• God legend

    People living in the culture, just as people cannot do without air, "book of changes" said: "astronomy, in order to detect when the change: judging from the humanities, into the world." Both Chinese "culture" is that, this passage at least, there is clear and profound reason our ancestors has always been on the importance of culture,

  • China folk culture

    "Introduction" China folk culture content: as the saying goes: "ten li different wind, in the different customs." Chinese vast territory, numerous nationalities, in the history of 5000 years in the formation of a rich and colorful folk customs, forming a "national popular multi ethnic study" (Zhong Jingwen language). It spread in the old people's mouth,

  • The history, theory and methodology of Folklore (two volumes)

    "The history, theory and methodology of Folklore (2 volumes)" the theme of "the history, theory and method of" folklore, aiming at a more focused and discussed the development of folklore China and all major countries and its basic academic concept and theory, academic tradition and school, research method and technology etc.. The editor assumes that read,

  • Shaanxi folk

    "Shaanxi folk (fine)" on the development of folk culture of Shaanxi were introduced, the production folk custom, village folk custom, folk, folk custom culture, family diet folk and folk costumes etc.. ,

  • Artificial.

    Mysterious symbols of folk culture, "artificial book: introduction mysterious symbols" folk culture contents: the sign is a kind of "artificial double Dutch", the will power in symbolic form, attached to the provisions of the text or graphics, and writing in the specific items such as paper, silk, wood, stone above, as God's decree, used to send God ghost town the pressure,

  • Chinese folk calendar

    Ren Xianbao prepared the "Chinese folk calendar (1930-2120)" has been redefined and selection of refined in the voluminous Chinese traditional folk culture, let all embracing traditional culture is more vivid, more practical. And according to the actual needs of ordinary people living today, writing covers a very wide,

  • Chinese Folk Culture Festival

    "Chinese festival folk culture" including spring folk festival folk festival, summer, autumn winter folk festivals, folk festivals, Chinese festivals and folk life, folk festivals in China altogether 6 chapters. "China Folk Culture Festival" to stand in the height of civilization, the culture and historical perspective,

  • Study on the folk Yunnan promise well salt production

    "Research" folk Yunnan promise well salt production of Yunlong County in Yunnan province of Nuodeng village folk traditional well salt production, mainly discusses the relationship between the production technology and the folk custom, and social activities of the folk custom folk technology. The concrete around the raw material resource allocation, well salt production organization, division of labor, product, production operation,

  • The kitchen god legend

    The main contents of the kitchen god "legend": there is a Zhang Lang, not to sow the land, go out to do business, to completely not heard from after. The family life burden fell on his wife clove body. Clove worked hard to support the family, and he died in laws. One day, the millionaire Zhang Lang come home, take ding,

  • The twenty-four solar terms Encyclopedia

    "Natural change twenty-four throttle encyclopedia" around the different seasons and different throttle, introduces the agricultural meteorology, folk taboos, diet, lunar festivals, festival customs, daily life, health care, culture and other content, content rich, popular and easy to understand, not only focus on knowledge, and focus on fun, is a,

  • China folk

    In Chinese folk culture, folk culture is created by the masses of the oldest culture, because of its roots can be traced back to the initial stage of human development; folk culture is also the most young culture, because it is still alive in people's daily life and beer. Foundation of the folk culture or the culture of the whole community, and has,

  • Globalization and the protection of folklore

    "Globalization and the protection of folklore": now the domestic calls for the protection of folk customs people have many, but the folk transformation from the way of life for the survival of resources and the protection of the object theory, also needs to be rethought, also need to improve consciousness of folklore and folk right grasp. The development of university education and public education is the modern folk custom,

  • Taipei genuine authentic Beijing

    Taipei road tunnel in Beijing, launched by the China Art Research Institute in cooperation with the association of Chinese culture of "Taipei genuine authentic Beijing", included the understanding of Taiwan 100 key words necessary, is to enhance the mutual understanding of the life of a small dictionary. These full of Taiwan folk custom words with a lively language to show the historical experience, on both sides of the education,

  • The White Snake Legend

    The White Snake Legend, "White Snake Legend" is a make known to every family of the mythological legends. It origins from the ancient, spread widely, rich connotation, form colorful, is one of the Chinese four ancient folklore for the broad masses of the people love to see and hear. "The legend of the White Snake" and Chinese traditional literature, drama, folk custom, religion,,

  • Folk calendar

    Effects of the 126 philosophies of life the child's life, "folk calendar (1800-2100 years)" content brief introduction: the so-called "calendar", refers to the relationship between the years, months, reckoning day length and the time sequence, formulate rules. Calendar with other sciences, originates from the work practice of production and life practice. No matter what kind of calendar, its main contents,,

  • The Hui nationality Folklore

    "Main content sources," Hui folklore around the Hui folk Hui folk and performance, the Hui people to write down the black, both in the exploration of the origin, find the root of the track, and so on, is that from the outside to the inside, more closely center analysis, capture feature, in the much quoted out of the Hui folk,

  • Swan Lake legend

    Swan Lake legend, legend "Swan Lake" introduced "seven women's legend", "five tertiary shift", "Swan Lake legend" and other stories. "Swan Lake" legend "as Chinese Folk Culture Series" in one book, you will Chinese folk tales scattered line strung together, for your leisure reading, or as a traditional understanding Chinese,

  • Folk dance and folk culture

    "Folk dance" is "one of the China Folk Culture Series", the use of scientific methodology, the popular and easy to understand, explain profound theories in simple language to describe, to an obscure theory in easy to understand language. Details of the Chinese folk dance customs. A person dies from pregnant in the womb until, even to die,

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