Date of publication:1999-4   Press: Zhejiang Education Publishing House   Author:(Law) dische (duchet-suchaux, G.), translated by Lin Jing   Pages´╝Ü95  
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The patriarch Abraham - Christian father Isaac - promised son Jacob - was given name Israel Joseph - dream of human history long nomadic Asians arrived in Egypt from Egypt to return to the "promised land" Mose and the Egyptian slavery from Egypt and desert. In the conquest of Palestine gifts law history out of Egypt, Palestine geographic monarchy first King Saul and David and kingdom unified Solomon heyday, Kingdom of Jerusalem Solomon Temple split into two kingdoms scourge holiday to small dictionary index @##@ tufted monarchy exile from a historical perspective of a province and collapsibility of the Romans in Assyrian whipping exile Babylon invasion in Persian domination from history view of the magnificent city of Babylon exiled prisoner regression with the Greeks and Romans returned to Jerusalem the Greek Empire ruled Herod the great temple of daily life and holiday Hebrew day ritual of Israel The Hebrews from why and come? An ancient empire has experienced many ups and downs and the formation of the tribe, its unique in where? These are compiled into sets, and gradually formed a "core of Bible stories and legends" and how to edit out? This illustrated the book describes the life of Middle East reproduction and beautiful scenery. It takes us back to the full of trouble and turbulent Middle East, each historical stage back to the Hebrew experience. The description is consistent with archaeological theory, and after a few centuries before the birth of "the Bible" masterpiece. By telling the tribe worship God's story, we will also be brought into the "Bible", the origin to trace the Jews, Muslims and Christians life.
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