solidarity custom Kazak hospitality customs of a peaceful and prosperous time. wear knife custom Russian steam bath four, festival of Eid al AdhA Eid Nu Lu Nowruz Xibe "four · one eight" Festival "Xibe discredit Festival" Russian "Ka Festival Lantern Festival pass" Tajik sowing Festival Sailimu Lake game AI 提尕 square SAMA dance of Manchu Banjin Festival five, apparel custom Uygur hat customs Uygur women veil Uighur men waist Uygur "Geva" Uygur embroidery apparel Uygur Kazak Kazak women clothing shoes the headdress of the Kirgiz ethnic costumes dress the Uzbek Tajik Buick ethnic costumes tartar dress Xibe's dress six, Uygur taboo custom of Kazak taboos taboo various Mongolia family taboo various Kirgiz taboo taboo taboo Tajik Xibe ethnic Muslims do not eat the belief pork The Manchu people why not wear dogskin caps seven, traffic living customs of Turpan "bus" six stick "carriage Kashi's new" Hardic "in Xinjiang minority housing on the grassland of the" White House "Kazakh cabin of ethnic minorities in Xinjiang, the eight game sports custom Mai Xi Lai Pu the game" care package G "game interesting game play rattle overhead ropewalking horseback wrestling fierce sheep chasing girls chasing girls good archery Xibe ethnic handicrafts nine, Hotan carpets 艾德兰斯 inlaid wooden carpet weaving silk flower a pillow with an embroidered case Uygur printed cloth pouch Uygur musical instruments Uygur table Yengisar knife kantuman and chop chop sub washing pot and water collecting basin Xinjiang tapestry all sorts of Kazak tapestry of Kazak Kirgiz whip colorful straw wall Kirgiz" Qom Zi "ten, diet custom in Xinjiang milk pilaf on mutton cubes roasted on a skewer baked buns and thin skinned dumplings incense Nang silver roll yangzasui Roasted Whole Lamb weizhaohuolu eat watermelon Qu Lian Ji 木赛来斯冬 worship dry yellow radish sauce kernel Kazak bacon and horse intestine broad this meal cloth foals rich dairy milk surface The article horse milk Mongolia nationality wine. 沙尔阔勒 Bao tie Hui women would do powder soup Hui people banquet "nine bowl three lines" Xibe's sheep mat Russian snack Su Fu 汤莫 smoke attached: how in the minority comrades home postscript
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Digest a marriage customs of marriage, Uygur Uygur monogamous, before the young men and women to marry, after all. And the dingqin ceremony, reflecting the Uygur marriage seriously. The boy saw the girl whose, or the man's parents prepare a girl looking for her daughter-in-law, prior to perform "courting" procedures. Direction of the woman before men home to propose, after an investigation, the girl's age, family situation, looks, character, to understand that, when appropriate, will. There are young men and women already in love, both sides negotiated privately after marriage, then please family to "hand", in order to achieve the public relations and legal. In general, the man's parents alone cannot go pro, but to please a be of noble character and high prestige elders accompanied or relatives, please go to. This woman's family will receive, and that some people take the matter seriously what house, proud, very happy. The sister, the man to give the girl a good quality clothing, some salt, a box of sugar and five Nang (in some areas with 7 or 9 nang), as a gift. All contain profound gift of salt and nang. Men and woman home match requirements put forward the direction, the general did not reply immediately, and homeMan and his daughter to discuss, and carries on the investigation and understanding of the situation at home, if agreed to, namely the answer man, but if you do not agree, also want to notice the man. If the promised to the marriage, the marriage must be open, young men and women can go, "legitimate,, love, promote mutual understanding. Uyghur the given program called "Nang La increase C" (for trial). Propose to be agreed, followed by the money and the dingqin ceremony held. The bride price is an important content of the Uygur marriage in the quantity and quality of the betrothal gifts, are on both sides and economic conditions have a close relationship. Generally, the bride's family to provide the bride price list, after both sides of male and female parents discuss later determined. In order to solve the betrothal gifts of contradictions and differences, people should ask a trusted by both sides, middleman mediation, finally reached consensus. According to the conventional, the man home to prepare for the bride price to have: girl's four seasons clothing from 1 to two; and scarves, coats, sweaters, shoes, socks and earrings, rings, bracelets, watches and other accessories. In addition, but also to the girl's father a coat, his mother a dress, for the girl's brothers and sisters, brother, sister-in-law and sister-in-law cloth. Home furnishings furniture, but also to the bear. The woman's dowry things are: washing machine, carpets, bedding, pillows, bed sheets, tablecloths, curtains, suitcases, boxes and other. Because the two sides of the economic conditions are different, the bride price and the dowry things are different, with the improvement of living standards, but also increased the betrothal gifts of some electrical appliances and other luxury goods. Engagement, Uighur called "poor it in". Betrothal gifts ready to select auspicious electoral dingqin ceremony. Both men and women each day to ask about 50 guests, including female guests accounted for more than 80%, individual clients are relatives or friends and be of noble character and high prestige male guest, so that engagement is mainly women's activities. Dingqin ceremony held in the home. One day, the man to take one to two sheep to the woman's home, (the good economic conditions also have a cow sheep or cattle) is made up of dedicated people go. Its head to fasten red ribbons, the bride's family to give the sheep people give shirts or other gifts, to show thanks. This sheep is slaughtered on the same day, for the guests with. At the same time, tea, sugar, bread with fruit sugar, sugar, biscuits, cakes boxes, rice, flour, edible vegetable oil, onions, carrots and a girl with cosmetics. In the engagement ceremony, the woman to cook or cool dark to entertain guests. The man wants to be in front of the guests said to the woman home bride price list. Announced the list was hired, he to rap form, to introduce all every bride price, quality, production performance, specifications etc.. At the same time after the introduction of every bride price, but also the bride price up, let everyone. Generally speaking, the betrothal gifts, eloquence is good, he can put things in general, speak as if it were raining flowers, get the family, his family satisfaction. Because the quantity and quality of the betrothal gifts worth and relations with the girl's family sincerity, so that people are especially hard to list. Afterwards, his family back to him with a certain amount of gifts. P1-3
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"The Silk Road" series is the autumn of 1983, Shaanxi, Gansu, Ningxia, Qinghai, the five provinces press new collaboration meeting decided to publish the patriotism education, and introduces the history of the northwest the knowledge of a set of books. This book is one of the series, introduced in Xinjiang in different historical stages of social and political structure, production and life style, living habits and architectural art, as well as clothing, diet, life rituals, marriage and funeral, religious beliefs, preferences taboos, ancient heritage and history of the formation of national character, National psychology.
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