• The customary

    The custom of "folk custom library, 24: wa customary" one book, to introduce to live in the mountains in the southwest of China is an ancient nation wa systematically to the readers of the national written. In the process of writing, the main reference data: the history, Chien Chih and related investigation material; Teng academic monographs and periodicals,

  • Festival on

    The Chinese nation has a long history, splendid culture, there are many with the national characteristics of traditional festivals. The Spring Festival, Lantern Festival, Ching Ming, Dragon Boat Festival, the Mid Autumn Festival, the Double Ninth Festival, July 7th, Laba this eight Festival, is the most familiar traditional folk festival for the Chinese people. These traditional festivals and people's life is closely related to, among them, there are many beautiful,

  • The Six Dynasties folk

    The Six Dynasties folk - culture of the Six Dynasties series, Zhang Chengzong, Nanjing University press,

  • Chinese Ethnic Folk Heritage Dictionary

    "Chinese Ethnic Folk Heritage Dictionary (fine)" contains a total of 56 national cultural relic from article 8175, drawing 3733. According to the folk heritage use are divided into 16 categories for each type of arrangement, and according to national (in the main distribution area from north to south in the word order). ,

  • The social customs things test

    Chinese ancient laws and institutions, in the Xiang in the history, and the discipline in the "three links" of the book, can carry on the preparation! However, a country, a giant with a fine. The giant, solid appropriate test set, that the law of ring; the examination, and Homer or? Social customs passage, evolution, evolution of a thing, can be admitted to the group of evolution, preventing harm to,

  • China retributive customs

    This book is divided into eight chapters, explains the emergence and development of retribution for good and evil customs; reason Chinese ancient karmic retribution custom prevailing custom; good and evil classification and connotation of content analysis. ,

  • Xianghe temple fair, fair and folk custom

    This book introduces the Xianghe folk festival customs, Xianghe customs, Xianghe folk festival during the folk custom, road Pingju opera's birth, development and performance customs and other aspects. ,

  • China ancient sports customs

    "The main content Chinese ancient sports customs": moistens the vast land of the Yellow River, the Yangtze River, as the mother's milk, gave birth to the splendid Chinese civilization. For thousands of years, the Chinese people of all nationalities, reproduction, in our glorious and ancient nation interest, labor, create. In the development of production and daily life,

  • Manchu folk houses

    "Manchu folk houses" briefly introduces the Manchu Qing Dynasty house, courtyard, room furnishings, villages and houses, migration, folk legends and anecdotes customs etc.. ,

  • Full name

    "Name" is one of the popular series "the Chinese nation". "The Chinese popular series" planning, the conception and the editing ideas, largely based on the following considerations: one is the "Big deal". Compared with some loss of macro works into folklore, this series of topics mainly highlighted the "make a big deal" characteristics,,

  • Geomancy -- Chinese folk culture / earth color series

    Book with lots of vivid, lively, beautiful words, with beautiful pictures, multi angle, all-round to show the readers the immortal world history of formation, development. The whole book to Chinese immortal belief system, evolution process for the vertical line, in the abstract, disappear in smoke of the previous dynasties historical figures for the cross section,,

  • Chinese and foreign folk custom tourism

    "Gang" is a revolution, it is not the name of revolution, but the revolution. "Gang" people although there are scum, but also a lot of knowledge, thinking, ambitious, courageous man. They "meaning" word pawn, brave. China complex society, have no bottom, read "secret history", may,

  • Vienna eternal soul

    This series has the following characteristics: first, innovation! Our "humanities reading" is not only the content of the stack, but a line of system innovation. Proceed from the one to the other, from inside and outside, let us in reading, gradually realize the humanities spirit, get the knowledge of nutrition. Two, deep! We invite,

  • Chinese Korean Folk

    This book introduces the Korean China folkways. ,

  • One hundred years of vicissitudes of custom

    One hundred years of vicissitudes of custom, Wang Yuenian Sun Qing edited, Jiangsu Fine Arts Publishing house,

  • Rice and rites

    In Japanese traditional culture, especially the grass-roots culture, rice culture is an important part, left the in-depth study of the culture of rice, it is difficult to grasp the whole Japan grassroots culture, as the well-known Japanese scholar Mr. Suwa Haruo said sister like, for Japan the two countries, find out,

  • Chinese women living customs

    The book is divided into eight chapters, the main contents include: the original state of life, women entered the historical misunderstanding, women living standard of living, marriage of women women marriage custom. ,

  • Pan Folklore

    This book consists of theory and case study two. The advocated pan secularism research, the basic purpose of Pan folklore studies, Shanghai apparel development of extensive folk culture trend and "kept woman" phenomenon of folklore analysis are elaborated. ,

  • Shenzhou anecdotes: folk discourse.

