Folk Village

Date of publication:2005-8   Press: Liaoning science and Technology Press   Author:Vernon D., 威拜克   Pages:224   Words:150000  

This book is in a sense a program, to the extent that anything can, the highest state is not accessible. The real folk village there are two architects, one is to have functional cloth folk village, another is to enjoy the results of people. Design is a "production" process, in this process, "the maker and the results show that the parents", still be inferior to saying is to explore the mystery of not yet revealed. When the birth of newborns have witnessed the amazing, I had two break the shackles of reality, because of fear and cry. When I feel the birth of a new room, same tears again streaming down, think, be in before long before, this is only dream and desire. This is a book for lovers, lovers of natural environment, the process of creating the lovers, there will be our spirit and local beauty together perceptual lovers. The children have a lot of "dream book". In reality in the adult world, we think about what we think is possible before, imagination and fear is always easier. This is a book written in the book of adult fantasy. This book is toward a more beautiful reality the silent expression of emotion to celebrate.
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Vernon D. was born and raised in Mexico, 威拜克. Here, from the Oak Park and suburban building he first felt the influence of Frank Lloyd White. In 1957, he lived in Arizona, became White's young apprentice, in the winter months, living in Sita Lising, and in the summer, then moved to Wisconsin Talisin. In the before work,
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Introduction Roger Schruz, USA Association of architects design of two step process and philosophical creation inspiration from historical inspiration to choose a designer to choose a building to understand the site houses such as art learning from nature without feeling began to develop a plan journey record impressions design your life everything from plan to start the implicit feature expert attention to detail with the characteristics of sketch and model associated with a mysterious connection with fact finding ancestral house design construction file true and beautiful necessary luxury longing for nature fragrance and tactility license and price construction moved in perceptual space we use the language of light and gas home for dinner theatre dress ceremony live in tents studio Karal card towering flames personality and style of furniture and decoration Housing natural style complete art association ratio results assume cactus forest sculpture garden, water and fire with a natural design heritage power family heritage wealth Mt. Vernon Meng tegic tower Lixin and Sita Lising town of large farms often See question design language related reading thanks Svay Toback partners on a postscript on the
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This is a show garden style exotic book, masterpiece decent American Association of architects Vernon D, 威拜克! This is the design itself on the market most building works now, and this book has breached this point, it as the title to reflect, illustrated the activity and the process of design, the development trend of high-grade domestic country villa building today, "folk village" may have reference value to the pursuit of characteristics of the design of construction workers.
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