• The twenty-four solar term of folklore

    The twenty-four solar term "folk" content brief introduction: a person dies from pregnant in the womb until, even to die for a long time, are always in folk environment, folk like air is indispensable in our life. To link people society folk female emotional communication, is a sign of mutual recognition, is the standard,

  • The Japanese history book

    Folk artists' monster secret book, the book from the famous Japanese folklore researcher Kunio Yanagita's "Tono story" "Japanese legend" "monster of righteousness" and other works of content. Record the basking God, mountain, river, Tengu, took the woman such as clothes, strange legends and historical figures such as Dharma Master, and proved these legendary marks left in the,

  • The Han set

    Zhang Haiying genealogy research works, the Han - Zhang Haiying genealogy research works, ISBN:9787203079293, author: Gui Ping,

  • On the education of moral and emotion - gift a Bai village god communication.

    Moral and emotion - a Bai village people of God the gift presenting custom communication education reading, ISBN:9787105122776, author: Rowley group,

  • Minority festivals

    The minority festival, "festival of ethnic minorities" is "one of China Folk Culture Series", the book brings together the major traditional festivals of the minority nationalities China. Through the "festival of ethnic minorities", you will Chinese minority to have a more in-depth understanding of. The festival is a special day activities with mass participation, periodic and stable,

  • Chinese folk history (Sui Tangjuan)

    The Sui and Tang Dynasties, "Chinese folk history: the Sui and Tang Dynasties volume" brief introduction: China folk custom is a colorful treasure is the world recognized the intangible cultural heritage. "Series Chinese folk history" is a popular folk knowledge, add life fun, develop the aesthetic vision of large-scale cultural reading. It shows China folk form from different aspects,

  • Homophonic customs

    "Homophonic folk" tries to construct a basic framework of homophonic folk, essence, homophonic folk type, carrier, structure, mode was discussed, and some description and explanation of related folk language and folk art features, including the homophonic folk heritage, development and variation,

  • Fuliang folk

    "Fuliang folk" content brief introduction: Fuliang, the closely linked with the porcelain and tea old millennium, along with Bai Juyi "Pipa" in "the parting materialistic businessmen, from Fuliang to buy tea" Acura and Wang Fu "tea liquor on" within the "Fuliang Xi state, million to seek" praise, already in the people mind leave,

  • Taboo - always the scenery

    China folk culture, life birth means death. In this cycle will be generated in a world of ghosts and gods, as to the future and the taste known human ideal and explore the world. The breaking of the spirit realm paranoid confusion and superstition attached to chains, peel and mysterious Xuan Yi, explore the traditional Chinese culture of idealism,

  • Research on folk ancient writing (Ninth Series)

    This series included 12 article, is divided into 9 sections. Philology, phonology, exegesis, folklore and other aspects of academic articles, also reflects the new interdisciplinary academic subject and the blending process. A folklore, philology, philology, phonology, lexicology, Doctoral Forum column main column. ,

  • Introduction to China Folklore

    Folklore is a discipline of the modern world advanced countries of common concern. From the perspective of anthropology, folklore is a branch of cultural anthropology. From the perspective of the characteristics of folk literature, folklore and the humanities. This is because the folk contains extensive level so. The research object is widely involved in,

  • Money and treasures will be plentiful

    "Caiyuanguangjin: introduction to traditional industry Wangcai customs" content: in the old business, up to the boss of the shopkeeper, down to the man a handyman, must strictly abide by the "rules" or business rules, in the course of time, these rules will become the following some engaged in specific industry people's customs. These customs or taboo in commodity classics,

  • Chinese folk Convention

    "China folk Convention: surname, name, nickname" is China folk culture of Ancient Local Chronicles series, search history, ethnic folk material collection, investigation and study science, revealing the land of China "living fossil" and "ancient" the culture, to show us the traditional custom aspects: colorful,

  • Li Juming: 2012 the year of the Dragon

    The Chinese manual, "Li Juming 2012 dragon Horoscope: Lunar manual" content brief introduction: at the end of each year, there are always emerged, all kinds of forecast things good and bad fortune telling Book various factions, let people see things in a blur. No matter what the metaphysical days or guru, many are flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum, several years without trace, but only,

