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Date of publication:2003-10-1   Press: Gansu people's Publishing House   Author:Li Huifang   Pages:382   Words:396000  

Folk culture, is a national and the national spirit and cultural symbol. When the culture from which it derives, in the long process of development, with all countries and peoples, in particular those neighboring ethnic folk culture exchanging, influence and spread. If so, this cultural study of folklore, is a cross-border world knowledge, rather than "a country's folklore". "China folk series of Hu Bei folk" is the Hubei folklore scholars offer a love and sincerity to the Hubei folks! In order to ensure the quality of the book, we do not simply take the writing way Chapter contract, but the area writer according to local rural customs detailed writing. Doing so will increase the editing work burden, custom can as a comprehensive, detailed records of all over Hubei. In writing, adhering to the rigorous scientific attitude, the spirit of true to the realistic principle, requirement of written content real, accurate and reliable. This book seeks to make the substantial content, linked together, make the book not only have cognitive value, scientific research value in reality, also has a stronger readability.
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Chinese directory English directory preface chapter of Hubei folk culture of Hubei, the ancient cultural relics and historical origin of Hubei two, the natural ecological environment and production, at the age of three, Hubei customs of cultural tradition and social life, religious beliefs and customs second chapter production folk custom, agricultural practices (a) rice custom (two) dry custom (three) weather proverbs two, farming fishery customs (a) fishery regulations (two) the method (three) fishermen fishing, forestry, hunting custom belief in three (a) forestry production customs (two) natural accepted customs (three) hunting customs four, farming practices (a) (feeding proverb two) livestock, poultry processing industry (a) five, custom processing category (two) processing methods. The third chapter commerce and handicraft industry, commerce and customs folk (a) transactions...... Two, the handicraft industry, travel and living customs of the fourth chapter folk costumes, live two, a folk custom folk folk costumes, travel three fifth chapter diet folk, food, food and staple food, dishes and cooking methods two species three, name, name four banquet snack and seasonal scenery food five, smoke, wine custom custom six, tea, diet, health sayings and proverbs chapter sixth village, village social custom form two, clan, family custom, custom four, three neighborhood gang customs chapter seventh, Spring Festival folk custom is a custom, at the age of two at the age of three, summer summer customs customs of the age four, winter at the age of Customs eighth chapter life etiquette folk custom, marriage customs, have two, ninth chapter three funeral custom of folk belief, folk belief, a two praying customs, divination, three four, Tenth Five precursory superstitious taboo folk art and folk a chapter, folk art, folk dance, two three, folk rap four, the folk opera five, recreational athletics main references postscript
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