Gansu folk.

Date of publication:2006-4   Press: National Publishing House   Author:Wang Zhongbao, Hu Guoxing.   Pages:741   Words:1280000  

This book is a description and Research on local folk monographs, is also a part of national traditional culture and local research monograph. The national traditional culture, is the nation's material and spiritual life of historical accumulation, and the fundamental continuity of nationality. In the era of economic globalization, the weak economy and weak culture by the impact of the strong culture situation, in-depth study of the national traditional culture, preserving and carrying forward the national traditional culture, for the preservation and continuation of national characteristics and the national lifeline, has significant and the profound significance. With the development of society, in the times ahead. Vigorously carry forward the excellent culture of national scientific and popular socialist, and continuously improve the level of spiritual civilization, people change existing habits and customs, the mission of our era. This book does not avoid the time too, people of all ethnic groups of the existing folk folk made detailed introduction and description, leading thought is not to preserve and promote those behind the blind faith in things, to seek truth from facts reflect the status of Gansu ethnic folk, from the angle of folklore, reflects the reality of social life in Gansu. This book focuses on the description of folk customs. The value of the book, not only in the current, more in the future. After the next several generations, with the high development of social civilization and progress, people's cultural quality, idea, spirit, moral level is greatly improved, many folk today no longer exist, this does not avoid too describes the folk book value, can be recognized by the people. To the above mentioned the book as a masterpiece of meaning, that is the.
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