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Date of publication:1997-07   Press: Bibliography and Literature Publishing House   Author:Zhao Shiliang Zhao Fang   Pages:506   Words:496000  

This book consists of local chronicles compiled in folklore. This volume as the northeastern province of Liaoning, Jilin Province, Heilongjiang province. These data to understand and study of northeast local, ethnic customs and relevant literature, sociology, history, geography and other subjects, there will be no small help, for compilation of new local chronicles and promote change existing habits and customs, this aspect research spiritual civilization construction, but also has the reference value.
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Liaoning Province Liu edge of the Liao for Shenyang city Shenyang county annals of Fengtian Xinmin Liaozhong County County (1) (2) of Liaozhong County Liaoyang city Liaoyang County Anshan County Haicheng Taian County Huanren county (1) (2) Huanren County Fushun County Fushun County Tieling area slightly Xing Jing records of Changtu County Changtu County Tieling County (1) (2) Tieling County Kaiyuan County Kaiyuan county (1) (2) the Feng county Yingkou County Yingkou County Dalian City complex County slightly flat Zhuanghe County Dandong County Fengcheng County Kuandian County Anton slightly Fuxin Jinzhou Chaoyang area of Jilin Province, Heilongjiang province
Chapter excerpt

Digest wedding and marriage, one as the words of a match-maker, the life of parents. The ordinary human, to family, property, qualification, can only be discussed the marriage, if designed with the talent person, is a family of scholars or even see, not a few Gou also. Since the Republic of China, civilized marriage debate (instrument) Festival, do not more than. Old habits, first discussed the marriage, the matchmaker amount and two foot can be quite separately, beginning exploration of instruction. The Jacuzzi, men and women, and old birthday, an hour of each other informed, men and women each Qian Seishi vertebral (push) Bu, Su called "table". If the engagement was without prejudice. So the regular home to see family, a meal for a compromise, is called "phase portal". Then Abner's family preparing Zan, cloth,, is called "stationary", also called "change cup", also called "tea". The cause of the marriage, men and women are first January open g, inject the communications day, gifts, wedding day day, married to send their loved ones should be used where life, avoid any personal, sat Fu direction, very detailed. Still producing county tea, like instrument by the groom's family, together with the media is sent to the home, that is "communication". I set too big, or cloth, a few to several thousand silver jewelry, if the wine, pig (pig two double single, sprinkle two altar is called "double wine", each one thing for the single). In compliance with the agreed agreed, family etiquette prepared, with media's satisfied, that is "too big". Home or to set out table for guests, friends and relatives through bidding, called the "origin", also called "employed", relatives friends are a delicate instrument, were on "help makeup", also "Tim box". But the day from his gifts, wedding day rule not in January. Until the day before the wedding day (will pick Doubleday, is based on the informal), home to send dowry, or "send cabinet" in the family, send or carry, or car. Carry a drumming accompanying, is Wei "airing dowry", car no extravagance. The family was at the mercy of the dowry, wedding. The bride is far, or send dowry to his rest, return. Next, the bride off also, need to find another place, not in the groom's house. On the day before the groom's wedding day, the groom has ancestors worship grave move, the rich family or the horse four, six, eight on the trip, called "with light". The next day for the wedding day, the groom's family were all decorated sedan chair, Sheng Yu or car, for health, a candle, to the horse, drums, to his bride, is called "the wedding". Female relatives to send, is called "bridal". Tong Hei, bride of the red carpet, floor, red handkerchief covered, or support to the world's desk, male and female worship, is the worship of heaven and earth "". Male first started, first the saddle on the door threshold, the saddle and to enter into the. Man in the door, open to the PA, is called "open chapeau". The bride room eight, hold the vase to Kyrgyzstan sit, is called the "sit account", also called "sit blessing. When the bridegroom is, to the cold long. Dear, called "thank dear". In the preparation of a family's feast, please the bride and groom with seats, is called the "Museum of rice". Afternoon, the bride's family to send word, spin, the groom out of doors. Both men and women drink cup Xi, hand, or fresh wide surface, called "relief surface". Qualitative Ming, couples in Zu Tang, 拜翁 Gu, and worship clan, Qi party, is called "small". More than a few days, women with the groom on the home, is called "double back", also called "double wine". Or a meal that is back, or a few days, that is back. If the groom cannot go with bride, only single go, then says "single back", or "single wine". As for the distance, then choose the nearest relatives of the bride home, paid people full of Han people, marriage customs, probably so. The wedding (back to flag) Muslim Wedding, two men with media gather station Yun HS will hire instrument manufacturers, detailing the red paper, that certificate. Marry dumped, Friday (namely ephemeris cattle, Lou, ghost, Kang Siri), please imams chanting, write Ley Bea Za Bo and text (i.e. marriage), in order to Zhao solemnly. No program and so on the worship of heaven and earth. Funeral mourner to relatives in the face of crisis, to the bed in the house, decorate good clothes quilt. Both dead, immediately out of the house on a pole in the roof, chimney, shouting relatives said: to the west of the road. Is called "specified road". Or with a white cloth, the dead bed side development leads to the roof above the chimney, and then shouted over the west road. Three cheers for house, crying in bed side dead dear. And then carry the lantern around, preparing the slurry, paper silk, cry the newspaper in the temple. And feather paper-cut money, to save life for the number of degrees, such as funeral streamers type, vertical to the outside door, Nanzuonvyou, common name "wrapped head". One who is less than the dead, female to male and, to crown, all served in the white shirt; male left female corpse dear, right, all them later. Dear first for the meal spoons, chopsticks inserted three medals, on set to soft light; a, Chang Ming does not extinguish. The earthen pot, for burning ash, please "the earthen pot". The three day, was resting in the hall. Eye wash chopsticks wrapped in cotton, is called "open