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Date of publication:1998-9   Press: National University   Author:Xu Jieshun   Pages:927   Words:800000  

Sheepskin rafts syndrome in turbid waves surging, the Yellow River the Yellow River Pentium upstream, often can see three five people ride in a sheepskin bag raft, with waves up and down bumps, drifting down the thrilling scene. This is a natural barrier to spread the conquest of the Yellow River in Shaanxi Gansu Ningxia Han folk a traditional ferry people and cargo water transport "sheepskin raft". Sheepskin raft began when? Folk legend has it that in ancient times, there is an outbreak, a the Yellow River upstream flood disaster caused by flooding water, washed away the farmhouse, forests, cattle. There is a personal struggle for three days and three nights in the raging flood, is weak, the dying, suddenly found floating upstream to a group of white things, he hugged, originally is the dead sheep a drum with gas, and finally with the waves together with the dead sheep washed to the shore, only nine a life next life. He climbed out, will be pulled up at the sheep,This is a dead goat, in the belly of the viscera had rotted out, so that the dead can filled with gas, therefore, with the flood from drifting out of the forest, saved his life. He became the first found founder sheepskin raft can cross the river. According to the "Han Shu" records, as early as the Eastern Han Dynasty, the Han Army Combat generals saw Qiang people hug sheepskin bag crossing and get inspiration, it ordered the soldiers to "sewing leather for ship". In 47 years, has been used as a river crossing operation water tool. So, the long history of this sheepskin raft has more than 2500 years, has been circulated so far. It can be said that this is an ancient custom peculiar to cross the river, on both sides of the Yellow River Han people to conquer nature natural barrier, obtain raw material locally created. Moreover, making this a sheepskin raft has formed a production method of a set of inheritance and procedures.

Xu Jieshun was born in December 1943, native of Zhejiang Yuyao, was born in Hunan of Lingling. In 1965 graduated from the South Central College for nationalities, Professor of Guangxi University for Nationalities, Institute of Ethnology and anthropology master's tutor, director of Guangxi University for Nationalities's Center for the study of the Han nationality, director of Editorial Department of Journal of Guangxi University for Nationalities; Yunnan University, South Central University for nationalities, Guangxi right Jiang Min college part-time professor, central national
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I am very high, this year has been 90 and 5, have been impossible to reading books, children, friends, and colleagues presented the books in Everfount aggregation. Of course, they also often asked students to go to the bookstore. Helpless, can only be read some of the more outstanding works. Because of the need to use a magnifying glass, taste is quite laborious, but not carefully, 一目数行 age has gone for ever. Now my desk was stacked with Mr. Xu Jieshun editor of "Chinese folk custom series", has been a long time, always reluctant to remove. A show the "series", the joy of love that arose. I don't often write, this is really itchy, will hold a pen. The Han majority, custom Bo and complex, with the text of the permutation and combination of the local customs and practices will be on both sides of the Changjiang River stand vividly revealed on the paper, it is not easy. But the basic connotation of Han nationality customs and forms are consistent or identity. Along this line of thought, "the selection of each book entries in the series", the folk custom is the meaning as the standard, the only popular in the corner, dissemination and influence surface narrow custom images, mostly abandoned without. As Mr Xu Jieshun himself, "Han folk economic customs", "agriculture and forestry fishing", "animal," silkworm "craftsman 100" and "merchants" four articles, each department dimensions involved in the economic field, and into the "article" within the custom images, and are for some people group, or even the whole Han more commonly implemented. Therefore, with this book, not only can the overall appearance looks at the Han trade customs, but also the most obvious characteristics more accurately grasp the different production and trade in different industries.
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The Zhong Jingwen / order, Baigong business customs and customs transplanting season fun fishing article custom multi pair ploughing legacy of Ya northern crop cultivation more archaic afforestation custom beauty forest Xiang GUI Zhu Su loggers and mountain on the raft with respect to water recovery for mushrooms in "May there be surpluses every year" and fish fishing fishing folk customs more interesting and the ship avoid hunting custom various hunting offerings and hunting sericulture silkworm baby animal avoid custom custom of silkworm in cows and cattle pig love customs much stress horses, horses and horse king the sheep different fun grandma chicken record craftsmen 100 for custom zushi ye and patriarch can apprentice and Mason for Shoutu vulgar the carpenter build houses and shipbuilding blacksmith forging swords for the potter industry brothers much paper maker custom multi interests weaver, dyer and sewing carpenter Moutai wine maker and Shaoxing sommelier shaved head heat load Merchants Trading customs of every hue Temple advertisement sells what call what ancient customs relating to 唤头 strokes off to advertising clutter vulgar name snapshots shop popular business to receive the God of wealth, and store bogey Two basic necessities of life, customs article trappings customs nationwide advocate "suit" Han women love "Qipao" exotic costumes "Huian girl" Qinglian Baotou purple Dou Ming Dynasty Costume "living fossil" blue calico patina fragrant four hood interesting Zhoushan fishermen in the cage the ancient saying Dudou children dress pants many hilarious Southern daughter loves eating customs were. Rice beiren "Qi taste Wanfang" cooking five reconcile hundred delicious white help Aoba "dish king" North "flavor of mutton slices cooked in hot pot" Tianjin "Goubuli" steamed dumpling "Ningbo cylinder duck dog" daughter of wine and women's tea tea and tea bag hanging gourd string with rock sugar pear snow house customs town evil "Taishan shigandang" Ba Xian Gao Qing pillar to scale beam draped