  • Folk book

    "In different wind, a thousand different customs." "Folk book (collection of boutique Edition)" in vivid language, exquisite pictures spread for thousands of years of Chinese social life landscape, let folk knowledge without regeneration obscure. The book will be of Yin Yang and the five elements, nine gossip, horoscopes numerology folk knowledge inference, and is equipped with,

  • Custom - Chinese traditional classical culture

    Ritual practices, "Chinese traditional classical culture: the ritual practices" to the Chinese nation long sacrifice culture as the main line, using vivid language describes in detail our sacrifice culture, which relates to the sacred origin, legends and allusions, cultural connotation and minority ritual instrument etc., interesting, informative and culture in,

  • City in the context of the protection of folklore

    Research and utilization of contemporary Shanghai city folk cultural heritage protection, "city folk protection in the context of the introduction of research:" content and the use of contemporary Shanghai city folk culture heritage protection: the protection of the intangible cultural heritage of UNESCO in the UN's advocacy and promotion, get a lot of government recognition of and response to the world. According to the 2008 March "the protection of intangible cultural heritage,

  • Introduction to folklore

    "Quality education elective textbook, introduction to the folklore folklore" mainly introduces some basic concepts, principles, types and research theory and methods. By using the theory of key advanced the myths, stories, legends, songs, proverbs, folk songs, epic, folk dance, folk art, folk architecture and service,

  • The years and the waves

    Bloom Bloomsbury circle figures 2,20 century, Salisbury city Bloom London brings together young -- Virginia Woolf, Clive Bell, Roger Fry, E.M. Forster, Maynard Cairns a group full of wisdom...... They talk all night, enjoy each other, value rational collision flame, believe in tolerance and arms,

  • The most beautiful folk

    Beauty is life. "The most beautiful folk" by Xu Ruoqi, Wang Hongxing, Lv Shimin painted, try to show the Chinese social customs in the folk custom for thousands of years, this show is selective, beautiful, healthy, loved by the people. The book is divided into "spend likeness, festivals, article",

  • Seasonal wisdom - the ancient Chinese wisdom

    The ancient Chinese festivals and intellectual culture, festival culture and seasonal culture consists of two parts, it is the culture production, worship, entertainment, etiquette, education, arts, sports, enjoy, health on the whole. Tong Hui compiled the "season" is the ancient Chinese wisdom wisdom from one of a series of "wisdom" cited by the author,

  • The Spring Festival

    The Spring Festival, "Festival" is "one of the Chinese Folk Culture Series", mainly introduces the origin of the Spring Festival, the spring festival culture, spring festival customs, ethnic customs and the overseas Chinese Spring Festival Customs etc.. Spring Festival is to Chinese, like Christmas in Europe and the United States, is the most important festival. China folk literature,

  • Li Juming: 2012 the year of the Dragon

    "Li Juming the 2012 dragon Horoscope: Lunar manual" content brief introduction: at the end of each year, there are always emerged, all kinds of forecast things good and bad fortune telling Book various factions, let people see things in a blur. No matter what the metaphysical days or guru, many are flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum, several years without trace, but only,

  • Introduction to folklore (China library 4)

    "Introduction": "Introduction to folklore content Chinese library" collection of classic classification for hundreds of years of publication, is the new century in historical perspective and practical perspective, macro review on twentieth Century published results, and actively explore the future of publishing industry, to build China advanced culture, to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation,

  • The habit of Hunan commercial Hunan customs Report Report

    The Republic of China, Hunan commercial practices report, "a brief introduction to the main content of the library of Hunan customs report, Hunan commercial practices report": "Hunan customs report" (hereinafter referred to as "the people report") "Hunan commercial practices report" (hereinafter referred to as the "commercial report") are at the end of the Qing Dynasty Hunan officially published. The former in the Republic of China yuan,