    Shenzhou anecdotes recorded - folk discourse, week Jane, Chinese press,

  • Study of traditional folk culture in Pingyang County, Cangnan County

    Collected in this book are Pingyang, Cangnan two counties scholars for about folk culture of old Pingyang County paper. Our study on this and the choice of old Pingyang, due to its historical, geographical environment, social economic structure is special, especially rich folk cultural heritage. A collection of essays collected 12 altogether, the first article is overview, choke,

  • Old postcard, custom text

    This book contains more than 400 pieces of photos made of old postcards, reflects from late Qing Dynasty to the China social customs in this century forty time end. ,

  • The hair and the hair of folklore

    After reading this book, we first obtain a lot of new knowledge. The main experience is: China hair folk very colorful, and deep, rich connotation; men and women China hairstyle and hair, with distinct national characteristics and rich creativity, they are a symbol of human civilization; the folk customs and history, archaeology,,

  • Naxi customs records

    Naxi customs records -- "folk" library twenty-seven, Bai Gengsheng, Minzu University of China press,

  • The last hunting tribe

    Book by the author's personal experience about survival course and living style of the northern fishing and hunting tribe. Winter winter fishing is fishing, is a way of life here in person. They pedal ice and snow walking posture, they speak dialect, they work at hand gestures and behavior, I suddenly feel here is me,

  • Folk customs

    Folk customs have (a), ISBN:9787531173854, author: 那顺乌日图 series,

  • Pumi customs records

    Pumi customs records,

  • After Enlightenment

    Since the modern times the Western value pursuit of gain and loss, "after Enlightenment (Modern Western value pursuit and loss of") content: the Western medieval by some historians called the "dark one thousand". Enlightenment warriors with their thought the torch from the darkness of the middle ages, the spread of capitalism. They boldly declared: "I am mortal, I ask only mortal,

  • Tibetan Education

    "Tibetan education" into "before the liberation of the Tibetan education" and "after the liberation of the Tibetan education" two. The liberation of the official education, school education, religious education and basic education, the mainland after the liberation of education, secondary education, higher education, the seven part introduced. ,

  • Asian folklore studies, fifth series - the International Asian Folklore Society Symposium

    The International Asian Folklore Society symposium, this book selects "on the settlement and drifting folklore", "northeast immigrants social and cultural and ethnic relations", "from Christianity to belief in Maria", "Mongolia folk poetry", "the Korean agricultural culture", "the old Beijing and old Shanghai clothing style differences and reasons", "Tibetan Thangka art,

  • Research on the history of China folk

    Frontier Chinese folklore studies. This book is mainly elaborates the contemporary folklore research and development China history, on the basis of lively text of first-hand information, documents, pictures, in kind creation, rich in content, full and accurate materials, rigorous style, just reflect the argument, with a long history China culture,

  • Comparison of Chinese and Japanese culture

    With the opening of the country, along with our country to Japanese culture, economic exchanges, comparison, study of Chinese and Japanese culture has become a pressing matter of the moment people. This book relates to all aspects of daily life, rich in content, informative, financial knowledge and more flavor in one. How to avoid the "culture shock,

  • The Chinese calendar and folk custom

    The Chinese calendar and the folk custom, mayumi... (and other) ed., Chinese press,

  • Xibe customs records

    Twenty-one, Xibe customs records -- the folk custom library he Ling, Tong Keli, the Central University for Nationalities press,

  • Folk history of pre Qin

    The history of pre Qin "folk" by the Shanghai people's Publishing House not. ,

  • Research Chinese Folklore (Second Series)

    "" Chinese folklore study published by the Minzu University of China press. ,

  • The compilation of local chronicles Chinese Folklore (upper and lower) - South volume

    "Local chronicles compilation China folklore", is divided into 6 volumes. This volume as the volume of Henan province south, included, Hubei Province, Hunan Province, Guangdong Province, the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Hainan province. These data for nations to understand central local, customs, folklore, sociology, history of literature, and other,

  • Read a bit of folklore

    All the countries in the world, the nation due to historical and geographical differences, the rich and colorful folk culture. For this kind of folk culture -- especially the oral folk culture of the records and research, we call the folklore. Study on the folklore of European countries about started at the beginning of last century, research on folklore America only,

  • China folklore tour (upper and lower)

    Here, you will enjoy the various nationalities all over the country rich and colorful folk customs, culture and customs, festivals and folk activities. Even if you don't take it with you to travel, can sit at home with the eyes and heart, to feel the rich folk flavor from the soil. ,

  • Folk customs

    Folk customs of Mongolian (two), ISBN:9787531173861, author: 那顺乌日图 series,

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