• Buddhist customs.

    "Journey to the west" and folk culture,,

  • Chinese ancient beggar customs

    China custom series, this book is divided into, in, the main contents include: introduction, beggars and beggars; Kingdom longitude mentality; beggars society unsettled flow; in rags cover under the beggar soul. ,

  • Snow hidden pursuit

    Snow hidden, see this two word snow hidden, no one would associate it with the toilet. Far view cloud cover, partly hidden and partly visible; close look crystal clear, clear air clear. The snow tracks left, full of zen. However, it is the toilet, but the toilet, it is. Legend Xuedou mountain having Jackson had to clean the toilet in Hangzhou Lingyin Temple,

  • American ukiyoe

    The naked eye series, this book by author's people, to the domestic readers reflect American, Americans, American life, reflects a person to experience life sincere and reflect on the events of the past, and these words or also can let the reader feel: in another country, in a material rich environment where the lives of people,

  • The mysterious astrology aspects

    The mysterious astrology aspects / China folk culture, poplar. Yak permanent Zhi A Σ ā ≈, Qilu press,

  • Chinese folk Mulian cultural

    This book introduces the content of Mulian tale origin and evolution, Mulian opera history, Mulian drama and local drama. ,

  • The flowers of the song

    Then a cartoon show is rich Hui Style picture! True Xihaigu, the roar voice diffuse flowers, full of passion, red in the face, is the local music and earthy infiltration of the juvenile mind naturally! Regardless of Hui style picture, or, or flowers and young, are filled with thick mud,

  • Folk custom of Shanghai

    If from the archaeological horse JB culture date, Shanghai has six thousand years of history; if from the Tang Dynasty Tianbao ten years (175) Huating County home date, Shanghai has more than one thousand years; if from Yuan Dynasty to no twenty-eight years (1291) home county date, Shanghai has more than seven years of history...... The people,

  • Yunnan, Kunming: Songming. - Chinese Folklores

    Yunnan Kunming Songming volume, "Chinese folk cultural heritage rescue project of Chinese folk story book: Yunnan, Kunming (Songming)" is our common spiritual home for the Chinese nation in a bed of the vitality of the green. The folk tales from the language point of view, is the folk oral, plain, without carving, popular and popular, lively,,

  • Ghost style

    "Strange tales from Liaozhai and folk culture", this book is "one of the Chinese classical literature and folk culture". "Chinese classical literature and folk culture" series aims to reveal the folk custom phenomenon, reflected in China classical literature at the same time, committed to the theories and methods of folklore. Focus on the academic side, focusing on the historical sense, pay attention to the connotation of the deep,

  • The Han nationality customs and culture history

    Study of Customs history so long in silence, I think there are two reasons: first, writing culture in the history of science is not aware of the occurrence and evolution of customs is how to affect the culture of a nation's development and progress, and ignore the customs and the change of research; two, write because of the narrow field of vision of cultural history,

  • Yunnan, Kunming: Xundian. - Chinese Folklores

    Yunnan Kunming Xundian volume, "Chinese folk cultural heritage rescue project of Chinese folk story book: Yunnan, Kunming (Xundian)" to collect a lot of, recorded folk tales, legends, text myth. It is particularly worth mentioning is that the collecting and sorting out some new democratic revolution and the socialist revolution and socialist construction,

  • 60 minutes to go over the America: USA full manual

    The book content America natural conditions, political system, history and culture, education, entertainment, tourism and the daily life of ordinary people such as introduction, looking to to carry out a full range of American. Each project with the most concise language, is the most comprehensive summary, in order to allow readers to quickly understand a in the shortest period of time,

  • Common European offbeat Red Book

    In Chinese, awareness of the Michelin Co, also seems to be only on cognitive Michelin tire. However, the Michelin Co in other areas is also productive. In particular, in the tourism, catering, Michelin Co published "red guide", on behalf of the absolute,

  • Chongming - Shanghai folk

    Folk culture is the sum total of the basic necessities of life is closely related with people's life, the life etiquette, festivals, religious beliefs and customs, social fashion, entertainment and other folk customs. Shanghai folk custom and the coexistence of the new customs, local customs and the customs, and promote the diversified folk culture mutual infiltration and combination, it is native to Shanghai,