  • China Folk

    Folk, "China 11: folk" mainly includes the vast earth, each place has its own unique customs and habits. The mountains, lakes and rivers, Jiangnan Jiangbei, the beauty of South of the Five Ridges, the southwest border, the western desert, the Qinghai Tibet Plateau and splendid Chinese civilization, blossom everywhere beautiful style, has the mysterious force,

  • The Chinese Taboo

    "Chinese taboo" edited by Nie Xinsen. "Chinese taboo" selected dozens of and the present social life associated with "taboo", is divided into: the cultural and entertainment industry production, avoid; bogey; age, diet, bogey bogey; life etiquette. In the light of its characterization, strokes connotation, origin, evolution,

  • The most interesting folk knowledge

    "The most interesting folk knowledge" is a Chinese folk culture knowledge concentrated essence of the interesting question to readers, abundant knowledge and historical data about all kinds of things, the origin story, set of knowledge, interest in one, nearly 1000 based China folk culture common sense series recorded together, let the reader with the least amount of time,,

  • Swan Maiden type story

    Brief introduction of "the Swan Maiden type story": a person dies from pregnant in the womb until, even to die for a long time, are always in folk environment, folk like air is indispensable in our life. For people in society, folk custom is a link between emotional, mark each other identity, is the canonical row,

  • Civil society

    "The main content of folk Shehuo": a person dies from pregnant in the womb until, even to die for a long time, are always in the folk custom environment like air is indispensable for people, society custom is link communication emotion, is a sign of mutual recognition, is to regulate the behavior of quasi,

  • Door-god

    The goalkeeper, "books and equipment designated books, the moral education of minors stacks textbook China folk culture series, primary and secondary schools: God" by Yang Weihua, edited by Cheng Botao, describes the value of portal, the door god worship. People in the door chicken painting tiger, hanging reed cable, Hung Fu, Tu, Yu Lei paste, Qin Qiong, jing,

  • Jiangmen Wuyi custom description

    PM2.5 De Jian Kang Wei Hai He Jing Ji sun Shi Ping Gu Yan Jiu, "Library of books in China: Jiangmen Wuyi customs Xu Lu" from the cultural anthropology, folklore, history, sociology, literature and art discipline whole thinking and cross perspective on Jiangmen Wuyi people love customs were systematically analysis and description, record and cultural interpretation, show Jiangmen Wuyi customs,

  • Traditional customs of Yongjia

    Yongjia county is located in southern Zhejiang, the north shore of the Oujiang River downstream, under the Wenzhou city. Hardworking, intelligent and honest people of Yongjia, not only created a splendid Ouyue culture, and create a rich and colorful folk culture. "Yongjia traditional customs will" show both around the Han commonness, and the regional characteristics of Wu Yue folk and Yongjia,

  • Chaoshan folk custom dictionary

    "Chaoshan folk ceremony" a major production practices, sideline production, life custom, the life etiquette and custom, folk folk artists, folk animal dance, rich and colorful folk arts and crafts, Chaoshan dialect generalization, Chaoshan dialect speech system level characteristics, Chaoshan dialect lexical features, grammatical features, the Chaoshan Chaoshan dialect,

  • Meng Jiangnu cry the Great Wall

    Meng Jiangnu cry the Great Wall, "the Great Wall" Meng Jiangnu cried "China Folk Culture Series" in one book, based on a lot of the legend of Meng Jiangnu in collecting research data collection, folk elements use more fresh, showing a more three-dimensional, image, a complete image of Meng Jiangnu to everybody. For Chinese, the name "Meng Jiangnu",,

  • Customs on (I)

    Essai Sur Les Moeurs Et L'esprit Des Nations, "Customs of (on)" is Voltaire Xia Lai lady learning history and this writing, but the important thing is to send. When France many history books, especially Bossuet s "world history" by the church and the king's speech benefit create history historical events, all belong to the will of God. Voltaire put this calendar,

  • Folk drama

    Folk opera, folk opera "" for "one of the China Folk Culture Series", introduces the related content of Chinese folk dramas, including the historical development of folk opera, folk opera important species, folk opera performance custom, folk opera and folk activities. A person dies from pregnant in the womb until, even to,

