Globalization and the protection of folklore

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Modern Chinese can see, hear and touch China folk, historical tradition, also have modern features, but the modern characteristics of some folk custom has been very prominent, with the common view of history is not recognized. Reason why it has such a big change, because the modern Chinese the world environment has changed, with the senior living environment is not the same, Chinese folk is subjected to impact has not encountered and modification, which is within the scope of global economic power and the impact of foreign culture, known simply as "globalization". And tight with globalization is "folk custom". Folk custom, is the folk from the life style to reflect the living resources, and development, protection, utilization and development of national education movement. It make the humanistic tradition, highlight the historical connotation, offered the folk masterpiece, Zhang Xian national character, pay attention to harmony, emphasis on social integration, promote communication quality, is a defense of human spiritual homeland defense. Globalization and the folk custom has now become the two aspect Chinese modern daily life, as suits and dresses, wear it tomorrow today, wearing that. And in the little noise, Tangzhuang has absorbed the advantages of suit, more suitable for displaying the Chinese shape and temperament, and does not change its color, showing the atmosphere and honest folk powers. GlobalizationLingering, folk custom to go and come; the more globalized, the folk custom, this is a paradox, but also the trend. However, how to recognize the things modern colorful folk? How to keep people on the global epidemic of rare, found the one and only China folk? How to put one of the most brilliant, the most active, most can move the world folk pick out, to find the internal elements of life, comparison, reflection and development, at the same time to protect, use and develop, improve the pursuit of rationality, let Chinese individuality in modern culture, enhance the ability of foreign exchange? How to make folk are hot on the conditions of new era, the multiple pattern in the modern world, become a representative China culture, extract essence up to Chinese, but also to promote the protection of natural resources Chinese ecological? These are the issues to be discussed in this book.

Now the domestic calls for the protection of folk customs people have many, but the folk transformation from the way of life for the survival of resources and the protection of the object theory, also needs to be rethought, also need to improve consciousness of folklore and folk right grasp. The development of university education and public education is a part of the modern folklore, facing the great changes of the global community, the protection object, Chinese outstanding folk heritage under the background of globalization theory and method is discussed, with domestic and foreign advanced information, coordination of energy that Chinese folk degree of ease, transparent, youth, performance level and against the modern social stress, analysis of internal factors, external type transformation of folk, cultural diversity and protection strategies, old age and death also revealed some folk, in order to improve the overall level of humanistic concern, to promote the protection China world "four estate", especially the non material culture heritage protection.
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Dong Xiaoping, Professor, doctoral tutor of Beijing Normal University. Bachelor of Arts (1982), M.A. (1985), doctor of literature (1989). Postdoctoral America Iowa University (1994 - 1995), graduated from the Finland University of Joensuu International Folklore Society advanced training summer school (1995), British senior visiting scholar at University of Oxford (2001 - 2002), a visiting professor of French Higher Academy of Social Sciences (200
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Introduction globalization, folk custom and folk custom protection two globalization and folk custom folk custom difference between the three foundations and characteristics of four folk modern power the global complex effects and protection of Folklore on the object of the first chapter of the original ecological folk songs and popular songs first the original ecological folk song and Chinese agricultural society one of the original ecological folk song academic debate two the original ecological folk song folk features three original ecological folk cultural classification of four of the original ecological folk song society transition section second pop songs and popular songs China in modern society human classification and connotation two original ecological folk songs and popular songs of the position and function of the second chapter of Qu Yuan tittle tattle and grassroots opera first qu yuan in a folk art the source and types of two famous section rap three quyi performance community four folk art in the globalization trend second grassroots opera opera Er Chuancheng approach and show of root system in the modernization and global three In the two kinds of protection four grassroots opera realistic choice of third chapters of folklore and mobile phone short message communication first section of a communication communication folk folk ecological material two communication folk internal rule three communication folk foreign tension section second mobile phone text messages a mobile phone concept and information folk two mobile phone communication capacity of three mobile phone SMS folk custom folk content four mobile phone and communication folk with the development trend of the fourth chapter residential ancient and modern housing first quarter residential ancient a housing planning and ceremony two housing pattern and concept second modern housing housing legend two housing interests decomposition three Home Furnishing decoration four folk heritage protection chapter fifth economic folk custom and the modern advertising section economic folk custom folk classification and economic distribution mode of two economic folk advertising model three economic folk custom culture and mechanism of the second festival of modern advertising...... The sixth chapter Chinese market with modern kitchen seventh chapter and eighth chapter of Chinese clothing fashion leisure folk and traditional festivals of the folklore protection theories and methods. The ninth chapter of cultural diversity and folk on the tenth chapter of World Heritage Convention and folk resources eleventh chapter folklore protection several theoretical problems in the twelfth chapter the folk custom protection area construction scheme of appendix postscript maps
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Since 2004, Chinese contradictions encountered in rapid economic development and cultural tradition, accepted the Convention of UNESCO on the protection of intangible cultural heritage protection work, also introduced related to the UN framework, namely, the government, citizens and social forces involved in the protection work. The framework has several points of articulation in Chinese, from the outside, it is easy to be regarded as preliminary work: one is based on the characteristics of chemical industry with the government, the two is the folklore of subject construction, three is to rescue the previous slogan, to the masses movement, launched extensive collection of folk literature motion. Since China joined the United Nations Protection of intangible cultural heritage, in this three aspects, there are places where the power, have oneself from the connection point to start operation, and then converted to modern protection. But, compare the protection frame the preparatory work and the United Nations, there are two: one is to protect the need gap the introduction of high technology, two is rational economic development operations to the protection as the premise, but these are not Chinese forte, lane is bad, and Chinese contradictions will present the economic and the technology shock culture mixed together. The protection work difficult to continue. However, from another perspective, the protection requirements of modern international society can not be avoided, because the transition Chinese after all entered the modern society, the world technology development and cultural consumption rules are changing, can hardly be avoided, impact on the protection China so, even with the original unit, to find new ideas and new methods, to do protection work DOSOMETHINPREVIOUSLYUNRELEASED. In twentieth Century 70 at the end of the 1960s, the Ministry of culture Chinese folk art integrated collection started publishing project is a special case, before the globalization and modernization, the agricultural society spread and accumulation of folk wealth a clean-up and rescue, original resources construction of China's intangible cultural heritage. A large number of domestic well-known experts and scholars of cultural arts as a folk art integrated academic guidance, the folk art integrated quality reached the leading level at home.
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