  • Shaoxing Folk Culture Series

    Shaoxing folk culture series, edited by Li Yongxin, Xilingyinshe press limited,

  • Introduction to folk culture of China

    Introduction to folk culture in China, "series in twenty-first Century with the higher vocational education of tourism services and management engineering: an introduction to" the folk culture of China is based on the actual needs of folklore tour as the main line, respectively describes all the ethnic groups of China in the catering, entertainment, clothing, marriage, house, spirits, etiquette, funeral, taboo and other aspects of the customs. "In twenty-first Century,

  • Chinese tourism and folklore culture

    China tourism and folklore culture, Lin Zhengqiu, Zhejiang people's publishing house,

  • The temple / Chinese folk culture

    The temple / Chinese folk culture, edited by Li Shaolin, Inner Mongolia people's publishing house,

  • Yunnan folk customs and Tourism

    "Yunnan folk customs and tourism" one book is made up of two parts. The first part is composed of two units, the first unit of folk custom tourism introduction, mainly on as a tourism and tourism product of folk custom tourism concept, characteristics and influence to make preliminary definition, classification and description, in order to further understand and,

  • To check Tiangang "Water Margin" and folk culture

    To check Gang: "the Water Margin" and folk culture, ISBN:9787207059376, author: Wang Tongzhou,

  • Li Yun Jing dust

    "Sanyan" and folk culture, Li Yun Jing dust: "Sanyan" and folk culture, ISBN:9787207059383, author: Wang Binling, Tao Lu with,

  • Yunnan, Kunming: Jinning. - Chinese Folklores

    Yunnan Kunming Jinning volume, "Chinese folk cultural heritage rescue project of Chinese folk story book: Yunnan, Kunming (Jinning)" folklore stories collection of circulation in the county Jinning of more than 100 legends and stories. These oral literature works, for people up warriors, have advised people to do good God who has wisdom jay,

  • Chinese ancient folk (1)

    Chinese ancient folk, classics interpretation. ,

  • Furniture and folk custom

    Furniture and folk custom, ISBN:9787531018810, author: Hu Wenyan, in 淑岩 with,

  • Color and Naxi folk

    "A Book Naxi color culture" is the author of University of Tsukuba in Japan in the doctoral dissertation, "Introduction", "Naxi color cognition", "name and color",

  • Canada

    Under the background of globalization and cultural security, book to national culture security in Canada as a case to study the era of globalization. The book is divided into five chapters: the first chapter focuses on the relation and influence between globalization and national identity, as well as the essence of the two; the second chapter reviews the historical evolution of the Canadian cultural identity; the third chapter examines the Canadian cultural security,

  • Dai customs records

    "Dai customary" tells the story: folklore is a subject studying the folk customs of all, its establishment and development in our country, has experienced more than half a century, through the twists and turns of the road. At present, this subject is to develop in breadth and depth, has attracted more and more domestic and international attention. In order to inherit,

  • Chinese ancient literati style

    Content profile China is nation of poetry, especially the Tang Dynasty poetry is more glorious and resplendent, with Li Bai, Du Fu, Bai Juyi as the representative of the poet, in poor. This book through to their lofty political ambitions, strong desire, prosperous career creation, official career is frustrated after the hermit,,

  • The Golden Lotus

    "The Golden Lotus", the book's unique "" culture "is placed in a long, broad cultural background, from the history, philosophy, aesthetics, ethics, psychology is profound, comprehensive, multi-level exploration and reflection. ,

  • Knowledge of folk culture Chinese

    "Teaching material, secondary occupation education planning China folk culture knowledge (tourism professionals to apply") to the Han ethnic based on main ethnic folk customs, is characteristic of all ethnic groups in China Customs, festivals, folk material life, fun entertainment, named characteristics, folk faith taboo, folk art and language features,

  • Chinese folk collection

    Chinese folk collection, "premium collection: Chinese folk collection" the folk involves many contents, until today it covers the scope continues to expand, "premium collection: Chinese folk collection" mainly from the seven part of modern people know: national holiday, Lunar New Year culture, marriage customs. Funeral customs, pregnancy,