in red cloth Liang Qiaoyu ZIWEIXING wall taboo is the patron saint of Han residential construction decoration "eight diagram" Beijing alley "Siheyuan" legacy "cave" Nuwa word Hakka "Wai long estates" Jiangnan housing more "wicket" travel custom sheepskin raft syndrome the Yellow River Shaoxing water foot boat Kawae Boatman style song new ship 海多奇 vulgar active South Pole walking when the car donkey caravan to the mountains ringing "ox" unicycle rumble and rickshaw hoofs cart three, amusement show custom text Yan amusement toy customs Qian Tang tidal bore in August in the boating lake swim fun watch on seventeen August spring kite green Yang 荫里 million March swing a Pipa antique following winter shuttlecock and folk song and dance entertainment customs Donghai Yu Xiang big drums and drum of Fujian and Taiwan Umbrella Dance Drum little moving heart Chaozhou man dance Ningxiang English song dance music infinite Qingtian dance lamp red Anhui Sheng jump flower drum lanterns Huazhou Nianfeng jump flowers shed tea dance Caicha lamp in Northern Shaanxi people make yangko dance acrobatics Zhuangwei shield dance Sheng Jiao Tong East lotus for Belle girl Guangdong folk percussion cabinets Fengyang flower drum for the roar out a song Xintianyou Lotus Hill downtown flowers Guxian Heyang said flower hundred jugglers customs The whole town turns out to. See drama Jin entertaining play to play to will see opera North Guizhou like Lantern opera night vertical view safe play ancient Guizhou funny goods play Yanbei strange play child palm a puppet show Haining Xing shadow people play jokes amused tolerance plate bar box, Hunan will do the story once by ugly line up for a cute smile floats high male dancers sing Pao Hanchuan but fighting game customs Jinhua wonders make bull Suzhou stupid duck funny fight Yumizhixiang watching horse racing in Northern Shaanxi people pull ox wrestling Dragon Boat Race slow amble struggle for words sumo clear demarcation line between the war music Tan Qing entertainment black and white four, four seasons and eight solar terms custom text spring when the customs of 100 years firecrackers to welcome the new year by the Arabian welcome you the Spring Festival the main male under the kitchen dragon lion -- make new Ying and wealth play lights cattle Niang to greet new year each and every family to Lu tou lunar January fifth pour five poor spring Binyang firecracker dragon year spring whip spring cattle where smell light does not seem Northland Ice Lantern Festival lantern riddles written on lanterns if women entertainment Ying Zi Gu Lantern Festival around sixteen the Yellow River Huaqiao lunar January lunar January Gan five words fill positions February 2-emergence February two fry Two February spring corn zongzi words for butterfly Festival legend in March three peach bath fire ban cold food offerings pushed the Qingming Festival sweep the tombs of ancestor worship Zhongxian Qingming Festival and green dumpling March summer summer season in the legend of custom weighing summer burning Nantong summer open-air meal eat eggs in April eight Buddha festival in April eight eat the black Steamed Rice April eight catch the Tengu summer multiplication table Dragon Boat Race Dragon Boat Festival Dragon boat would push send blast in Leshan "grab" duck He Duanwu in May five hanging calamus in May fiveAi Zi in June six June six in the red and green please aunt June six June six to eat Stir-Fried Noodles with Vegetables Tengu Qingmiaohui story eat noodles legend autumn when the July 7th Qiqiao customs in July fifteen widowed land to busy hung colored paper in July thirty put lanterns to celebrate the Mid Autumn Festival to four more people competing Zhuangyuan cake August Mid Autumn Festival to eat taro August Mid Autumn Festival Xi long out of not to steal the Mid Autumn Festival Mid Autumn Festival playing the rabbit strange customs bond also Chongyang Festival worship "Meng Jiangnu" the legend of paper and Hanyi Festival vulgar winter solstice winter solstice winter wind have the Spring Festival multiplication table the knocker potlatch round winter to eat dumplings on the twelfth lunar month Laba Festival Congee with Nuts and Dried Fruits Gan three Matang mouth sticking each and every family Shan dust the new peach for old Fu Fu inverted and blessings to Zhoushan on New Year's Eve is not a new year's Eve to eat the sugar cane to hold fire behavior taboos on language taboo on medication taboos on sex taboo on women's taboo to farming on solar term taboo taboo taboo to rival industrial business taboo to play industry taboo on ancestral ban Bogey on the animal taboo taboo on plants taboo to astronomical phenomena of pear apple @##@ taboo. Since ancient times, from the outside in, customs is always a charming charming world. This is because -- custom is a mirror. No matter which nation, as long as the show their own customs, not like a mirror as his own style, and even the charm? Custom is a kaleidoscope. No matter what the national customs, from the basic necessities of life to the marriage funeral, from mountains to livestock farming workers, from the festival to worship at the age, not like a kaleidoscope rich and colorful, the myriads of changes? Custom is a social life living textbook. Whoever wants to understand a nation, one of the best way is to first understand the customs, to see what the nation live, eat what, what to wear, what; see the people how to farm, how to treat the natural calamities and man-made misfortunes, how to raise cattle, how to work, how to do business, how to treat the neighborhood; see a look at how the national marriage instrument, how to hold funeral; see the nation some what holiday, what kind of religious belief, from the side can know the national culture and society. Customs are not just as a vivid textbook introduced herself to the world culture and life style? This book is about the custom from folk, or had been popular among the people, or are still widely spread folk. The book describes the custom, some with strong feudal superstition color, in order to preserve data integrity and not abridged; some are the new social form of new style, form although unchanged, content is full of new ideas, the reader should pay attention to the analysis understanding. People by reading this book, you can borrow the customs in the mirror, see Han nation charm, style and charm, and from this side of customs, explore and understand the life track of Chinese ancient civilization.
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