  • Peony country folk

    "Peony country folk" in traditional customs and a record, collate, research on the new culture of the sequence of events, and to the development of a new culture to leave a party from traditional culture garden, so that "history, mentor, the role of education". The decline in traditional culture, who have influenced the Chinese nation for thousands of,

  • Folk custom of Shanghai

    If from the archaeological horse JB culture date, Shanghai has six thousand years of history; if from the Tang Dynasty Tianbao ten years (175) Huating County home date, Shanghai has more than one thousand years; if from Yuan Dynasty to no twenty-eight years (1291) home county date, Shanghai has more than seven years of history...... The people,

  • Qingdao city folk

    "Qingdao city folk" record the main city construction from 1891 to more than half a century before the founding of new Chinese Qingdao social life scenes. Uncover the historical picture scroll, it is so rich, complicated and out of the ordinary. Qingdao from the port has become alien aggression territory, in the early formation of the city will be applied. Go,

  • Shanghai folk Putuo volume

    "Folk Shanghai: Putuo volume" folk culture is the sum total of the basic necessities of life is closely related with people's life, the life etiquette, festivals, religious beliefs and customs, social fashion, entertainment and other folk customs. Shanghai folk custom and the coexistence of the new customs, local customs and the customs, and promote the mutual infiltration and integration of diverse folk culture,

  • Etiquette and custom

    In our country, "our country" is a set of specialized for the general reader, by carefully crafted series famous portrait of writing. Experts from various fields. The series has to write the contents of the plot thick and thin hair, rigorous style and fresh. The audience is extremely broad, can be both domestic readers, and can also be overseas Chinese; both,

  • Witch

    "Witch" by the Guizhou people's publishing house. The Biandan Mountain's witches when enchanted can forecast lucks, cure the sick, summon,

  • The ship

    The ship, "the main content of the ship" is: a person from the fetus in pregnant until death, even to die for a long time, always in the folk custom environment. Folk customs like air is indispensable in our life. For the general public society folk and link communication emotion, is a sign of mutual recognition, is to regulate the behavior of the criterion,

  • The Chinese culture (folk volume)

    From the perspective of culture, folk customs, as a relatively stable, affecting a wide range of social customs, is an important form of human spiritual life, creation and behavior, and thus become an indispensable part of the specific national culture. National, regional, cultural inheritance, in folk custom are,

  • Chinese local chronicles compilation, southwest folk volume (up and down)

    The volume of the folklore of southwestern ethnic groups, each place folk custom and related research literature, folklore, sociology, history, geography, economics, aesthetics and other disciplines will be of great help for the new local chronicles compilation; and promote change existing habits and customs, this aspect research the construction of spiritual civilization and material,

  • Dehong Dai life etiquette Nian Ci study

    Dehong Dai life etiquette Nian Ci study, "Dehong Dai life etiquette read words" reference American Richard Bauman's performance theory, combining folk, society, culture and other subjects of Dehong Dai life etiquette read words were deeply studied. The author discusses various read words and read, the scene of space-time, and through read the text to explore the hidden surface,

  • Marriage farce

    "Marriage" marriage "on the China, briefly discussed in China marriage system, marriage and marriage mode, the origin of the development and evolution of the historical process, namely in the traditional Chinese marriage in the most representative engaged marriage as the basic carrier, launched in the multi-level and multi aspect, as with the Han Chinese as the main,

  • Chinese folk know

    "Chinese folk know all" simple, popular and vivid language, introduced the Chinese traditional festival, the origin of surname, the traditional diet culture, folk sports games, traditional etiquette, traditional houses and many other folk customs to the readers. Each part of the contents are carefully selected, very representative, also,

  • Three Yu Tang book

    "Three Yu Tang book" is Mr. Chen Jiangfeng years of academic research, collection, mainly focus on the Chinese portrait, mythology, folklore and other aspects. The book is divided into the Han Dynasty research articles, myth and folklore culture research and literature research article three articles, including the Nanyang astronomical stone interpretation, "Xi Xi holding on, often holding" painting,

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