  • ASEAN ASEAN Folk Cultural Studies Series

    ASEAN customs, book through horizontal comparison, illustrated the way in order to introduce ASEAN's folk culture, including Brunei, Kampuchea, Indonesia folk custom folk custom, the Lao folk, Malaysia folk, Burma customs, Philippines customs, Singapore customs. ,

  • Kanto customs

    This book because of the limited space, can not be numerous festival one one road to readers, this will only have the characteristic, and father to the Kanto for having heard it many times the season and year -- the Spring Festival, the Lantern Festival, February two, Ching Ming, Dragon Boat Festival, July 7th, ghost Festival, Mid Autumn Festival, heavy Yang Festival, Laba, the ten Festival introduction to,

  • I do not know the twenty-four solar term of common sense

    "Does not know the twenty-four solar term of common sense": the nature of the flowers and trees, birds and animals, all is according to certain seasonal activities, such as the plants sprout, leaf, blossom and wither, results,. Animal hibernation, recovery, Ming start, breeding and migration, and is closely related to climate change. ,

  • Chinese Folklore

    The author made a lot of detailed research on folklore, study delves into every aspect of the folk life, various types of folk custom folk book will be economic, social folk custom folk, folk beliefs, entertainment are given a detailed analysis, and lists the many vivid examples. ,

  • Yunnan, Kunming: Guandu. - Chinese Folklores

    Yunnan Kunming, "Chinese folk cultural heritage rescue project of Chinese folk story book: Yunnan, Kunming (Guan Dujuan)" is our common spiritual home for the Chinese nation in a bed of the vitality of the green. The folk tales from the language point of view, is the folk oral, plain, without carving, popular and popular, lively,,

  • Research on popular culture Chinese (Fourth Series)

    Chinese vulgar culture research, the author: ISBN:9787807520207, area editor,

  • "Shuowen Jiezi" and folk culture research

    "Introduction and research contents of" Folk Culture: in the spring of 2008, a major news spread from Beijing to the northern Gulf: the state formally approved the implementation of "Guangxi Beibu Gulf Economic Zone Development Plan". "Development plan" of Guangxi Beibu Gulf Economic Zone clearly pointed out: "Guangxi Beibu Gulf Economic Zone is the development of the western region and the,

  • The folk custom and the Chinese culture the most beautiful

    "The folk custom and the China culture" the most beautiful story: approaching the most beautiful folk, rich and colorful culture of the China taste. The most beautiful Chinese folklore, the thick Chinese culture. Folk culture is a kind of the most close to the body and mind and life, it shows that the people of all ethnic groups in Chinese harmonious variety of life styles, as well as the local rich,

  • Chinese folk Tongzhi

    The Performing Arts journal,

  • On the function of moral education in the adult ceremony

    On the function of moral education in the adult ceremony, the book is divided into ten chapters, the main contents include: the adult ceremony marking function, adult ceremony of the structure function analysis, youth ceremony of the religious function, adult ceremony patriarchal clan education function. ,

  • Wuhua folk history

    Wuhua folk history, Wuhua district is the Central District of Yunnan Province, the provincial capital of Kunming City, has a long history of cultural sedimentation, hundreds of years of fusion of mainland and Yunnan nationalities work and life custom, formed its own customs. With the changes in the development of productivity and the times, customs are changing, but cannot do without the people's expectations and needs,

  • Ichii Mika

    "Ordinary customs:" Introduction "and" Er Pai folk culture content: "works about love and marriage theme Erpai" also showed a strong anti traditional thoughts. "Early" volume twenty-nine "through her firmly heart lights make Ling Jie," wrote Zhang Youqian flag bell Luo Xixi insisted on free love, and life to defend their marriage lucky,

  • Republic of China - a general history of Chinese customs

    "General history of Chinese customs (Republic of China)", the book describes the various customs during the period of Republic of China, such as food, housing, transportation, funeral, clothing, etiquette, etc.. ,

  • The customary

    Seventeen, the custom of folk custom library -- Fu Dasheng, bamboo, Wei Jianping, Su 维光, Guo Wei, Central College for Nationalities press,

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