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Date of publication:2003-6-1   Press: Gansu people's Publishing House   Author:Lin Yuwen   Pages:414   Words:430000  

This book is the author in writing "economic history" Baiyue ethnic Chinese and "Fujian folk belief in God" and other animal research monographs and discusses the cultural relics and archaeology, folk culture, hundreds of papers, completed years assiduously. In addition to records, this is the first system, complete the works of folk culture of Fujian, is a collection of Fujian folk custom and culture made, the book was included in the 31 volumes of comprehensive large-scale Folk Culture Series "China folk Department published". The local folk culture is broad and profound Chinese culture is an important part of. Book of Fujian ancient folk discourse integrity, systematic, it one of the most significant characteristics of the. Author from history, geography, custom development and other aspects, the book is divided into production, clothing, food, housing, transportation, family, village, festivals, rituals, folk belief, folk art and folk custom, dialect ten parts, comprehensive, said the Fujian folk culture. The book covers the period of Fujian, a number of national and folk customs of different regions, clear structure, the integrity of the system, discusses the wonderful, strong logic, clear of ancient and modern history. The author shows that the deep knowledge. Full and accurate data and reliable, is another feature of the book presents. The book of Chinese history books and chorography data reference number, more than 100 kinds of.
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Chinese directory English directory preface preface (a) (two) the first chapter second chapter overview of the development of Fujian folk culture, geographical environment and history two, social culture development and evolution of three, Fujian folk folk, agricultural production Folklore (a) God worship (two) farming Festival worship (three dragon worship and pray for rain) custom (four) agricultural proverbs two, fishery folk like (a) shipbuilding (two) sacrifice and taboo water navigation (three) about the sacrifices and taboos on land (four) water 民疍 people of the customs three, commercial and handicraft folk like (a) the relevant customs and taboos merchants business activities (two) Folk Fair Trade and by the relevant customs goods (three) traditional handicraft production customs chapter third family and village folk, and family (a family) (two) the family and clan (three) family and clan property two, family and clan Genealogy (a rule rule of law) (two) (three), three clan genealogy and clan sacrifice worship sacrificial learning (a) Samskara Activities (two) family, clan, village organization offering group four (a) and folk custom village organization with custom (two) village style and other custom (three) and the village with fourth chapter living folk customs...... The fifth chapter sixth chapter seventh diet folk costume folk folk eighth chapter chapter traffic transportation ninth chapter life etiquette custom tenth chapter eleventh chapter NGO folk folk belief and folk custom folk art folk twelfth chapter thirteenth chapter dialect and folk custom main references postscript
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