• And the fashion of literati painting

    "Introduction of calligraphy and painting and literati style" content "series:" China customs agency to the early ninety's publication of a series of books in twentieth Century eighty at the end of the year. Literati painting and calligraphy is an exquisite works of art of feudal autocratic China on special soil nutrition breeding. The rise and development of Chinese and Western culture, the arts have different,

  • Yiwu folk

    Compilation Committee of a series of Yiwu produced the "Yiwu folk" from the eight aspects of production, life, family, family village, etiquette, festivals, religion, society, with the chapters body from Yiwu customs. More detailed account of the rich connotation and the evolution history of the folk custom of Yiwu, and the difference of Yiwu countryside folkway and folk custom,

  • In twentieth Century thirty's Shanghai western and folk custom

    In twentieth Century thirty's Shanghai western and folk, most people like to remember and miss, but easily forgotten or vague, is history. If people want to drive a leaf boat River in history, it needs to have the springhead unstoppable. All the documents the springhead is rich and colorful. China is an ancient attaches great importance to the,

  • Chinese folk Tongzhi

    Birth records, "China folk Tongzhi" to reflect the "pass" and "Zhi" two major characteristics in the compilation of. The so-called "pass" to break the regional boundaries, facing the country, to folk custom as the key link to link. The book is divided into 22 volumes, including: birth, marriage, festival log Chi Chi, Chi Chi funeral, production (,), trade,

  • Gu custom essays

    "The complete works of Gu Jiegang: Gu Jiegang folk paper set (set of 2 volumes)" Introduction: Mr. Gu Jiegang is affected by the five four new culture movement on mass culture positive attitude, the folk songs, dramas, stories, customs, religion and the traditional Confucian classics, historiography in the same place as the research subject. "Gu folk,

  • Folk custom of Shanghai

    "Folk Shanghai: Yangpu volume" content brief introduction: folk culture is the sum total of the basic necessities of life is closely related with people's life, the life etiquette, festivals, religious beliefs and customs, social fashion, entertainment and other folk customs. Shanghai folk custom and the coexistence of the new customs, local customs and the customs, and promote the diversified folk culture,

  • Dai Folk Songs. The twenty-first series

    Dai Folk Songs. The twenty-first series, the minority nationalities of Yunnan province collation of ancient books publishing planning office, Yunnan minorities press,

  • Chinese folk Range Rover

    1, three hundred and sixty; 2, "people"; 3, folk "Hi" to "avoid" digital; different solar term and farming 4, multi nationality; 5, spring, spring, spring; 6, China Southern, northern hunting customs; 7, silkworm, silkworm customs and Taboos; 8 God and the mother Ma legends;,

  • Gansu folk.

    Gansu folk overview, Wang Zhongbao, Hu Guoxing, ed., the Ethnic Publishing house,

  • China folk

    "China Folk: Thangka (English version)" content brief introduction: "Thangka," also knowll as "Tangka", "Thanka" or "Tanka", is a word in tile Tibetan lang,

  • Hubei folk

    Folk culture, is a national and the national spirit and cultural symbol. When the culture from which it derives, in the long process of development, with all countries and peoples, in particular those neighboring ethnic folk culture exchanging, influence and spread. If so, this cultural study of folklore, is undoubtedly,

  • Qing Dynasty to the Republic of China changes my custom storage

    Qing Dynasty to the Republic of China changes my custom storage, ISBN:9787532544523, author: Cheng yu,

  • Fujian folk

    This book is the author in writing "economic history" Baiyue ethnic Chinese and "Fujian folk belief in God" and other animal research monographs and discusses the cultural relics and archaeology, folk culture, hundreds of papers, completed years assiduously. In addition to records, this is the first system, a complete discussion of Fujian folk culture,

  • All material on Pupils' composition

    All pupils, "words" (double) is the application of a primary tool for your book. "Words (color)" included the key words the syllabus requirements over four hundred, they are frequently used in daily communication, in sentences and learning error prone. Syntactic knowledge, fun and useful words, make you appreciate,

  • China ancient monastic life

    This book introduces the origin of the appearance and monks of the monastery; enter another world -- and at the beginning of Chinese ordained monastic; exclusive all the rules and habits -- the regulations etc.. ,

