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The first festival custom order form the social historical background of the historical changes of one or two week two two week second festival folk custom development policy and folk idea of people to people for policy and system of the two folk customs and ideas in Chapter 1 the first day dietary customs of diet and a diet of two three second day diet diet apparatus all walks of life the emperor diet diet two princes diet three literati diet four peasant diet five businessmen diet for third day north south food and drinking customs of a North South food two drinking customs second chapter trappings customs first Zhou wearing custom overview section second Dynasty crown shoe, dress and dress method man's crown shoe kimono two women first wear kimono wearing third quarter three method suit to Jing Li a different occasions with different clothes two clothing rank difference obviously in fourth day jewelry and accessories of a hair two three Jin four earrings bracelets and rings five arm Kushiro six waist seven jade hook eight Sabre nine Pei flowers fifth cosmetic customs Mu smear two thrush...... The third chapter in the credit and building custom fourth chapter travel customs fifth chapter sixth chapter of marriage customs birth customs in the seventh chapter of health care and retirement custom eighth chapter ninth chapter material production customs of funeral customs tenth chapter belief customs eleventh chapter festive customs twelfth chapter conclusion @##@ recreation custom. The custom content is very extensive, involving many aspects of material life and spiritual life, relevant research works on the range has been quite different, we after many discussions, on the basis of draw on the previous research, try to make a breakthrough. With its content and form, which is divided into food, clothing, housing, transportation, marriage, funeral, birthday, health care, communication, economic production, entertainment, religious belief and other items, and efforts to explore the basic characteristics and evolution of all ages custom. This book by the time division, is divided into the primitive society, the Xia and Shang, two week, Qin Han, Wei Jin Southern and Northern Dynasties, Sui Tang and Five Dynasties, Song Liao Jin Xia, yuan and Ming, Qing, the twelve volumes, tries to comprehensively and systematically reflect the history of the development of China customs, as for each volume chapter setup. The spirit of "seeking friends, preserving differences" principle, strive to reflect the customs and characteristics of each era.
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Postscript in recent years, the two week study history of pre Qin history customs has attracted attention, which related to many academic monographs, such as Mr Yang Xiangkui's "Zhou society and civilization", Mr Li Xueqin's "Eastern Zhou and Qin civilization", "history of Chinese civilization" (Qin Juan), Gong Shuduo China social history edited by Mr. "" (Xian Qinjuan), Mr Song Zhenhao's "spring and Autumn", China custom history of Mr. Chao Fulin's "the history of folk custom" etc.. In addition, Mr. Xu Zhuoyun's "history of Western Zhou" (Revised and enlarged), Mr Yang Kuan's "history of Western Zhou", "the history of the Warring States" (Expanded Edition), edited by Huang Liuzhu, "Zhou Qinhan Tang Wenming," Mr. Tong Shuye "Chunqiu Zuozhuan study", Yin Faro, Mr. Xu Shuan editor of "China ancient cultural history", Song Gongwen Mr. Zhang Jun, the "Customs of Chu", Mr Liu Lexian's "Shuihudi Qin Bamboo Slips, books research", Mr. Li Ling "art" Chinese test also involves. These outstanding works gave me a lot of inspiration. I learn and absorb some results which, in this special note. Shanghai literature and Art Publishing House support publications; editor Mr. Xia Qinggen for the publication of this book paid a lot of effort. Mr. Peng Wei Academy of Social Sciences History Research Institute China reviewed the full text of this book in your busy time, and put forward many valuable comments. Zhejiang Academy of Social Sciences, Mr. Xu Jijun to help with illustrations. I would like to express my heartfelt thanks. There are irregularities in the book, please advice. As in 2002 March in Beijing Jinsong District
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A retrospective of Chinese long live great history, one is China customs a vast picture.
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  •   The academic books, can be used as a reference, contribute to the understanding of the facts,
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  •   Very good, learn a lot of things, but not exquisite, the cover is thin, not saved.
  •   To satisfy my curiosity about the basic necessities of life.
  •   Two weeks to put together to write always feel a little unknown but still this is the two week of custom history at present only a mass can accept the price and hoped that the next time the author reprint Western Zhou Dynasty spring and autumn and the Warring States to write separate after all, this is three different turbulent era
  •   For lovers, it is really very good.
  •   Relates to all aspects of customs and culture, detailed, specific, architecture is also very reasonable. Nothing can satisfy the need that interest, as a tool book search is also very convenient.

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