eyes". Ki Yoshihiroshio, no outer coffin. The earthen pot in the spirit head. So, those with paper silks, figurines with fu. Afternoon, for all night Chu, Chu spirit, are sent to the temple. The lost about support retrograde hold broom, monk confession, and help the sorrow, to the temple incense kowtow, cry back, Ming Chu incineration. This is called "off", also called "send three". Since then, beginning with the obituaries, times obituary relatives. Every seven days, then do Zhai Ying Dian, is called "seven", and seven seven stop. Until the funeral period, Chu Ling, figurines and relatives in send account linked, all hung Chen funeral scene, save for his glory. Again,His Lord in male waist cloth belt), by the first to also in female (Yu Nv of Baotou), all kneels offers, this is called "San xiao". Due to before take a bow. This has brought into the main, ritual offerings to the concierge, the fine instrument, not all. The general etiquette, namely to lay the funeral home before, collar hanging. For the coffin to rise's citation, geography, the lost broken (fell) broken earthen pot, Fan Jing, joint account, a spirit, as a leader, and the follow after, funeral presided over the streamers and before. To the grave as sorrow, burning of spirit, figurines, is buried. The scruple Feng Shui, uncertain good city and first Ying slightly far unable to bury, the temporary to temples, or 浮葬 in suburb, is the "dark" float". However, the anniversary of the hundred days. The memorial service for recommending incense silk, and buried the same. Xinmin full, Han people funeral instrument, or if. The funeral (HUI) Muslim funeral, not coffin, clothes quilt, with net cloth shroud, invite imams chanting, the coffin burial (burial coffin like box, and the bottom, dead since he Kuang). The stop loss not exceeding forty-eight hours or pro burial, good not jealous, that "students don't choose, not timing", but in the interim notice to teach bath funeral, burial after seven days, the hundred days, still please Ah Fu chanting, no four base offering. Miscellaneous ritual birthday: be full of years and honour, value first live, relatives and friends gifts, Peach-Shaped Mantou noodles or tents, together, called "birthday"". Building a house: building a house completed, relatives and friends the feeding cabinet, furniture, furnishings, the main day to set out table for guests, that the "new housing". No.: traders learn business for years, he has to call no.. Friend gold, send silk screen, poetic couplet, by invitation to drink, called "no.". Opening. Shop the new Zhang, agrees to send silk screen, Xilian or abacus, red carpets and other items; shop owner of feasting and reward, called "the opening banquet". Moved to: instrument to celebrate, "temperature", also "Liao bottom". The master should be a reward. A pox; small children have a pox. Common with pox for the flower, have natural self out, also introduced by medicine people. At the fall of his safe, as a happy thing, to the next of kin to the Qi to bread fruit fed left when the first day of the lunar January folk "New Year's day". As the saying goes: "night even two years, before two years." Is the night, every degree, candle lit. The Hai Zi turn, custom that the new God lower bound, a home owner rate children the whole clothes, first to Zu Xiantang, the kitchen god, God of heaven and earth and other religious display before the offerings, such as wine, steamed bun, Cui Kou, ASR, shift the God big paper incense table in the atrium, a burning candle set for a fall, still Cui Kou song. The full extent of God for the new year's Eve preparator. After burning whip. This is called by god. Then God, men and women,old and young all food Boiled dumplings some gold, or drinking cups, together, you are to take it for a year, to borrow the syndrome should be. The case for God, incense ashes placed his daily incense, with an identical. That night, with all night long vigil, also have to meet God after hastily to sleep, but they are not all night, flameout., exhibition, fine and long, humble and respect kowtow, is called a "pay New Year's call. After dinner, Xiang Long young each other through worship. The town house doors are unlocked, all the number of puncture, from the door into, is that "the door to worship". With roughly similar, and Han ethnic groups. The fifth day, people call it as "broken five". Morning toilet Bi Cui, the God before the case of kowtow. Incense embers, will be removed for. The sixth day, friends and relatives of percussion he Lin, exchanges gradually group. Business Chan more so on 炞 (whip) opened. The thirteen day, entertainment, drama such as the dragon, Han Chuan, lion rolling the ball, yangko dance, such as foot, Sita is poly swim in the street, from the old man 黄童 follow this street is dotted, peace effort is also intended to date, sixteen date. The fifteen day. The Lantern Festival ", also called" the lamp pedicel". Rural households, hospital each vertical at the rod, hanging on; the city paper lantern variety, Chen at the shop door, the viewer confusion. More set off fireworks or box lamp, advocate and smell, well shaped lively. Food to Glutinous Rice Balls for the festive lantern, the common name "".......
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Review of the book by the local chronicles compiled in folklore. Wood volume collected for the northeastern province of Liaoning, Jilin Province, Heilongjiang Province, to the folk custom data compilation in order to provide the reference, in order to keep the local chronicles records of the original, these information to understand and study of northeast local, ethnic customs, and the relevant literature, sociology, history, geography and so on discipline, there would be no small help, for editing and compilation of new local chronicles. And to promote the construction of spiritual civilization change existing habits and customs, research questions in this aspect, but also has the reference value, because the local chronicles compilation "benefits, conditions, the different degree of revelation, or as positive or negative consciousness, readers will be in phase with the study pay attention to the difference between. The original one is not clear and unified elsewhere on the minority customs title. The heading is official, but not exaggerated one one annotated, as most Lizhi says Manchu folk custom and local folk custom is also called Manchuria. In the heading uniform called Manchu folk, this is business as usual. For the convenience of readers to check the original book, chorography and now administrative division relationship, basically according to Local Chronicles "China Union Catalog" arrangement method, individual cases according to the need for adjustment. Beijing Library Press
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