  • Chinese folklore tour (10 volumes) (Hardcover)

    This set of books with pictures, from multiple directions to the readers at home and abroad of all ethnic groups around the China vivid display of rich and colorful, endless charm of the folk custom and social customs, including the festival activities, students buried, married life, daily living, dining custom style cuisines, national and local song and dance, folk art, religious beliefs and customs, local,

  • Beijing flag people

    "Heroes and heroines" and folk culture, "heroes and heroines" published more than a hundred years, has had the profound influence in the society. However, the research about the scanty, scope is to involve the work author, editions, ideology, language arts, and so on, very few people have paid attention to the folk custom culture is rich in content. In the face of "heroes and heroines" such a,

  • Chinese Traditional Culture Series: collection of graphic version

    "Introduction" paper-cut culture content: paper-cut is a folk art, but also the. Paper cut art as a kind of folk art, is the working people to meet the material needs and spiritual self and origin. Popular time of long, large area, can be comparable with any kind of traditional art. From the southern border to the northwest desert, from,

  • Xinjiang folk customs

    Xinjiang folk (first series), ISBN:9787807440130, author: Wen Hao,

  • Hebrews

    Hebrews (Law), Dise (duchet-suchaux, G.), translated by Lin Jing, Zhejiang Education Publishing house,

  • Chinese folk calendar

    The Spring Festival, Tomb Sweeping Day, Dragon Boat Festival, the mid autumn festival...... These are the traditional Chinese holiday, but as the impact of foreign festivals, people for their own traditional festival but less familiar with, such as the Chinese Valentine's day, Halloween, especially birth custom, the traditional marriage customs are almost we forget. This book will Chinese folklore and chinese,

  • The ancient custom of China gambling

    The book is divided into: shape, society, forbidden article in the three part, the main contents include: the game type and the origin, "fairy take six chopsticks, to Taishan -- six Bo Bo Yu" Si, wood table, owl Lu Chi cyclotron -- an ancient game and Itsuki battle. ,

  • Tibet customs experience

    This series covers the mountain lake, forest lake travel, customs inspection, the performance of real life, many places of historic interest and scenic beauty of the visit...... For readers to show temporal a plateau mysterious, magical. Tibet culture is produced in this peculiar high finish, 瑰伟 beautiful snowy Arctic, generated from the ancient culture,

  • Chinese folk Tongzhi

    History of medicine, "China folk tongzhi (medical records)" is a national fifteen key planning books, China's first set of writing in contemporary folklore academic norm, the large records China custom. It broke the geographical boundaries, facing the country, a folk custom as the key link, based on reliable historical data and field,

  • The festival custom

    Holiday customs (Bilingual Reading China traditional culture), ISBN:9787020048793, author: Li Yian,

  • Research on popular culture Chinese (Second Series)

    Research on popular culture Chinese (Second Series), ISBN:9787806596289, author: Chu editor,

  • Lisu customs records

    Lisu customs records, ISBN:9787810017466, author: Siqin Gaowa, Li Maolin,

  • Folklore

    The purpose of this book is to culture life state nation -- from the perspective of the folk custom, the essence of the culture differences between China and Japan to make a deep analysis. To assist the country people, clean up all sorts of dense fog shrouded in between Chinese and Japanese culture, Japanese culture and Japanese culture to recognize the inherent national personality. Know yourself as well as the enemy.

  • Xinjiang Hui folk

    Xinjiang Hui as a member of Xinjiang nation, in the long history of development, from the formation of ethnic groups, regional population distribution, economic and cultural development and evolution, formed the Xinjiang Hui folk unique. Xinjiang Hui folk including religious customs, costumes, folk custom, folk custom folk food production, married people,

  • Folk custom of Shanghai

    "Folk Shanghai: Baoshan volume" content brief introduction: folk culture is the sum total of the basic necessities of life is closely related with people's life, the life etiquette, festivals, religious beliefs and customs, social fashion, entertainment and other folk customs. Shanghai folk custom and the coexistence of the new customs, local customs and the customs, and promote the diversified folk culture,

