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China since ancient times, "when in Rome, do as the Romans do, folk custom folk tradition" is the most close to the body and mind and life, and generations of temper and inheritance of traditional culture. "The folk Daquan" panoramically reveals the evolution process of extension and inheritance of its formation, and from the Chinese diet culture, clothing culture, traditional architecture, traditional festivals, wedding etiquette, beliefs, taboos and folk art and other aspects, in vivid language, a beautiful picture, the rich cultural implication. Give us a vivid folk pictures.
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The birth of Chinese people chapter life etiquette custom
folk concept and connotation of the first chapter of folk concepts and characteristics of
first festival folk custom connotation of the concept of

second festival folk folk social characteristics of spatial characteristics of

folk custom folk characteristics of the variation of
folk mystery < br > folk norms characteristic
the second chapter, the beginning of life new
third day wedding into all sorts of signs
Qiuzi custom
pregnancy custom
he Christmas custom
second adult
Han adult
part of ethnic minorities, the family consisting of
traditional wedding program
minority marriage custom
fourth day funeral
the Han funeral custom
minority funeral custom
third chapter Chinese folk costume custom
first day Han clothing custom and etiquette
costume custom
dress etiquette
second ethnic minority costumes custom
Mongolia nationality clothing custom
Tibetan clothing custom
Uygur costume custom
Hui clothing custom
Manchu clothing custom
third. The main factors influence costume custom
fourth chapter Chinese folk diet custom
first day Han the diet custom
second day Chinese ethnic minority diet custom
the diet custom of the Mongolia nationality
the Tibetan diet custom
Uygur diet custom
Hui diet custom
Manchu Diet Custom
third day Han the diet culture differences between the north and the south.
Shanxi Han diet custom
Guangdong Han diet custom
fifth chapter Chinese civil buildings and residential custom
first day Han around the building and living customs house < br >
in North china......
sixth chapter of Chinese folk belief custom
seventh chapter Chinese festival custom
eighth chapters of the social organization of Chinese folk custom
ninth chapter surname custom
tenth chapter of auspicious culture and custom
eleventh chapter folk art
Chapter excerpt

Part of the national minority folk custom and folk beliefs of Zhuang customs Zhuang beliefs polytheism, the whole nation has no fixed religious belief, is typical of the pan God worship. Zhuang's religion is nature worship and ancestor worship, the ancestor worship occupies an important position, every house are dedicated to "heaven and earth parent teacher" tablets. Zhuang ancestors that animism, life, one side of the mountain stone, everything is spiritual, Zhuang think the sun is the sun god, thunder is Thor, the wind is the rain wind, is the rain god. People in accordance with their own characteristics, endowed with heaven natural phenomena with human traits, the creation of God, this also reflects the Zhuang ancestors unity of God and human consciousness. But also to worship the earth of the plant growth, for some strange tree growing respect for God, not cut down, but also in the festivals and worship, therefore, the folk beliefs of Zhuang show animism natural worship. In addition to the natural God, Zhuang and his totem worship, Zhuang people think that everything has spirit, and according to the natural phenomenon in the daily life, to create their own totem. The change of the natural world, especially those who stirred up the most change people's sense of dependence phenomenon, but make people think nature is a humane and willpower entity and devout worship to be the main reason, with the passage of time, the causal relationship between the various natural phenomena were observed, and that their life at stake, people daily to contact with animals, plants and natural as their compared with alien fight weapon. Zhuang frog totem is produces under this kind of condition. Because Zhuang ancestors for agricultural production, and the change in the weather, wind and rain, are related to the agricultural harvest, which affect the life of people, storms and typhoon, but also a direct threat to the life and property of people, therefore, to know whether the weather this year, farm home crucial event. In science and technology is very backward to the ancient Zhuang ancestors noticed the sound of wind and rain frog has the very big relations, they adopted the "frogs, heavy rain to", "the Maguai WAA, heavy rain is coming" phenomenon, that the frog is a powerful spirits, can transfer and information to the people, a performance prediction of wind and rain; at the same time, every spring, he began to call, people knew that seeding, transplanting season. Because the frog has this "ability", so the Zhuang ancestors will fear and worship, "fear God of creation". The frog became the ancestors of the Zhuang clan totem worship idols, this is a kind of "imagination to conquer the forces of nature, control the forces of nature, to visualize the forces of nature" expressed by and in imagination. From totem worship, slowly in the Zhuang people's belief and ancestor worship, and both are initially combined, such as the Zhuang frog God is personal frog shaped. The Zhuang people believe that after death, will live in another world, and life can give children bring happiness and peace at the end of the underworld can bless peace rich ancestors, descendants, eliminating the disaster. So in the Zhuang every household stem column Hall Middle WallAnd are dedicated to the ancestral tablets. Many festivals in a year, the ancestors can enjoy priority of incense, the Spring Festival and the festival is the two high priest. During the Tomb Sweeping Festival to their ancestral cemetery. Ancestor worship is a powerful force to maintain the family, clan, it often and remember ancestors hard work and promote the moral together, become a force to inspire later generations.......
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Points of knowledge, carefully selected, so you know the cultural essence, precious pictures, (done) with meticulous care and flawless artistry, is the witness of history, to your wonderful story, the interpretation of human nature, share cultural taste and you. "People" mainly refers to folk, compared with the "official" or official; "vulgar" that the custom, convention, in a certain social groups from generation to generation in the customs, etiquette and custom. The folk custom folk custom, is a country or a nation to meet the needs of group life created and inherited by the living culture in history and in the process of social development. Understanding of the history of Chinese folk at the same time, feel the traditional, close to the folk, Chinese folk is the link of Chinese communication of emotion, is a sign of mutual recognition, is to standardize the behavior criterion, is maintaining the group's unity adhesive, is from generation to generation and inheritance of the traditional culture. In the folk custom contains the national character. Good national spirit and national culture, national. This book tries to in the limited space, introduces the basic knowledge of folklore, and by folklore theory as the foundation, the basic content of Chinese folk culture briefly described. The book is beautifully illustrated with pictures, in order to understand the relevant knowledge of readers.
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