  • Chinese folk Tongzhi

    The folk language records, "Chinese folk tongzhi (folk language Zhi)" is the national "fifteen" plan key book publishing project "China folk Tongzhi" Volume 22 24 of the volume of. "Chinese folk tongzhi (folk language Zhi)" is divided into kinship terms, social appellation, charms, prayers, Oracle, auspicious, data is true and reliable, style of writing,

  • Zhejiang folk

    So far, Chinese also did not have a complete including all regions of the country, ethnic folk culture, folk literature. "Compilation China folk system" is undoubtedly a creative cultural project. The compilation and publication of timely, necessary. China vast territory, numerous nationalities, all ethnic groups not only created the feng,

  • The gold folk calendar

    The gold folk calendar (1800-2100), ISBN:9787204081523, author: Zhao Jing,

  • Series Chinese folk history (30 volumes)

    "Series Chinese folk history (30 volumes)" content brief introduction: folk or folk custom, is a country or a nation to meet the needs of group life created and inherited by the living culture in history and in the process of social development. "The people" mainly refers to folk, relative and "official" or "vulgar" official; the customs, to refer to a certain,

  • Ceremony

    Oneiromancy: color version, ISBN:9787508705330, author: Zhu Ying,

  • Xin Mao celebrate the New Year

    "2011 Xin Mao celebrate the New Year" main content: in 2011, the rabbit year. If you want to learn more about the rabbit's story as well as the traditional culture knowledge, it may wish to have a look this specifically for the year of the rabbit and the editor of the zodiac popular books. Inside the rabbit, rabbit, and customs. For months, rabbit,

  • Folk paper-cut Chinese Atlas

    Book income of folk paper-cut works nearly 1000, are from the folk artist. According to the Spring Festival, have the Spring Festival door window, Yuan Xiao snuff, marriage custom, funeral offerings like flowers flowers, Zodiac paper-cut, Ji years old birthday, paper-cut folk paper-cut Dingqing use category, all indicate the name, origin, usage; and to articles 2 words, on the,

  • The wonderful shine shine

    "The wonderful shine shine: China folk culture" for youth and high school students, China folk culture is an essential book, it is a let you know our motherland traditional culture for thousands of years of textbooks, it is a let you know the society numerous cultural phenomenon in textbooks, it is a let you learn,

  • A new practical folk encyclopedia.

    "The most practical folk Encyclopedia - 1931-2050" calendar, calendar is a calendar of Chinese folk. ,

  • Summer folk

    "Summer" is a folk custom in Ningxia area of ancient and modern folk books, edited by the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region Party Committee Standing Committee, propaganda department minister Li Dongdong students planning and. The book published by early 2005, inside and outside the region wide attention and praise. In the central government and leaders of relevant departments visited Ningxia, in the area of international,

  • Kite

    Gossip: color version, ISBN:9787508705347, author: Zhu Ying,

  • Folk memory

    The Southern Song Dynasty, old and young city. She is old, early in the ten thousand years between prehistoric ancestors had lived in this land. She is young, is the twentieth Century 50's and the beginning of the rise of the emerging modern city. Just over a decade ago, the Southern Song Dynasty to the field, often asked "where is the Southern Song Dynasty?". The Southern Song dynasty,

  • Shaanxi Temple

    Temple fairs in Shaanxi, he 绎著, Northwestern University press,

  • Xiangxi wa Xiang Dialect

    "The main content of Xiangxi Waxiang dialect custom object color code" include: customs house, furniture, daily diet, dress and tools and appliances. Hunan Xiangxi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Region except the Tujia and Miao language minority languages, and Chinese dialects. Generally speaking the southwest mandarin, but one,

  • The spirit of the times and the custom picture

    The main form of the book is interesting, this book selected angle is folklore, is out of this consideration: many of the previous research methods and propositions can not cover the whole Tang poetry rich and colorful, some research is also difficult to explore because poetry in the Tang Dynasty; not only is the "poet limited cultural circle" of the depth,

  • Chinese folk Tongzhi

    Production records, "China folk Tongzhi: production records (volume one)" is a key national publishing projects, a total of 14 volumes of 16 copies, completed by the China folklore culture of three generations of scholars for over ten years. This large records to break geographical boundaries, to the real historical and field survey data, introduces our country folk funeral,

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